My Tender CEO Husband/C9 A Gloomy and Cold Man
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My Tender CEO Husband/C9 A Gloomy and Cold Man
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C9 A Gloomy and Cold Man

Sheng Xia used her fastest speed to pack the things she wanted to bring.

The driver helped her put the luggage in the back compartment.

Sheng Xia opened the car door and got into the black luxury car parked downstairs.

The car silently moved forward on the road. Sheng Xia looked out the window at the beautiful night scenery that was speeding by and felt a little lost in her heart.

About half an hour later, the car drove into the most luxurious golden area in Jing City and drove into a high-end villa. It stopped in front of the brightly lit building.

Sheng Xia opened the car door and got out of the car.

A middle-aged man wearing a brown robe stood there and bowed, "Hello Madam. My surname is Zhang. I am the steward here. "

Sheng Xia had never received such a big courtesy before and hurriedly replied, "Hello. . . "

As Sheng Xia spoke, her gaze subconsciously looked in all directions.

After Sheng Xia confirmed that she did not see the person she imagined, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Who was Leng Si? He came from a noble family, and was the beloved child of God!

How could such a figure personally come out to welcome her?

Steward Zhang caught her gaze and explained, "Madam, Sir is on a business trip. He will probably be back in a few days. "

"Okay, I know. . . " Sheng Xia's face could not help but turn red. She felt that steward's words were like saying how much Sheng Xia could not wait to see Leng Si.

At this time, the driver took out her luggage. Sheng Xia wanted to take it, but Steward Zhang had already picked it up very naturally. "Madam, let me bring you in. "

Sheng Xia could only follow him in cautiously.

Steward Zhang brought Sheng Xia up to the second floor and to a room at the end.

The layout of the room was very elegant and fresh. There was a large floor-to-ceiling window, and one could imagine how good the sunlight was during the day. The overall color was elegant and low-profile. Whether it was the walls, the sheets, or the curtains, they all gave off a clean and comfortable feeling.

Sheng Xia really liked this room. Most importantly, the decoration of this room was more feminine. It should not be Leng Si's room!

Thinking that she did not need to immediately share the room with him, Sheng Xia's tensed body immediately relaxed.

"Madam, you can use this room first. Wait for Sir to come back and then listen to his arrangements. " Steward Zhang placed her suitcase by the wall and explained.

Sheng Xia smiled and said, "Okay, thank you. "

The girl's eyes curved like crescent moons and her smile was very infectious, bright and clean. She did not have the pride and arrogance of an upper-class girl at all.

Steward Zhang smiled, and he had a good impression of this little Madam.

After putting the luggage away, Sheng Xia laid down on the soft bed and clenched her fists, "Sheng Xia, you can do it!"

Sheng Xia's adaptability was not bad. In a few days, she gradually adapted to the luxurious upper-class life.

Steward Zhang wanted the driver to pick Sheng Xia up to work and get off work, but Sheng Xia refused. She went to work normally every day. After she got off work, she first went to the hospital to see her grandmother, then took a taxi back to the villa.

After dinner, she strolled around the villa.

The villa had a total of four floors and countless rooms. There was also a swimming pool, a tennis court, and even a garden as big as a football field outside.

The greenery in the garden was very good. The trees were verdant and lush, and the flowers bloomed. They were all trimmed in an artistic manner.

What surprised Sheng Xia was that apart from her, there was such a huge villa. There was only Steward Zhang and Auntie Lin, who was responsible for cleaning and cooking.

Regarding this, Steward Zhang's explanation was, "Sir likes quietness, so he did not arrange too many people in the villa. "

Sheng Xia silently remembered in her heart that she must not make noise in front of Leng Si in the future.

That night, after Sheng Xia finished eating, she laid on the sofa and read a book. She fell asleep in a blur.

Suddenly, she vaguely felt a layer of shadow over her head. The surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped a lot.

Sheng Xia slowly opened her eyes and met a gloomy and cold face.

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