My Tender CEO Husband/C15 Old Man Leng
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My Tender CEO Husband/C15 Old Man Leng
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C15 Old Man Leng

Different from the European style villa Leng Si lived in, Leng Residence was a huge medium-sized villa. The decoration and embellishment of the villa gave off a classical and elegant atmosphere.

A few armed guards stood at the entrance, adding a bit of dignity and solemnity to the manor.

Sheng Xia walked behind Steward Zhao and looked around. She found that there were patrolling guards in the manor. It could be imagined how heavily guarded the manor was.

In this kind of environment, when she thought that she was going to see Old Master Leng soon, she was so nervous that she could not even breathe properly.

"Third Young Madam, don't be nervous. Old Master is very friendly. " Steward Zhao saw her uneasiness and comforted her with a smile.

Sheng Xia only smiled and agreed, but the nervousness in her heart did not disappear at all.

Walking into the hall, Sheng Xia saw Old Master Leng sitting at the short rattan table and making tea. Because his aura was too strong, she could not ignore it.

Old Master Leng was wearing a brown Tang suit. His hair was already gray, but he looked hale and hale, and he looked very tough.

His slightly raised phoenix eyes were especially sharp and gave people a sense of oppression.

Sheng Xia swallowed her saliva and lightly walked forward. Her two hands were respectfully placed in front of her, "Old Master Leng. . . "

Old Master Leng slightly raised his head and smiled faintly. "What did you call me?"

Sheng Xia was stunned for a moment before she reacted and quickly changed her words. "Dad. . . "

Old Master Leng answered happily. With that smile, the sharp aura on his body instantly disappeared, leaving only a harmonious atmosphere, "Sit. "

Sheng Xia sat down on the chair beside him.

Old Master Leng placed a cup of brewed tea in front of her. "Try it. "

Sheng Xia was at a loss, "I should have been the one to make tea for you. "

"Why do you say that?"

His kind expression made Sheng Xia unconsciously forget her nervousness, "It's an ancient tradition in our country. The next morning when Leng Si and I get married, I want to make tea for Leng Si's parents. Yet you pour tea for me. I don't even know if I should drink this cup of tea. . . "

Sheng Xia said and scratched her head in embarrassment.

Old Master Leng was amused by her and laughed out loud, "It's okay. We don't care about that much here. Actually, I made tea for you just to show off my tea making skills. "

After he said that, he even mischievously winked at her.

Sheng Xia could not help but laugh. She did not expect him to be so friendly and cute in private!

She picked up the teacup and her eyes curved. "Then I will taste your tea making skills!"

She took two sips and felt a sweet and mellow taste slide into her mouth. Her lips and teeth were left with the fragrance.

"It's so delicious!" Sheng Xia did not hesitate to raise her thumb, "What tea is this?"

Old Master Leng looked at her with a smile, "It's just an ordinary Longjing tea. "

Sheng Xia's face did not turn red as she continued to flatter, "That just shows that you are very good at making tea!"

Old Master Leng laughed heartily again.

Steward Zhao watched from the side, and a trace of emotion appeared in his eyes. Ever since Third Young Master moved out, he had never seen Old Master laugh so happily before.

It seemed that Old Master really liked Third Young Madam!

"Si did not make things difficult for you when he went back, right?" Old Master Leng thought of something and said, "We didn't inform him about the marriage before. That's why he was so angry. Actually, he's usually quite easy to get along with. You'll know after a long time! "

But no matter how she looked at it, she didn't think that Leng Si was easy to get along with.

Was he really not lying to himself when he said this?

Sheng Xia's mouth twitched and she could not help but ask, "Dad, why didn't you discuss with him before making a decision?"

Even though she felt that Old Master Leng was a cute old man, she felt that he was not sincere in this matter.

Upon hearing this, the unsincere Old Master Leng smiled unsincerely.

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