My Tender CEO Husband/C4 This Nightmare Again
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My Tender CEO Husband/C4 This Nightmare Again
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C4 This Nightmare Again


"Four years ago, you were unexpectedly pregnant. You still don't know who the father of the child is. You humiliated our entire family. Fortunately, the child died the moment he was born. Otherwise, I would be very embarrassed!"

" Shut up! "

Sheng Xia touched her stomach. There was a faint pain there again. The pain of her flesh being stripped away from her back then seemed to surge up again. It was a bloody pain.

Her heart also seemed to be in pain.

She forced down the tears in her eyes and coldly looked at Zhou Yun's distorted face, "You want to chase me away? I will just leave. Do you think I care about living with you guys?"

After saying that, she turned around and walked towards the end of the corridor.

"Get lost. Don't ever appear in front of me again in this lifetime!" Zhou Yun looked at Sheng Xia's back and spat in disgust, "You are ungrateful!"

Sheng Xia dragged her suitcase and walked out of the neighborhood.

She turned around and looked at the few brightly lit buildings behind her. She lowered her eyes and did not hesitate to leave.

Sheng Xia planned to find a hotel not far away and spend the night there.

When she dragged her luggage past the entrance of a large hotel, a luxury Maybach suddenly drove in and stopped in front of her.

Sheng Xia was stunned and was about to dodge when the car door opened.

First, the bright and expensive black leather shoes stepped on the ground. Then, a tall and tall man got out of the car.

The man wore a perfectly straight suit, and his figure was very good. His appearance was also very handsome.

Sheng Xia's pupils could not help but shrink.

This man was the legendary Third Young Master Leng, Leng Si!

"Miss, please step aside. " Leng Si's assistant, Wu Tian, got down from the other side of the car. He saw Sheng Xia standing there in a daze without moving. He thought she was another brainless fan of Leng Si. He walked over and pushed her.

Sheng Xia was pushed back by him and staggered two steps. She looked up and saw that Leng Si had already walked towards the hotel lobby. His steps were steady and elegant, imposing and fierce.

He did not look at her from the beginning to the end.

His entire person was noble and indifferent.

Sheng Xia watched him walk away and could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

It seemed that she was overthinking things. He did not come to find her at all.

Today, when Lawyer Hee came to find her, she rejected him, so she inevitably felt that it was Leng Si who came to find her personally this time.

However, judging from his behavior, it seemed like he didn't know her at all.

Sheng Xia could not figure out what he was up to. However, she did not intend to sign the marriage agreement to begin with, so she did not think too much about it and continued to walk forward with her suitcase.

"Who are you?" In the darkness, a man pressed down on her. His voice was hoarse and sexy.

His boiling hot body seemed to burn her to ashes.

"Help me, I'm so uncomfortable, I'm so hot, please help me. "

The man's hot kiss fell like raindrops. He licked her lips. "Be good. Tell me, who are you?"

"Sheng Xia! Do you even have any shame? You, an eighteen year old girl, actually dare to learn how to get pregnant before marriage? You've embarrassed us all!"

" Whose child is this? "

"「 I don't know either. 」"

"You go and have an abortion. "

"No, Aunty, I can't go. It's also a life. "

"You actually want to give birth to it? You're shameless! We still need face! If you don't want to perform the surgery, you can leave our house. "

A sharp and ear-piercing sound appeared, and a car suddenly appeared and crashed towards her.

Her stomach hurt.

There was so much blood!

"Aunt, where's my child? How's my child?"

"It's already very lucky that you're still alive in such a serious car accident. That child was already killed by the car accident! "

"This is not true. Aunt, you must be lying to me. "

"Why would I lie to you? If you really can't bear to part with it, then just die with it! Don't make me feel disgusted! "

" This definitely isn't true. My child isn't dead! "

Her abdomen was in pain.

She was in so much pain.

Sheng Xia suddenly opened her eyes and sat up while gasping for breath.

Why did she have this nightmare again?

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