My Tender CEO Husband/C17 Xiao Nuonuo
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My Tender CEO Husband/C17 Xiao Nuonuo
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C17 Xiao Nuonuo

Little kid was about three years old. He wore a snow-white down jacket, and his fair face had a pair of big round eyes that were especially beautiful.

He sat there curled up like a little white ferret, extremely cute!

This was the first time Sheng Xia had seen such a beautiful little kid. He was so cute that Sheng Xia could not move her eyes away.

A gust of cold wind blew past. A flower pot on the balcony of the small building swayed and suddenly fell down.

And below it was little kid.

"Be careful!"

Sheng Xia cried out in alarm and almost subconsciously rushed forward to hug little kid.

The flower pot brushed against her forehead and smashed onto the ground with a bang.

Sheng Xia came back to her senses and hurriedly let go of the soft little kid in her arms. She nervously asked, "Treasure, how is it? Are you hurt? Do you feel any pain?"

Little kid did not speak. He only stared at her with his big round eyes.

Sheng Xia thought that the child had been frightened and her heart felt an inexplicable pain. Sheng Xia reached out and touched his face, "Don't be afraid. It's fine. Be good, don't be afraid. "

"Little Master!"

Steward Zhao finally recovered from the sudden change and ran over anxiously.

However, when he saw Sheng Xia hugging little kid and her palm was still pressed against the soft little face, he could not help but show a strange expression.

Little Master actually allowed someone other than Third Young Master to hug him like this, and even let people touch him like this?

Didn't he always hate to be in contact with people?

Little Master?

Sheng Xia widened her eyes and looked at little kid in her arms. Could it be that he was. . .


Little kid suddenly stretched out his white and tender little finger and poked her forehead curiously. Sheng Xia could not help but cry out in pain.

She raised her hand to touch and then looked at her own palm. It was wet and red.


It was only then that Sheng Xia felt a burning pain on her forehead!

"Third Young Madam, your forehead is injured!"

Only then did Steward Zhao realize that Sheng Xia's forehead was covered with bruises. She was probably hurt by the flower pot that had just fallen off. "Wait here for a moment. I will go and find someone right away!"

After saying that, Steward Zhao ran inside.

Steward Zhao looked quite old. He ran quite fast.

Sheng Xia curled her lips and lowered her head to look at the little ferret in her arms. She asked softly, "Baby, is your name Nuo Nuo?"

Little kid had already lowered his head and continued to play with the Magic Cube in his hands. He ignored her words.

"Nuo Nuo? Nuo Nuo?"

"Nuo Nuo, do you want to know who I am? Hmm? "

Little kid had already immersed himself in his own small world, totally ignoring Sheng Xia.

Sheng Xia awkwardly touched her nose.

This child was indeed worthy of being Leng Si's son. He really inherited Leng Si's cold personality.

Sheng Xia suddenly covered her forehead, "Ah, it hurts, it hurts! My forehead hurts! I must have been smashed by a flower pot. I wouldn't have had a concussion, would I? I won't become a big fool, right? Don't. . . "

Hearing that, little kid raised his head. Little kid's big black eyes first looked curiously at Sheng Xia. Perhaps because Sheng Xia's expression was too painful, he suddenly threw away the Magic Cube in his hand and jumped up from Sheng Xia's arms. He pulled his short legs away and ran away.

"Hey, Nuo Nuo. . . " The child's movements were too fast. Before Sheng Xia could react, the child had already disappeared from her sight.

But little kid did not let her wait for long.

Very soon, Sheng Xia saw little kid running over with a tall man.

Sheng Xia looked at the person and almost subconsciously got up from the ground. She ruffled her hair and said, "Cold, Mr. Leng. . . "

Why did Nuo Nuo bring Leng Si here?

Leng Si was expressionless. When his cold eyes swept over Sheng Xia's forehead, he narrowed his eyes.

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