My Vampire Girlfriend/C2 You Have to Cook the Food Carefully
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My Vampire Girlfriend/C2 You Have to Cook the Food Carefully
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C2 You Have to Cook the Food Carefully

"Woo... Where is this place?" Argyle did not know how long he had slept for. When he woke up, he found that he was on the bed. It was so fragrant and soft.

So soft?

"What is this? Why does it feel like a freshly baked bun?" Yes, it's soft, but also elastic.

"Wu..." A strange moan came from beside his ear. It turned out that Argyle had used a little bit of strength to pinch it just now.

"Strange, there seems to be something beside it." Argyle flipped open the blanket covering his body. It turned out that this thing was Evangeline. She was sleeping beside Argyle, wearing a pair of translucent black lace pajamas. And she was not wearing any undergarments. She was still young and inexperienced. There were also the two pink cherries.

"Pfft..." Argyle deducted 1000 HP and spurted out a large amount of blood.

"Wuu... so fragrant." When Evangeline smelled Argyle's nosebleed, she was like a little girl (originally). She pounced on him like she had found candy, aimed at the artery, and bit him.

"Ah..." There was another strange moan, but it didn't sound comfortable at all, because this was Argyle's voice.

"Hu... Breakfast is really not bad." Evangeline licked her lips and got off the bed, not knowing what to do. Of course, there was also a main character with anemia on the bed.

After noon.

"Heeheehee... Heeheehee... How long has it been since I last wiped this statue?" It turned out that the main character woke up before noon because Evangeline had gone somewhere. He could only familiarize himself with the castle and look around to see if there was any way to get out of it. Then he saw the art piece from last time and found out. The piece was covered in a large amount of dust, making him, a grave robber expert, unable to continue watching.

"This is simply a waste. This piece of art can be sold for at least a hundred million yuan. How can it be used to accumulate dust? After being packaged, it might even be able to sell for a difference of 2-3 times the price." The main character said angrily.

"Human, what are you doing?" Evangeline's voice came from behind.

"I'm not a human. I'm Argyle. Argyle, come and tell me."

"Argyle?" Evangeline put on a questioning face. She also looked very cute.

"Why did you put on that kind of face?"

"No, your name is not important. I am your master. In the future, I will call you food."

"Heavens, is there still human rights? Is there still justice?" Argyle shouted towards the sky.

"Food! Give me your blood! I'm hungry!"

"Alright, alright... I'll feed it to you!" Argyle had given up on himself.

"Wait a minute." Argyle seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

"Evan, Master, what do you do when you have no blood in the past?" He originally wanted to say Evangeline, but he felt the killing intent and changed his mind to ask questions.

"I am immortal. Without blood, it won't affect me." Evangeline answered Argyle's question.

"Then why did you suck my blood?"

"For dessert." Evangeline gave a very positive answer and then threw herself over.

"So... I am not the main dish." This was what Argyle said before he fainted.

"It's time for you to exercise." This was the first thing Argyle heard when he woke up.

"Why?" This was the first thing Argyle said when he woke up.

"Although your blood is delicious, it isn't the best. You will get sick of it after drinking it for a long time." Evangeline seemed to have seen delicious ingredients and thought of a way to cook it to be the best of the best.

"You will learn from me tomorrow." Evangeline did not pay attention to the petrified Argyle and left.

"Eh... Wait... What does she want to teach me?!"

"Why didn't you come up?" Evangeline looked at Argyle, who looked like a frightened kitten and puppy, with a puzzled look on her face.

"No, I definitely don't want to sleep next to you." Although Evangeline was a very beautiful girl, it was definitely not Argyle who was not lustful if she did not sleep with him. It was Evangeline who often sucked her into a mummy state. What kind of joke was this? Every time, she would linger at the edge of death. Who would want to give it to him? I won't sleep until I die.

"Strange dessert" Evangeline changed its name again.

At night, when Argyle was on tenterhooks, fearing that he would be attacked by a night attack, it gradually passed.

"Do you know magic?"

"I don't know."

"Do you have any combat skills?"


As he answered and asked, he realized that Argyle was like a piece of trash. He had nothing at all.

This was also Evangeline's misunderstanding. As a professional grave robber, Although the owners were patient and determined, why would they learn fighting techniques? After digging, they would run. This was what qualified grave robbers were. The grave robber's main training was to be more observant and to know where the trap was. Where there was treasure, this was the goal of the training.

"What skills do you have?" When he said this, his originally cold voice gradually became filled with anger.

"Mm, I'll escape."

"Alright, you run away. I'll give you one hour."

Hearing this, Argyle immediately used his more than ten years of escaping experience. In one second, he got into position. In two seconds, his body leaned forward. In three seconds, he got into the GO! He had already started running.

"Your posture is not bad, what a pity." This was the conclusion Evangeline came to when she looked at Argyle's back.

"Phew, phew... Damn child... I can't catch up with him anymore. Roar... I'm so short of breath... Let's take a rest first." Argyle, who had used his most powerful horsepower, finally could not hold on for an hour.

"Who is your dead child referring to?" Evangeline's voice, which carried a cold tone, was clearly heard from behind him.

It was over. He was heard. This time, Argyle even had the heart to die.

"Ah... No... Master, why are you running so fast?" Argyle started to use his vulgar face and flattering voice to change the topic.

"Combat power." Evangeline's answer was always so concise.

"Damn, you let me run when you have combat power? You are sick." Of course, this could only exist in Argyle's heart as he looked down on her.

As Argyle's master, Evangeline naturally knew what he was thinking.

"From now on, I run like this for an hour every day." This was the first order Argyle received.

How could one practice combat power? Of course, the first thing to do was to have a strong body. Combat power was like water, and the body was the container. The bigger the container was, the more water it could contain. Same logic applied to combat power. If a weak young man was sent with a large amount of Dou Qi, his body would explode. Then it would be used to convert life energy into gas. This was the so-called Dou Qi, and the color of Dou Qi was a person's personality. The better one's personality was, the brighter it was. It was as if the combat power of a Holy Knight was white. If the color of the combat power was bad, it would be turbid and dull, just like a dark knight.

"Phew, phew... I've been running for more than 30 days, and every time I run, I have to increase the distance. Is this done by humans?" Not only did Argyle run every day, but he would also be sucked dry when he returned. According to Evangeline's words," You can upgrade to the main course. " The amount of absorption would be doubled.

However, it was not without benefits. For some reason, after being sucked once, Argyle's spirit and physical strength would all reach a peak tomorrow. Moreover, the combat power in his body would also slowly grow.

This was actually Evangeline sucking blood while also transferring blood to Argyle, although it was said that the blood was transported by the vampire. It would make the person who sucked dry blood become a vampire, but if the blood was not sucked dry, then the blood would be transferred. It would produce an effect similar to an antibody, and the blood would gradually become stronger. When the concentration of vampire blood in the blood reaches 100%, it would become a human with the physique of a vampire. Of course, Evangeline would not say these words for Argyle to know.

"999, 1000, 1001..." Argyle, who was doing a one-handed stand, realized that in these six months, his physical fitness had become better and better.

"It seems that there is no harm in being sucked dry, even though life is very boring."

In any case, Argyle was very optimistic about the fact that he was under house arrest. In fact, in the past six months, Argyle had been constantly searching for mechanisms, teleportation arrays, and even digging three feet into the ground. However, he did not find any way to escape.

"Argyle, where are you? I'm hungry." A tender voice was heard, but it wasn't as cold as before. Instead, it sounded a little sweet.

Why was there such a huge change? This was something that was mentioned in the past five months.

After a month of physical training, Evangeline discovered that Argyle did not have the talent to be a warrior. So she changed her teaching of magic. First of all, what was the most important thing about magic? Of course, it was spiritual energy. Without spiritual energy, one would not be able to come into contact with elements. Evangeline found that Argyle's mental strength was very strong (the mental strength of the person who accompanied fear every day was not strong or difficult). She found that his magic and combat power (although only a little bit) was actually black and wrapped in a white color. This was the appearance of darkness, the kind nature of the heart. This kind of darkness coupled with the characteristics of light. It made Argyle's blood taste very good. It's still food. Let's have a moment of silence.

Furthermore, Argyle's elemental affinity was actually the same as hers, which was the dark attribute (one that was mixed up in graves all day long). This made Evangeline have an idea. If a person used the Holy Battle Force of the Knights of Light... In addition to the dark power of dark magic, she did not know what would happen. Therefore, although she treated Argyle as food, she unknowingly wanted to transform Argyle into a unique food. (And food)

Every time it was time to eat, it would be Evangeline's time to taste it. Of course, Argyle also had food to eat. Otherwise, how could he have lived for six months? What Argyle ate were fruits and wild vegetables. This place was very strange. There were fruit trees and wild vegetables everywhere. However, there were no animals, but it was much better than the days when he could only eat bread. The fruits and wild vegetables here were very delicious.

In fact, Argyle did not know that the things he ate contained the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. The essence of thousands of years had been eaten by Argyle.

"I'm here!" Argyle did not resist. At most, he would be anemic. Instead, he would get stronger tomorrow without any side effects. Why not?

"I found you. Chirp." Evangeline drank Argyle's blood happily because it was getting better and better.

"Hey, Evangeline, don't suck too much. Otherwise, I will faint again." Ever since Argyle knew that Evangeline was addicted to drinking her blood, he began to threaten her. You are not allowed to call me food, and I also call you by your name. Otherwise, I won't let you suck it.

Of course, if Evangeline really wanted to drink his blood, he would not be able to resist. However, he wanted to give it a try. There was a chance of success.

In the end, Evangeline really agreed. In any case, he had been here for thousands of years. It was not easy for him to have food to accompany her. Calling a name instead made her feel warm in her heart. With her simple benefits, she differentiated... She decided that Argyle could call him by his name.

"So what if I fainted? Last time I was hungry for a day, but this time I won't let you escape."

Argyle's escape technique was getting stronger and stronger day by day. Occasionally, he could really escape from Evangeline's hands, but when faced with an attack, Argyle always lost miserably.

"Be gentle. This time I won't run. Be gentle."

"En..." Evangeline made a soft sound and slowly sucked the blood.

"Sigh... Evangeline is still a little girl." Argyle thought in his heart.

"Having a younger sister is the same feeling, right? Take good care of her in the future."

"Evan, do you want to go out?" Argyle asked.

"No." The simple answer was still Evangeline's style.


"Don't you know the answer better than me?" Suddenly, Evangeline's expression became serious. At this time, the wind of a king that had gone through thousands of years was completely revealed.

"You know the dangers outside, you know the darkness of human nature, and you also know the terror of war. Why do you want to take me out of here?"

"But, there are also beautiful things outside. The gentleness of family, the trust of friends, can't you also feel these things from me?"

"Enough. I thought you were my best friend in my life. Sure enough, food is still food."

"Evan, go out! Look at the beauty of the world."

"I say, that's enough."

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