My Tender CEO Husband/C6 I Promise You!
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My Tender CEO Husband/C6 I Promise You!
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C6 I Promise You!

Sheng Xia ignored Zhou Yun's harsh voice and looked at Tang Faang. "Just think of it as me lending you the money. I will return it to you in the future. Save your grandmother first. . . "

"Well said! Just based on you, three hundred thousand. How long will you have to wait to return the money? When you return the money, my son's wife will be long gone!" Zhou Yun sneered. " I suggest you go out and sell yourself. This way, the money comes faster. Anyway, it's not your first time. You've even been pregnant with a bastard. You're already a loser. Don't you need to care about all this, right?"

Sheng Xia clenched her fists and tried her best to ignore Zhou Yun's hateful face. She stared at Tang Faang and said, "Uncle, are you really planning to leave Grandma to die?"

Tang Faang's eyes flickered and he said, "Xia, your Grandma is also old and it is not as safe to operate as young people. It is better to treat her in a conservative manner. . . "

Sheng Xia looked at him and felt a chill run down her spine, "I know. I will think of a way to get my grandmother's surgery fees. You guys can go out. I want to accompany Granny alone. "

Zhou Yun raised the corner of her mouth and mocked, "Yo, you are not really going to sell yourself out, are you? You really don't know shame. . . "

"Please go out!" Sheng Xia suddenly raised her voice.

"What are you yelling at, slut!"

Zhou Yun scolded unhappily, but still pulled Tang Faang away.

To be able to throw this old hag, this hot potato, to this little slut, she naturally wished for it!

The ward returned to silence.

Sheng Xia held her grandmother's thin hand and looked at her haggard appearance. Her heart throbbed in pain.

Her grandmother was the only loved one in the world who loved her. If it was not for her protecting her these few years, just based on Zhou Yun's harsh words, And her cousin's jealousy and malice, she wouldn't have been able to stay in that house for a long time.

But now that her grandmother was sick and her grandmother had a very, very serious heart disease, Sheng Xia could only watch as her grandmother was tortured and she could not do anything about it. . . .

No, she was unable to stop her mother back then. This time, she must leave her grandmother alive!

Sheng Xia carefully put her grandmother's hand back into the blanket and a trace of determination flashed across her eyes.

In the hospital garden.

Sheng Xia sat on the bench and looked down at the contact information on the business card. After hesitating for a few seconds, she pressed the number and called.

"Hello. " The male voice on the other side of the phone was very formal and gave off a mechanical feeling.

"Lawyer Hee, hello. . . " The snow white teeth lightly bit her lower lip. Sheng Xia clenched her fists. "I have thought about the matter you mentioned yesterday. "

"Then, what is Miss Sheng's answer?"

Sheng Xia lowered her eyes and her long eyelashes cast two shadows on her face. "I promise you. "

"Okay. " As if the answer was already expected, Lawyer Hee's tone did not contain a trace of surprise, "Can I trouble Miss Sheng to tell me the address? I will bring the agreement to you. "

"I am. . . "

Sheng Xia told him the address of a coffee shop near the hospital.

Not long after she sat down in the coffee shop, she saw Lawyer Hee walking in from outside.

Lawyer Hee came in front of her and wore a black suit. He nodded at her expressionlessly, "Miss Sheng. "

"Lawyer Hee, please take a seat. " Sheng Xia nodded at him.

Lawyer Hee sat across from her and took out the document from his briefcase.

"This is the marriage agreement. Miss Sheng, take a look. If there are no problems, please sign here. "

Sheng Xia took the document and opened it to browse. There was not much content and it was all specific requirements for her after marriage. For example, she must not go home late at 10 o'clock at night and must not have too much contact with the opposite sex.

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