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My Tender CEO Husband/C7 Get Your Marriage Certificate
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C7 Get Your Marriage Certificate

The Leng Family was a wealthy family, so it was understandable that they had strict rules.

However, was she really going to sign it?

Sheng Xia knew that as long as she signed this agreement, it would be equivalent to selling her to the Leng Family.

In the future, she would completely obey the Leng Family.

The hand holding the pen could not help but pause.

A cold glint flashed across Lawyer Hee's eyes behind his glasses, "Looks like you haven't thought about it. "

Seeing that he was about to take back the agreement, Sheng Xia panicked and hurriedly reached out to hold the document.

She had indeed not thought about it and sold herself just like that. She only felt that the future was filled with uncertainty and fear.

But when she thought about her grandmother, who was still lying in the hospital and waiting for surgery. . .

Sheng Xia bit her lips, "I'll sign!"

Opening the folder again, Sheng Xia did not hesitate anymore and signed her name at the bottom of the last page.

A trace of satisfaction flashed across Lawyer Hee's eyes and he put away the document, "Since the contract is signed, then you are Leng Family's Third Young Madam. I will quickly help you and Third Young Master get married. I hope Miss Sheng will not go back on her words at that time. "

"I understand. "

Sheng Xia paused for a moment and still shamelessly asked, "When can you give me the money?"

Lawyer Hee took out a cheque and placed it on the table, "This is still the 5 million deposit from yesterday. After you officially become the Leng Family's Third Young Madam, Old Master Leng will transfer the promised employment money into your account. "

Sheng Xia picked up the cheque and her hands trembled in excitement, "There is no need for the other money, as long as this is enough. "

This money was enough for her grandmother's subsequent surgeries and long-term treatment.

"Old Master Leng married his daughter-in-law. 88,888 yuan is still considered a small sum. The five million yuan salary will be laughed at by others. "

Hearing him say this, Sheng Xia sensibly shut her mouth.

That's right. Whether she wanted it or not was one thing, but as the number one family in the Leng Family, the extravagance of marrying a wife could not be simple.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first. " Lawyer Hee stood up.

"Lawyer Hee. "

Sheng Xia stopped him and asked hesitantly, "I want to know why it is me?"

She remembered the man she met at the hotel entrance last night. He had a beautiful face and was naturally noble and cold. He was the darling of God. There was a huge difference between him and her.

They should have been two parallel lines that had no interaction with each other. Why did it have to be her?

"I am only responsible for Old Master Leng's affairs, and never ask for reasons. "

Lawyer Hee glanced at her lightly and left.

Sheng Xia was a little discouraged that she could not get an answer.

However, when she saw the cheque in her hand, she still smiled happily.

No matter what, her grandmother was finally saved. . .

After getting the money, Sheng Xia rushed back to the hospital and let her grandmother carry out the operation immediately.

The operation was very successful. When she saw her grandmother safely being pushed out of the operating theater, Sheng Xia was completely relieved.

Two days later, Sheng Xia received a call from Lawyer Hee asking her to go and get a certificate.

However, when she took a taxi to the Civil Affairs Bureau, she found that only Lawyer Hee was there. There was no sign of Leng Si at all.

Noticing her doubt, Lawyer Hee said lightly, "I can do it by myself. Third Young Master doesn't need to be there. "

Sheng Xia thought about it and agreed. She was just bought back by the Leng Family with money. It was not important at all. It was true that they did not need to trouble their young master to collect the marriage certificate.

She did not think much about it and followed Lawyer Hee inside.

Before Sheng Xia came, Lawyer Hee had already arranged the personnel, so the process of getting a marriage certificate was very quick. The photos had already been taken care of beforehand, so the necessary procedures were saved.

Until she took the marriage certificate and walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Sheng Xia still felt like she was dreaming.

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