My Tender CEO Husband/C19 What Kind of Skill Does This Woman Have?
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My Tender CEO Husband/C19 What Kind of Skill Does This Woman Have?
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C19 What Kind of Skill Does This Woman Have?

Leng Si's cold voice carried a hint of gnashing his teeth in anger.

Sheng Xia shrank her neck and quickly turned to the family doctor and said, "Sorry to trouble you. "

The family doctor came back to his senses and nodded. He took out iodine from the medicine box. Before he could do anything, little kid ran over to stop Sheng Xia.

Then, he turned his head and stared at Leng Si with his big black eyes.

Leng Si pursed his lips and his eyes became colder and colder.

The father and son were in a deadlock, and it seemed like they were ready to fight.

Sheng Xia and the family doctor were silent.

When the father and son started to argue, they were also unlucky.

In the living room, the crystal lights were on.

Sheng Xia sat on the sofa, but she felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles. Leng Si used a pair of tweezers to pick up the cotton ball dipped in the medicine and pressed it against her forehead.

She felt that it was not a cotton ball, but more like a fireball. It was mixed with Leng Si's anger after he was forced to compromise.

When the medicine touched the wound, it was burning and painful. Sheng Xia could not help but gasp.

The man seemed to have done it on purpose. Seeing this, the strength of his hands became bigger and bigger.

Sheng Xia felt that the skin on her forehead had been rubbed off by him. It was so painful that she almost jumped up. However, she did not dare to make a sound and could only clench her teeth and endure it.

It was not like she asked him to treat the wound. Was it really alright for him to vent his anger on her?

Little kid sat on the sofa and played with the Magic Cube. When he heard Sheng Xia's gasp and looked up, he saw that her lips had turned white from biting. He hurriedly pulled Leng Si, indicating for him to be gentle.

This time, Leng Si did not give little kid any face. He even pushed his little hand away and said, "Stay further away. "

Was he his father?

She quickly comforted little kid. "Nuo Nuo, I'm fine. Your father did it to clean up his wounds. I don't feel any pain now! "

Little kid blinked his eyes suspiciously. His big eyes were as black as grapes that had just been washed. His thick long eyelashes were like two small fans. They were really cute!

Sheng Xia felt that her heart had melted. She suddenly thought of her former child. If he had survived back then, he would have been this old, right?

She lowered her eyes and restrained the grief in her eyes.

Leng Si glanced at the woman who had suddenly become very dejected, and his black eyes darkened slightly. A second ago, she was still in a good mood, but now she was in a bad mood again.

Both of them had their own thoughts, but Old Master Leng, who was watching from the side, was very happy. It seemed that Si did not dislike the wife that he had chosen for him.

"It's late today. All of you can stay here tonight. Dinner is ready. Come and eat!"

Leng Si pressed the gauze on Sheng Xia's forehead and put it on her forehead. He patted his hands and stood up. "No need. We will leave now. "

His tone was extremely cold.

Old Master Leng's smile froze on his face.

Leng Si picked up little kid, who was on the sofa, and carried him in his arms. He didn't look at Old Master Leng, but walked towards the door with his long legs.

Sheng Xia did not expect Leng Si to not give her father face. She was stunned. When she came back to her senses, she also stood up and apologized to the disappointed Old Master Leng. "Dad, I'm leaving too?"

Old Master Leng forced a smile. "Hurry up and go. I don't want that kid to leave you alone. "

Sheng Xia felt that Leng Si would definitely do such a thing, so she quickly chased after him.

The huge living room suddenly became deserted.

"Old Master. " Steward Zhao looked at Old Master Leng, wanting to say something, but stopped himself.

Old Master Leng looked back at the table full of sumptuous dinner. He sighed for a while and said, "Let's eat. "

Before Leng Si closed the car door, Sheng Xia shamelessly went into the backseat.

Fortunately, he only glanced at her coldly and did not say anything embarrassing.

Nuo Nuo sat on the safety seat and curled up softly. His big eyes drooped.

Sheng Xia found it funny. She reached out and touched little kid's belly and said with a smile, "Are you hungry? My stomach is flat from hunger. "

Little kid became a little more energetic. He looked at her with his big wet eyes in confusion.

Sheng Xia grabbed his tender white hands and pressed them on her stomach, "Look, I'm hungry too. "

She also looked dejected.

A trace of a smile appeared in little kid's eyes.

Sheng Xia curled her lips and gently rubbed his little hand, "When we go home, let's eat a lot together and eat until our stomachs are bulging, okay?"

Little kid nodded.

"Then Nuo Nuo, don't sleep first. Otherwise, when you wake up, I will have already eaten all the food. "

Little kid nodded obediently.

Sheng Xia smiled and gently pinched his little nose. "We, Nuo Nuo, are really obedient!"

Leng Si's eyes inadvertently swept past the rearview mirror as he drove.

Her skin was as white as snow, her eyes were round and black, her nose bridge was pretty, and her two red lips were tender like cherries.

It was undeniable that she was very beautiful.

However, that was all. She couldn't be considered special. What right did she have to make Nuo Nuo let go of all his worries and let her touch him in such a short day?

One should know that Nuo Nuo had been the only one who had resisted all contact ever since he was young.

Old Master Leng was not allowed to touch him.

What ability did this woman have? Or perhaps, what kind of tricks did she use on Nuo Nuo?

Leng Si pursed his lips, his dark pupils turning cold.

When they returned home, Auntie Lin had already prepared dinner.

Sheng Xia carried little kid onto the dining chair and found that although he was only three years old, he had already learned how to eat by himself and did not need anyone to feed him.

"Nuo Nuo is really awesome. "

Sheng Xia patted his head and praised him. She also focused on eating.

During this time, Leng Si always had a cold and handsome face, so she did not even dare to make a sound when eating.

Although he was handsome, if this continued, she would not be able to digest well.

After eating, Sheng Xia played with Nuo Nuo for a while before returning to her room. She picked up her nightdress and walked into the bathroom.

However, when she was taking a shower, the lights were all turned off.

The whole bathroom became dark, and she could not even see her own fingers.

The darkness was like a huge bloody mouth, as if it could swallow her whole in the next second!

Sheng Xia panicked and randomly grabbed her nightdress and put it on, running out in panic.

In the darkness, those memories that she tried to seal up all rushed up.

It was a rainy night and it was dark. Suddenly, a car with a strong light dashed towards her as if it had gone crazy.

There was so much blood. Her child's blood.

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