My Tender CEO Husband/C14 Old Man Leng Wants to See Her?
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My Tender CEO Husband/C14 Old Man Leng Wants to See Her?
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C14 Old Man Leng Wants to See Her?

Just as she placed the cooked Fish Head Tofu Soup on the table, Sheng Xia saw Leng Si walk in from outside.

Sheng Xia took a deep breath and went up to him, "Mr. Leng, you're back?"

The man didn't even look at her and walked straight to the stairs.

"Mr. Leng, a child called this morning. He said he was your son and wanted to see you. . . "

Hearing this, the man finally stopped in his tracks. His black eyes coldly swept over her, "I understand. "

Seeing that he was about to turn around and go upstairs again, Sheng Xia hurriedly said, "Mr. Leng, lunch is ready. Have some lunch. "

"Okay. "

The man responded indifferently and went upstairs.

Sheng Xia was stunned for a moment and then could not help but laugh foolishly.

Did he agree to eat with her?

She felt that this difficult task of hers had finally taken a small step forward! She was very happy!

After waiting for a while, Leng Si finally came downstairs.

He had changed into his home clothes and a white T-shirt, making him look clean and refreshing. His aura was still strong.

"Mr. Leng. " Sheng Xia quickly greeted him. Her eyes were curved like beautiful crescent moons.

Leng Si ignored her and sat over her on the dining table.

When he passed by, she could smell the refreshing smell of the bath. It seemed that he had just gone to take a bath.

Sheng Xia could already get used to his disregard and could only silently summarize in her heart: Leng Si not only liked peace, but also liked cleanliness.

When she sat down opposite him, he had already started eating. His movements were elegant and he had a natural noble temperament.

Sheng Xia picked up the chopsticks and picked up a piece of stewed chicken that she made and placed it in his bowl. "Mr. Leng, this is stewed by me. It tastes very good. Try it. "

However, Leng Si did not even look at it. He picked it up and threw it on the table beside him.

Sheng Xia felt as if she had been slapped. Her cheeks were burning. If time could be reversed, she would definitely not put food on him!

But she still explained, "Mr. Leng, the chopsticks are clean. . . "

Leng Si did not react at all. He did not even raise his eyelids. He did not even touch the pot of chicken stewed mushrooms from the beginning to the end.

Sheng Xia lowered her eyes dejectedly and quietly lowered her head to eat.

This man was too cold. She wanted to improve their relationship. This was really not an easy matter.

Fortunately, he did not ask her to leave now. At least she could still stay, right?

Sheng Xia consoled herself.

After dinner, Sheng Xia returned to her room. Just as she picked up her nightdress and was about to change, the phone on the bed rang.

It was an unfamiliar phone number.

"Hello, who is this?" Sheng Xia pressed the answer button.

"Third Young Madam, hello. " A gentle voice came from the opposite side, "I am the steward of Leng Residence. My surname is Zhao. You can just call me Zhao. "

Sheng Xia knew that he was already old when she heard his voice. Furthermore, he was the steward beside Old Master Leng. His experience and authority should not be small. She didn't dare to call him that directly, "Uncle Zhao. May I ask if Old Master Leng is looking for me?"

Steward Zhao's voice carried a trace of an imperceptible smile, "Third Young Madam, it is like this. Old Master Leng wants to see you. So I called to ask. When are you free? I'll get someone to pick you up. "

Sheng Xia heard this and felt her heart tremble.

Old Master Leng wanted to see her?

That old general who was once very powerful?

She was unable to settle her relationship with Leng Si. She felt that after she saw Old Master Leng, she would definitely be ignored by Old Master Leng!

"Third Young Madam?"

Sheng Xia recovered her senses and braced herself to agree. "Today, I am free at any time. . . "

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