My Tender CEO Husband/C12 I Want a Divorce
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My Tender CEO Husband/C12 I Want a Divorce
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C12 I Want a Divorce

Leng Residence.

Old Master Leng was sitting in front of the tea table. He was concentrating on making tea.

The strong and mellow fragrance of the tea filled every corner of the room.

Steward Zhao, who was standing beside Old Master Leng, raised his head. He looked at the beautiful man who came in from outside. He slightly leaned over and called out respectfully. "Third Young Master, you are back. "

Leng Si ignored him. His deep black eyes stared straight at Old Master Leng, who was making tea. He was angry and cold.

Old Master Leng did not seem to notice Leng Si's anger. He did not put down the teapot until he poured the tea into the teacup. He looked up. "Why did you come back today?"

Although Old Master Leng had retired, he used to be the chief. He had a glorious past, so he still had his imposing manner.

In the entire Leng family, Leng Si was the only one who wasn't afraid of him.

"I'm here to get my marriage certificate. "

Old Master Leng looked at him with a smile that was not a smile. "What do you want to do?"

"I want a divorce. " Leng Si was concise and concise.

Old Master Leng picked up the teacup and took a sip. "Have you seen your wife?"

Leng Si pursed his lips and did not say anything. He did not admit that she was his wife.

"That girl's looks are the best in the entire Jing City, and she is clean. I thought you would like her. "

"That's just what you thought. "

"I can give you the marriage certificate. If you want a divorce, I won't stop you. " Old Master Leng said unhurriedly, "But even if you divorce, you still have to marry another woman within this year. Are you sure you can find a better woman than this? "

Leng Si's dark eyes darkened.

Old Master Leng put down the teacup and said casually, "Leng Si, I don't only have you as my son. "

Old Master Leng turned around and ordered Steward Zhao, "Go and get the marriage certificate for him. "

After getting the marriage certificate, Leng Si was not in a hurry to leave.

He was silent for a while and said coldly, "I can temporarily not divorce her, but don't meddle in my affairs in the future. "

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Steward Zhao looked at the tall and cold back of the man and sighed. "You and Third Young Master are clearly father and son, why do you always make it sound like you are enemies?"

"He has a grudge against me in his heart. How can this be eliminated in a day and a night? "

Steward Zhao couldn't help but think to himself. How could it be overnight? It had already been so many years.

But he naturally didn't dare to say it out loud. Steward Zhao lowered his head and comforted Old Master Leng. "One day, Third Young Master will understand your good intentions towards him. "

"I didn't do this to make him thank me. I just want him to be happy. "

Old Master Leng smiled and suddenly thought of something. "Oh, right. Is that child studying design?"

Steward Zhao understood that he was referring to Third Young Madam. "Yes. "

"You can arrange it. It's time for me to meet my new daughter-in-law. "

"Yes. "

After Leng Si left, the low pressure in the villa also disappeared. Sheng Xia felt that she could finally breathe heavily.

She bent down and put away the sketch books that were scattered on the sofa. Just as she was about to go upstairs, the wireless phone on the table rang.

Sheng Xia looked outside. Steward Zhang had just gone out and had not returned yet. She hesitated for a moment and answered the phone. "Hello. "

Although the call was connected, there was no response from the other end of the phone for a long time.

She listened carefully and could faintly hear some sounds coming from the other end. It sounded like the sound of a pencil being drawn on a piece of paper.

Sheng Xia suspected that the person had accidentally pressed the button. "Is anyone listening? If you don't speak, I will hang up. "

"Dad. . . " A childish voice suddenly came over, making Sheng Xia's heart soften.

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