My Vampire Girlfriend/C10 Diplomacy Is to Start from Getting to Know Each Other
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My Vampire Girlfriend/C10 Diplomacy Is to Start from Getting to Know Each Other
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C10 Diplomacy Is to Start from Getting to Know Each Other

"Ziya, when will you become an official devil?"

"Collecting... 999 souls will do. This is my first time collecting souls." Ziya seemed to be very shy. A faint pink color appeared on her fair cheeks.

"Oh, there are so many more, intern demons, you can do it!" It seemed that Danilo did not have the habit of calling others by their names.

"Hey, Hundred, stop chatting. Quickly come and help me." Argyle originally thought that it was very easy. He did not expect that he could not even touch this soul uncle. Enemies can hit you, but you cannot hit enemies. Who would want to fight such a huge battle?

"Argyle, use combat power to touch the spirit body." Hundred reminded.

"What combat power? I don't know how to use it." Argyle said as he ran. If he couldn't hit her, he could at least run.

... "" Hundred was speechless. A man with such strong strength actually did not know how to use combat power. How did he train it? Natural divine strength?

It could not be blamed on Argyle. He had long lost his memory. His strength was still there, but the problem was that he did not know how to use it.

"Hundred, your contractor... It seems... very stupid?" Ziya said with an uncertain tone.

"Haha, intern devil, you guessed it right. That idiot has always been very stupid." Danilo laughed as she rolled on the ground. She looked so human-like.

"This, this is Argyle's first time." Hundred's face was no longer bright. She could only use this excuse to hold back her anger.

"Stupid cat, stinky cat, rotten cat. One day, I will find a pair of male cats to kill you." Argyle thought angrily.

"There is no other way. Ziya, I will go and take care of it first." Hundred put on the appearance of a supervisor and helped her employees clean up the mess.

"Okay." Zi Ya said very calmly because the contract had already been signed. Even if the evil soul was defeated by Death Engineer, the soul still belonged to the devil.

"Argyle, squat down!" Hundred flew in front of Achor and slashed horizontally with her sickle.

"Wow, Hundred, you want me to be bald." It turned out that Argyle and Hundred's tacit understanding was not good. When the sickle slashed horizontally, it almost cut off Agha's head.

"It's settled." Hundred said calmly, as if she did not care about the lives of almost two people.

"Settled? So fast." Argyle turned around and found that it was really solved. It was originally a human shaped soul, but now it had become a sphere.

"Ziya, quickly take this soul back. In the future, I must collect it faster than you." Hundred seemed to regard Ziya as a competitor.

"Okay... Next time, let's compete to see who can collect it first." Ziya also said very intimately, like a benign competition between friends.

It turned out that the Death God Federation and Demon Castle actually had similar rules. Every region had a designated person in charge, unless there were major changes. Otherwise, the wife might be replaced, so the people sent by the Death God and the devil... They will definitely first make friends with each other. What a joke, are you willing to face people who have followed you for hundreds or even thousands of years as your enemies? That would be too terrifying.

"Oh, right, Ziya, where's your partner?" Hundred did not seem to have seen Ziya's partner since earlier.

"I... only have a partner after I become official." Ziya seemed to be very shy.

After becoming a Death God or a devil, they could sign an eternal partner. Usually, many people signed the contract from the beginning because searching for souls would occasionally compete with other interns. So usually, there were partners who could tie down the other side while signing the soul contract. For Ziya, who chose to become an official partner, signing the contract was very rare. However, although it was rare, after becoming a formal partner, she could have a stronger partner.

"Then Ziya, what kind of block do you want to choose?" Hundred seemed to have been possessed by some kind of common race in the market and used the "inquire about" skill.

"This... This..." Ziya's face was completely red. She looked like a ripe tomato, making people want to eat it.

" What? What?" Hundred leaned over.

" That's right... "Ziya leaned against Hundred and said carefully.

" En, en, so that's how it is. Ziya, do your best, but I will not go easy on you." Hundred had a "I support you" look on her face.

"Thank you. I won't admit defeat either." Ziya's face was still red, but she did not stutter when she said that.

"What are you talking about?" Argyle saw that they were like young girls thinking about spring, so he could not help but ask.

Suddenly, he felt two cold killing intents.

"Aiyo!" Argyle was hit hard.

"Idiot, you can't ask about the secret of a lady." Kitten was gloating.

"Ziya, let's go to the side and have a chat. Don't pay attention to this fool." After Hundred finished speaking, she held Ziya's hand and ran into the forest. There was a faint sound.

"Argyle, you will learn combat power from Teacher Wutian tomorrow. Learn it for me in a day." This was a commanding tone.

"What did I say about me?" Argyle had never thought that touching a woman's secret was such a terrifying thing.

The next day.

"Grandpa Wutian, can you teach me how to use combat power?" Argyle asked as soon as he arrived at Wu Taidou's house.

"Pfft..." Wu Taidou was savoring the fragrant tea that the village chief had just given him. When he heard Argyle say this as soon as he arrived, he spat out the tea that had been placed in his mouth. It even brought up a rainbow color, making it look very beautiful.

"Cough cough, Argyle, what did you say?" This fellow who was unwilling to acknowledge him as his master yesterday, why did he have to undergo a 180-degree transformation? Wu Taidou thought that he had misheard him, so he repeatedly confirmed it.

"Grandpa Wutian, can you teach me how to use combat power?" Argyle repeated.

"Then, Argyle, what do you want to learn combat power for?" Wu Taidou asked. This was a test of each master's character before they accepted a disciple.

"Fight." Argyle answered without hesitation. In his opinion, martial arts being able to recover one's soul was just fart. Martial arts could help friends. If they fought, they would fight. If they said martial arts could help friends, then martial arts could help friends. Argyle was a very straightforward student.

"Haha, fighting. Well said. Martial arts are born for fighting. In the animal world, the strong are the king. In the war I participated in, the strong can lead the battlefield. Well said. " Wu Taidou laughed in his heart. He was the disciple who had come to acknowledge him as his master. They all said some bullshit things about recovering one's body and mind, and strengthening one's physique. If he wanted to recover his physical and mental state, he could just read literature. What about strengthening his physical body? Martial arts are tools for killing, killing people with a single move. Most of the people who could survive on the battlefield were either disabled or disabled. How could they strengthen their physical bodies?

"Good, good, good." Wu Taidou said the word 'good' three times in a row. It seemed that Argyle not only had a strong body, but also had a mind of his own.

"Argyle, are you willing to take me as your master?" After all, martial skills could not be randomly passed down. One had to pass the threshold of being a master.

"I am willing." Argyle also did not expect that he could make this legendary figure accept him as his disciple with just a few words. The Ten Thousand Word Draft that he had thought of yesterday did not have any use for martial arts.

"Haha, from now on, you have to call me Teacher Wutian. Do you know that? I'm really happy today." Wu Taidou accepted Argyle, a student with a perfect body. He was confident that he could become one of the top few in the continent. He was in a very good mood.

"Um, Teacher Wutian, can you teach me how to use combat power today?" Argyle asked carefully.

"Hey, what are you in a hurry for? One should know that before learning combat power, one must first train one's heart. Without a strong heart, cultivating combat power will lead one to the wrong path." Wu Taidou began to teach Argyle about martial arts.

"Because, that... I promised my friend that I would learn how to use combat power in a day." Argyle rubbed his head and said.

"Is your friend a man or a woman?" Wu Taidou asked with a strange expression.

"Uh... a woman." Argyle did not know why Wu Taidou would ask such a question. Was it important to be male or female?

"Sure enough, haha... what a good kid." Wu Taidou showed an expression of "I understand."

Needless to say, Argyle knew that Wutian's grandfather had misunderstood him.

"No, no, Hundred is not my girlfriend!" Argyle said in a panic.

"So her name is Hundred. She should be pretty."

"No, no, she looks only about ten years old. How could she be my girlfriend?" Argyle continued to explain.

"Uh, kid, you still have this kind of special interest. It's not that grandpa is talking about you, but that beautiful sister doesn't look for a little loli. Thinking back, I even dated a familiar girl." Wu Taidou said such words that could scare a person to death.

It seemed like even if Argyle jumped into the Yellow River, he wouldn't be able to clear his name.

"Uh, forget it. Just treat it as this." Argyle was too lazy to explain.

"What do you mean forget it? Even if it's a little loli, she can still be nurtured. Let's get engaged first, then slowly train her. Tell me who the other party is, and I'll help you propose marriage." Wu Taidou had completely activated his grandfather mode.

"It's not anyone, it's just a friend." Argyle said in a depressed tone.

"Is he really a friend?" Wu Taidou showed an expression of "don't lie."


"Ahem, let me see if you have a strong heart," ___ said. Wu Taidou, who was old and smart, found out that he was too excited just now. He even "accidentally" told the story of his youth. Luckily, he was thick-skinned enough and immediately changed the topic.

"Alright, Teacher Wutian." Argyle did not intend to change Wu Taidou's topic. It was also good to change the topic.

"First of all, I need to test the strength of my heart. First, I need to see how thin my combat power is."

Then, Wu Taidou told him the key to triggering the combat power.

"Okay, you can activate it first."

"Yes, Teacher Wutian."

Argyle followed Teacher Wutian's instructions and released his combat power. He felt that it was so familiar. He could not feel it and it appeared out of nowhere.


"Evan? Is it the legendary devil, Evangeline?"

"Oh, yes." Argyle suddenly realized that Wu Taidou had asked him again, and quickly replied, Yes.

"What's the matter? Evan may be the devil, but he is famous for his magic. Do you want to learn magic?" Wu Taidou did not know what Argyle meant when he suddenly said "Evan." He thought Argyle wanted to learn magic.

"No, when I was about to use combat power, I felt a familiar feeling. I unconsciously said it." Argyle explained.

"Sorry, Teacher Wutian. Let's continue."

"Alright." Wu Taidou nodded at Argyle, signaling him to continue.

Evangeline, who are you?

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