My Tender CEO Husband/C13 Mr Leng Already Had a Child
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My Tender CEO Husband/C13 Mr Leng Already Had a Child
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C13 Mr Leng Already Had a Child

It turned out to be a child. Sheng Xia subconsciously softened her voice, "Little friend, who are you looking for?"

The other side was silent for a long time and repeated, "Dad. . . "

Sheng Xia finally reacted, "Are you looking for your father?"

The child opposite did not speak again.

Sheng Xia did not know what to say. Why was this child's attitude the same as a cold man?

But she had always been patient with children. "Little friend, tell elder sister, what is your father's name?"

"Leng Si. . . "

This time, the child finally responded. His voice was very cute.

But to Sheng Xia, it was undoubtedly a deep water bomb!

"Your father is called Leng Si?"

Sheng Xia was very shocked. He already had a son?

But why didn't any news about him come out?

Was it that the media reporters weren't strict enough, or was it that he protected his son too well?

She was only twenty-two years old this year. Could it be that she had already become a stepmother?

The key was that as a stepmother, she was hated by this child. . .

"I want my father!" Sheng Xia did not speak for a long time and the child began to get impatient.

Sheng Xia came back to her senses and quickly said, "I know, but your father is not home. When he comes back, I will tell him to call you back, okay?"

The child was clearly very disappointed and his voice sank, "En. . . "

Hearing his listless voice, Sheng Xia did not know why but her heart ached.

"When your father comes back, I will immediately let him call you! Little friend, what's your name?"

However, this child did not pay attention to her anymore. Sheng Xia heard the sound of friction in her ears again.

Sheng Xia shouted a few more times but still did not get a response. Just as she was about to hang up the phone, she heard a woman's gentle voice, "Nuo Nuo, what are you doing?"

Then the next moment, the sound of the phone being hung up was heard.

Sheng Xia put down the phone and had some doubts in her heart.

Who was that woman?

Was she the mother of that child?

Sheng Xia walked into the kitchen and Auntie Lin was preparing lunch.

She took the initiative to help. Although Leng Si did not even look at the breakfast that Sheng Xia specially made, she still wanted to try her best to please him. Who asked him to be her life-saving straw now?

Sheng Xia peeled the beans as she inadvertently asked: "Auntie Lin, does Mr. Leng already have a child?"

"That's right, don't you know?" Auntie Lin looked at her doubtfully and then muttered to herself. "You just came. Mr. Leng has a three-year-old Little Master. His name is Nuo Nuo. "

"Oh. " Sheng Xia nodded. It seemed that she really became a stepmother. "Does Nuo Nuo's mother live with Nuo Nuo?"

She had been here for so many days and had not seen Nuo Nuo, so she guessed that the child would not live with his mother.

"No, Little Master has been living with the old man these days. " Auntie Lin shook her head as she washed the vegetables. "I have been here for more than two years. At that time, Little Master was still very young, but I have never seen his mother, and Mr. Leng has never mentioned it. "

Auntie Lin said and could not help but look at Sheng Xia. She hesitated and said, "Madam, Little Master's situation is a little special, but he is still very cute. I hope you can treat him well and be more patient with him. . . "

Sheng Xia was slightly stunned and asked puzzledly, "What kind of special situation?"

Auntie Lin sighed, "You will know in the future. "

Sheng Xia understood that she was not willing to say more so she did not continue to ask, "Don't worry, I have always liked children. "

Furthermore, Leng Si was now her life-saving straw. She dared not treat his son well.

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