My Tender CEO Husband/C3 Zhou Yun's Attitude Became Very Fast
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My Tender CEO Husband/C3 Zhou Yun's Attitude Became Very Fast
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C3 Zhou Yun's Attitude Became Very Fast

"Why should I drive you away?"

The door suddenly opened from the inside. Zhou Yun rushed out aggressively and closed the door behind her.

She did not want Sheng Xia to enter the door.

"Let me ask you, the blind date I arranged for you today, did you deliberately mess it up?"

Sheng Xia could not believe it, "Is it because of this small matter that you want to chase me out? That man is so old that he can be my father. . . "

And that man is a scum. He actually asked her to help him pay the mortgage after marriage and also asked him to support him and his family. He even complained that her salary was too low and asked her to go back to her boss to raise her salary.

Did he think that the company she worked for was owned by her own family?

"Do you think you are still the young lady from before? Your father doesn't want you, but your mother will die early. If someone is willing to marry you, you should be glad. What's there to choose? Besides, what's wrong with his age? He's older and knows how to take care of others! Didn't you lack fatherly love from a young age? He just happened to be able to make up for this flaw of yours! "

" I never need fatherly love! " Sheng Xia could not help but raise her voice and hold her hands tightly.

"You still dare to yell at me? You don't even put me in your eyes! Think about it, if it wasn't for us looking at you pitifully raising you back then, you would have died a long time ago! Since that's the case, we can't keep you here. Hurry up and take those trash of yours and get out of here! "

" Just say it. Actually, you just want me to give my cousin a place. Why do you have to find so many excuses? " Sheng Xia sneered.

In order to make space for her son, Zhou Yun had been crazily arranging blind dates for Sheng Xia. No matter what kind of person it was, as long as that person was a man, she wanted Sheng Xia to marry that person.

In a month, Sheng Xia had already gone on blind dates more than ten times.

"So what if it is?" Zhou Yun raised her head and said righteously, "For me to be able to take you in until now, I can be considered to have done my utmost to help you! My son is going to marry a wife. Do you still have the face to continue to occupy his room and not leave? "

Sheng Xia looked at her coldly, "That is the house that my mother left for me. Why should I leave?"

This house was left for her before her mother passed away. Her aunt's family bullied her when she was still young. They used their identity as guardians to openly occupy this house. Now, they didn't even want to leave a room for her!

Zhou Yun smiled complacently. "So what? The name written on the property ownership certificate now is not your name! Besides, We have worked hard to take care of you for so many years. Do you think a house is enough to offset our nurturing grace to you? If not for the fact that we are your relatives, you would still have to give your salary to me!"

They worked so hard to take care of her? They had raised her?

Sheng Xia did not forget that when she was only ten years old, her cousin was lying on the sofa with her legs crossed, listening to music and applying nail polish. She had already started to cook for the whole family and wash their clothes.

She had been working since high school to earn her tuition and living expenses because her aunt's family was no longer willing to spend a single cent on her.

But even so, she usually had to endure Zhou Yun and her cousin's mockery towards her.

Actually, if it wasn't for her grandmother, she didn't want to live with this family at all!

Sheng Xia rubbed away the sourness in her eyes. "Open the door. I'll leave after seeing my grandmother. "

"That won't do!" Zhou Yun directly blocked the door, "My mother doesn't want to see you at all. When you did that kind of ugly thing back then, my mother's heart disease was caused by you! Do you think she loves you very much? Actually, she only endured until now for the sake of your dead mom!"

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