My Tender CEO Husband/C2 Out of the house.
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My Tender CEO Husband/C2 Out of the house.
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C2 Out of the house.

As the leader of the number one family in Jing City, Old Master Leng once was a world-shaking old general. However, his hobby was calligraphy.

The manager of Sheng Xia's department was a hardcore fan of Old Master Leng's calligraphy. There were several pieces of Old Master Leng's calligraphy pasted in the office, so when Sheng Xia saw the familiar handwriting on the check, Sheng Xia already believed most of it.

"I don't know why Old Master Leng chose me among so many girls in Jing City, and was even willing to pay a sky-high betrothal gift for it."

Sheng Xia calmed down the shock in her heart and pushed the cheque back, "But I'm sorry, I can't accept it. My childhood lesson told me that there are some temptations that I can accept, but there are some temptations that I absolutely can't touch."

There must be a reason why things did not develop according to common sense. She had never met Old Master Leng before, and she had never even met that Third Young Master Leng before. Now, they suddenly came to find her and said that Third Young Master Leng wanted to marry her?

Instinct told her that there was a trap ahead. If she jumped in, she would never be able to climb out again.

"Miss Sheng, don't misunderstand. This money is not the transaction fee, but the betrothal gift."

"Then I can't take it either."

Sheng Xia stood up with her bag, "I still have something to do. Excuse me."

"Miss Sheng." Lawyer Hee also stood up. His eyes revealed a scheming look. "I heard that your grandmother has a serious heart disease. For the lack of money, she has been putting off the surgery."

Sheng Xia frowned. "Did you guys investigate me?"

"Since you wil be the future Third Young Madam Leng, I think Old Master Leng should have a simple understanding of your basic situation and family situation."

"Don't call me that. I haven't agreed to it yet!"

"Lawyer Hee raised his eyebrows and handed her a business card." I will give you three days to think about it. If Miss Sheng changes your mind, please call me."

After saying that, Lawyer Hee walked past her and left the coffee shop.

Lawyer Hee's confident expression before he left made Sheng Xia a little unhappy. She really wanted to throw the business card into the trash can!

But it was very strange that Sheng Xia did not throw away the business card.

Sheng Xia still put the business card into her bag.

Sheng Xia looked at the time on her phone. It was already past seven o'clock in the evening. Sheng Xia hurriedly called a taxi home.

When she returned home, Sheng Xia took out the key to open the door but found that she could not open it.

Was the door lock changed?

But her aunt did not tell her!

"Aunt, Aunt, are you home?" Sheng Xia knocked hard on the door. "Aunt, help me open the door! Grandma? Grandma, can you hear me?"

Sheng Xia knocked on the door for a long time, but there was no sound from inside.

Sheng Xia called home. After a long time, someone finally answered.

"Hello." It was Zhou Yun's voice.

Sheng Xia relaxed and hurriedly said, "Aunt, I am Sheng Xia. The door lock has been changed. I don't have the key. Are you home? Come out and help me open the door."

"Open what door? I changed the lock to prevent you from entering. You want me to open the door for you? What a joke!" When she heard that it was Sheng Xia, Zhou Yun's voice immediately changed to a mean sneer.

Sheng Xia was stunned, "Aunt, what do you mean by this?"

"What I mean is that I don't have a place for you here. Your room is left for my son to marry a wife! As for you, don't let me see you again! Also, I've left all your things at the end of the corridor. Go find them yourself! "

Sheng Xia ran to the end of the corridor and indeed found that her daily necessities and design blueprints were all thrown out and scattered all over the floor.

Sheng Xia's eyes reddened and she ran back to knock on the door. "Aunt! Aunt! How can you do that? This house was left for me by my mother. What right do you have to chase me away?"

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