My Tender CEO Husband/C16 I'll Report It after I Act
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My Tender CEO Husband/C16 I'll Report It after I Act
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C16 I'll Report It after I Act

"If we let Si know about this, you won't be able to call me father anymore. " Old Master Leng was like an old fox. "We have to act first to deal with that stinky kid. "

You are lying to your son.

Sheng Xia was speechless towards him.

Old Master Leng was not ashamed at all, but he was very proud of himself. "Oh right, Xia, you learned how to design, right?"

Sheng Xia did not understand why he suddenly mentioned this, but she still nodded obediently. "Yes, I learned how to design clothes. "

"Then your current work is also related to fashion design?"

"Yes. "

"Old Master Leng knocked on the table with his finger. "Child, how about daddy introduce you to a job?"

Sheng Xia's first reaction was to be on guard. She smiled. " Dad, my current job is quite good. It is more stable and my salary is also quite good. "

Old Master Leng raised his eyebrows. "Don't be in a hurry to reject it. I want to introduce this company to you. It is an international company that is especially good at designing. And every designer inside has the opportunity to stand on the international stage and gain the recognition and respect of the entire fashion industry. Do you really not want to go at all? "

How could she not want to go?

Any designer wants to be recognized! Even if she was just a newcomer!

However, would a big company want someone like her who had less than half a year of work experience?

Sheng Xia looked at Old Master Leng doubtfully. "Dad, can I ask which company it is?"

"Ling Yue Group. "

Did this Old Master think that the information she had was seriously lagging behind?

Sheng Xia bit her lower lip, "Dad, this seems to be Mr. Leng's company, right?"

"That's right!" Old Master Leng smiled and said, "Although you and Si are husband and wife now, you are both strangers to each other? You can work together to foster your relationship! Furthermore, you are President's wife of Ling Yue Group. When you work in Ling Yue Group, get familiar with the company. Only then will you be able to help Si in the future. "

"But. . . " Sheng Xia thought of the cold and fierce man. "Does Mr. Leng know about this?"

She felt that Leng Si would not agree to let her work in his company. Ah. . .

"No need for him to know. I will arrange it!" Old Master Leng patted his chest.

Are you trying to deceive your son again?

Sheng Xia's mouth twitched. "Dad, this isn't good. I feel that Mr. Leng will be very angry when he finds out. . . "

"What are you afraid of? It's not like he will eat you. Don't worry, he won't do anything to you! " Old Master Leng comforted him, then narrowed his eyes. "Xia, you are so obedient. You won't let Dad down. Am I right?"

Sheng Xia smelled a threatening smell.

As expected, no matter how kind and amiable the old man looked, he still had his own temper. . .

But who asked her to sign the servitude contract, she had no right to refuse at all?

Looks like she must go to the Ling Yue Group.

She hoped that when Leng Si saw her in the company, he would not directly ask someone to throw her out. . .

Sheng Xia listlessly followed Steward Zhao out. When they were almost at the gate of the manor, she turned around and said to Steward Zhao, "Uncle Zhao, you can go back. "

Steward Zhao smiled and looked at her. "Third Young Madam, do I really not need to send you a car? This area is quite remote. "

Sheng Xia waved her hand and was about to refuse when she suddenly saw a small figure sitting downstairs.

The little boy was lowering his head and focusing on playing with the Magic Cube in his hand.

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