My Vampire Girlfriend/C1 Turning into a Blood-sucking Loli
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My Vampire Girlfriend/C1 Turning into a Blood-sucking Loli
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C1 Turning into a Blood-sucking Loli

"Damn, why is this graveyard so hard to dig?"

Come on, let's use the author's God's View to look at this young man.

That's right, this is our main character, the young man named "Argyle." He is nineteen years old and is unmarried. I believe everyone knows what he is doing. That's right, he is robbing tombs.

"Heeheehee... Heeheeheehee... Huff... Finally digging to the end, Hehe... Let's see what kind of treasure it is." He was using his vulgar gaze to look at the main character of the tomb with a beautiful tombstone.


... "Why is this voice so familiar? Based on my ten years of experience, this should be the sound of a mechanism being triggered."

That's right, our protagonist has already stolen the tomb for more than ten years. When he was very young, both his parents died. He could only rely on Xing Qi to make a living, but occasionally he would use stealing to make a living. Only when he met his master did he start his life of robbing tombs.

As for how he learned how to rob tombs, this was a very, very long story. For this reason, the author carefully used the compression technique to explain: First of all, he was caught by his master when he stole... Then, he beat him up and saw how skillful our protagonist was. He taught him a few things, and then threw him to the cemetery for an internship. For the next ten years, he dealt with corpses all day. He didn't leave these inhuman days until his master died. As for the ten years of wealth, it was all used up by his master by gambling, prostitution, and drinking.

Now that our main character wants to earn the first bucket of gold, we can only restart our old business.

Kacha... The ground began to shake.

"Damn it, the rope fell down, I should have tied it tightly." Argyle couldn't be blamed for this. He had enough experience. Logically speaking, there shouldn't have been an accident when the rope fell down. However, the moment the mechanism was activated... If one looked up, they would see a magic array forming. The magic array is moving at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour (Don't ask me how it is calculated) Wherever it passed, it would burn. It just so happened... Coincidentally... Argyle tied the rope to the spot where the magic array had to pass through.

While Argyle was thinking, the magic array had already been completed. If a mage came to look, wouldn't he find that this was an advanced transmission array?

"Eh... Why is it all black?" Argyle was looking around. With his strength, as long as there was a weak light, he could see it clearly.

Suddenly, a sweet female voice was heard.

"Thank you for using the XX magic array. We are about to arrive at Farr Castle. It will vibrate slightly when we arrive. Please fasten your seatbelt. Thank you."

"F * ck, where does the seatbelt come from in the cemetery?" Hm... Looks like our main character is first surprised about the seatbelt.

A sweet voice sounded again.

"Guests looking for safety belts, if you can't find them, please cover them on the spot. If you don't have experience, please read the book safety rule xx first."

"Damn, what kind of crappy broadcast is this?" After Argyle said this, his body immediately bent slightly and leaned forward 45 degrees. He held his head with both hands and rolled on the ground...

After a slight vibration, the sound was heard again.

"Ding... We have arrived at Feir Castle. Welcome aboard again."

"Damn it, I will not steal any more strange tombs even if I die." Argyle said angrily.

Why did the main character say that it was a strange tomb? Because when he was searching for a target in the tomb, he found that this tomb had not weathered for thousands of years.

"Forget it, let's see what this place is first... Wow." Argyle was shocked by the scene in front of him.

This place was a very large cave. What made Argyle exclaim was... There was a very magnificent white castle in front of him, and the walls of the castle were all emitting a faint light. According to Argyle's experience, these were all Night Pearls. One of them was worth more than ten thousand gold coins.

"Damn, I'm going to make a fortune by selling all of them." Argyle said while drooling.

"No, I haven't figured out where this place is yet. Even if you have money, you must have your life to spend it." Argyle finally woke up. It was all thanks to him being so scared all these years that his nerves had become weak. If it were any other ordinary person, it would take a long time for them to consider how to escape.

Argyle circled around the castle and spent a few hours. Hmm... they were all high quality goods... No, there were no clues to leave.

"Sigh... Looks like I can only go in and take a look. Entering when I see the door is not a successful grave robber expert." Argyle couldn't find any useful clues around him, so he could only go in and search.

"Squeak... Squeak... The castle door was slowly opened by Argyle.

"Wah..." Argyle let out an even more astonished voice than before.

The gold and gems were all placed on any place. The floor of the white gemstone, the chandelier of the yellow gemstone, the golden stairs, and all kinds of decorations.

"Oh my god, this is the O child of Bi Osuo with a tobacco pipe, and this is the portrait of Fan O's Dr. Jia Xie..." Argyle felt that he was about to go crazy. These were already priceless items. Oh my god, this is the O child of Bi Osuo with a tobacco pipe, and this is the portrait of Fan O's Dr. Jia Xie... Argyle felt that he was about to go crazy.

He looked to the side and saw a row of mysterious statues. The statues looked lifelike, as if they would move in the next second.

Argyle was a grave robber expert. Of course, he knew the value of these items. Any one of them could make him not worry about food for a few generations.

"Gulp..." This was the sound of Argyle swallowing his saliva. He had never thought that there would be such a huge harvest from the grave robbers this time. He did not have to worry about his survival anymore.

"Come here..." Argyle, who was fantasizing about how wonderful his life would be in the future, was interrupted by this voice.

"Who is it?" When Argyle heard the voice, he immediately became alert. As a qualified grave robber, he had to look around and listen to everything around him. Only then could he use the shortest amount of time possible to "escape."

"Hurry up and come out! I have already found you." Argyle looked around and saw that there was no one around. He wanted to see if there was any way to lure her out.

That's right, the voice Argyle heard was very young and tender. It was hard to tell whether it was a boy or a girl.

"Come here..." The voice appeared in Argyle's mind again.

"How strange. Was it my imagination? No one is here." Argyle was a pragmatic person. He had been accompanying corpses all these years. He didn't believe in the theory of ghosts and gods at all.

"Come... to me." This time, the voice was very loud, and something strange happened.

"Ah ~ ~" Argyle was being pulled by an invisible force, even though he was being dragged. Unexpectedly, he didn't trip down the stairs, and the doors opened one by one to let him pass. Thieves who had never experienced magic were dragged along just like that. There was no way to resist. He was dragged down to the basement of the X-floor building. (Too fast to calculate how many floors it takes to reach the building)

"Bang!" Just like that, a Thief who had been dragged suddenly braked. The counterforce caused him to be bruised all over.

"Ah... It hurts..." Argyle rubbed his nose, which had just come into contact with the floor, and stood up.

"Human, who are you?" A commanding voice sounded. Although the voice was young and tender, it was also very cold.

"Eh!... Little girl, who are you?" In front of Argyle, there was a very fair skin, but it also emitted a pink glow. That soft golden hair seemed to be able to wrap up the girl's entire body, as well as her stunning face. It made countless beautiful girls lose their colors. (Although Argyle spends all day with corpses, it doesn't mean that his aesthetics will change.)

"Human, I will ask you again, but you will ask me instead." The girl in the black gothic dress still had a cold tone in her voice, as if she was the only person in the world who had no other life.

"Little girl, my name is Argyle. What is your name?" Argyle changed into an expression that said, "Come, uncle will bring you to see the goldfish." He looked extremely wretched.

"Human, I ask you, how long has the war been going on?" The girl acted as if she didn't hear Argyle's question at all, and continued to live in her own world.

"War? Which war are you talking about? The continent has already gone through tens of thousands of wars." Argyle didn't care about being indifferent. In any case, he had already fought a lot of battles with the corpses. Luckily, he was optimistic. Otherwise, he would have gone crazy during his days in the tomb.

"Great War of Gods and Devils." The girl finally answered Argyle's question.

"The Great War of Gods and Devils... Let me think." Argyle's CPU was operating at a high speed.

The girl did not rush him. She quietly looked at the man in front of her. Suddenly, a light flashed across her eyes. However, Argyle, who was in the middle of thinking, should not be able to see what happened in an instant.

While Argyle was thinking, let's get to know this world. This was a very magical world, because his classification was the heaven realm, devil realm, human realm, demon world and hell. Because a contract has already been signed in these worlds, no matter which world it is, it is interconnected. However, the ticket price is an astronomical figure, because one teleportation requires a very precious energy gem. Thus, ordinary people, and even nobles, would not be able to experience such an astronomical one-time-use cost. Perhaps only the king could do it.

In this world, races were no longer a problem, but countless wars had happened before. There are hundreds of thousands, millions of different races massacring each other. Only after losing too many lives did they sign a contract created by the blood of the world.

Among them, the most famous war was the so-called war between gods and demons. In the earliest days, the human realm became the battlefield between the Heaven Realm and the Devil Realm. In the eyes of the gods and demons, humans were nothing more than slaves and food. They didn't put them in their eyes at all, but their war evolved humans into... A race that was strong enough to fight against gods and demons, because humans had the learning ability to wander between life and death... He had no choice but to become the legendary cockroach. Secretly learning magic, secretly learning alchemy, forging techniques, and so on. Then he innovated to become a higher level weapon, pushing humanity to the peak in one fell swoop.

Finally, it naturally became the result of three countries standing together. This was the origin of mankind, so it was a history written in every textbook.

"Wu... I don't know." Of course, our Argyle has never read before, how would he know...

"You are really useless." After saying this, the girl started to recite an incantation.

"You will become my blood slave. Your blood will be my blood. Your body will be mine. Your thoughts will be mine. By following the contract of the Goddess of Life, you will become my lowliest servant..."

"Dig... what a joke. Isn't this what the continent calls the most unfair contract? " Although Argyle did not read the old books, he had experienced too much when he was young. His companions were often given this contract by some nobles. Then, they would do whatever they wanted until they died.

Couldn't the contract be removed? Of course it can, as long as your strength exceeds your master, or if you are a Spiritual Magician stronger than your master, you can remove it.

Magic is divided into Burning, Water Fog, Ice Crystal, Wind Soaring and Thunder, Earth and so on. Of course, this is what most mages can learn. There are also some special ones such as Spirit, Undead, Space, Poison and so on... Can ordinary people not learn these? Of course not, they were monopolized. There were a few large families in the human realm. They possessed these special magic.

"Oh my god... after being cast with this kind of magic, do I still have any freedom to speak of?" The answer was, of course not. Argyle ran away, but just as he was about to move, he found that the air around him seemed to be fixed. It did not even move.

"God, do you have the heart to see your people's freedom be taken away?" Argyle, who originally had no idea what was happening, was now praying for the heavens to save him. However, it was common for people to cram for Buddha's feet at the last minute and get kicked by Buddha. Ma ~

"You must remember my name. I am your master, Antanasia Katy McDowell." The girl slowly walked over and dripped a drop of ruby-colored blood onto Argyle's head.

"The contract is formed." This kind of completely unequal contract could only be established by one party, but the conditions were naturally harsh. First, one had to have a powerful spiritual force, or else one wouldn't be able to completely control the person who was using the contract. By the way, the most powerful human magician's spiritual force... He could only control a single digit number of people. As for the other nobles, they could only control a single digit number of people. Although it could not be controlled, it was a very useful tracker. As long as he wanted to escape, his master would immediately know. So this was a natural tracker that was essential to the family. The second reason was that the contract had to be given to the owner every day. As for how to give it to the owner... of course, it would be given another drop of blood... Did he have a bad idea?

"It's over... My life has been ruined. I haven't picked up girls yet. I'm going to become someone else's slave before I even enjoy it." Argyle was like a little girl who had just been humiliated and taken care of. He showed a "you have to take responsibility" look at the girl in front of him who had just "lost her virginity."

"From now on, call me master." The girl's face was very cold, but her tone was high and mighty. She could not disobey him.

"My daughter... master, may I ask why you caught me?" When the girl started, Argyle felt a strong killing intent. It was as if he had said the word out loud and disappeared from the world. Therefore, Argyle immediately changed his words.

"Food." He still had the same cold expression.

"What... What food? Do you think it's called food for you to eat? But I don't know, I always bring bread with me for every meal. Ah ~" In the next moment, Argyle finally understood the meaning of food.

" Slow down, slow down... it's almost dry. " It turned out that Argyle was being bitten by Evangeline on his neck. He was using a very ambiguous posture to suck Argyle's blood.

"Cuckcuckoo... I think I saw a patch of grass. There were people greeting me from the other side of the river. " It seemed like our Argyle had seen the place where people would go after they passed away.

Suddenly... everything in front of him turned black. Dong! He fell to the ground.

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