My Vampire Girlfriend/C3 Emotions That Change
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My Vampire Girlfriend/C3 Emotions That Change
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C3 Emotions That Change

A strong gust of air hit him as if he had been hit by an invisible wall.

"Puff... Why, Evan? " Argyle spurted out a mouthful of blood. He could not understand why Evangeline had such a strong dislike for the outside world.

"I... I..." Evangeline could not say anything.

Although I knew that Evan's magic was very strong, I did not expect that after half a year of training, she could not even hold on for a bit. It was too embarrassing for a man. When I thought of this, I could not help but smile bitterly.

"Evan... come, come here."

"Argyle... Wu... I'm sorry... I'm sorry." Not knowing if my appearance is very scary, Evan looked at me with a bit of pity and uneasiness in her eyes.

" It's alright... Evan... I'm fine... We'll stay here from now on and not leave, alright? " I don't know why, but I can't bear to see Evan trembling.

" Come... Come here. " Although I don't know what expression to use, I can still use the expression of "Uncle Lai will bring you to see the goldfish."

When she heard me say this, Evan's entire body trembled. She watched me slowly walk over. Why do I feel like he is about to cry? I have quite a bit of confidence in his expression.

"Don't cry... I really am fine." She had no choice but to comfort her.

Evan heard it and pounced towards me. Her tears flowed like a waterfall. Each drop was like a stone that was earned. It was precious, but it disappeared in a flash.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry... Am I... Am I right..." I don't know how many times Evan has apologized to me. Every apology is so sincere and real. At this moment, I and Evan, who was in my arms, were apologizing to each other. They gradually fell asleep.

The next day...

"Wu... His body ached." Usually, when you wake up early, you should feel comfortable.

"Hm... my body is so heavy." Strange, I remember yesterday... yesterday!!

"Eh... Eh... Yi!! " It seems like our Argyle is very surprised.

That's right, yesterday they were hugging and sleeping together, so...

"Yi... Evan." There was a cat-like creature sleeping soundly in the arms of a certain protagonist.

" So fragrant, so soft. " Looking at the creature in his arms, Argyle began to develop feelings that did not belong to family.

"Her lips look very soft, very spongy." Argyle was shocked. How could he have such thoughts? I don't have a pedophile, but why do I have a feeling of wanting to violate Evan in my head?

"Argyle, good morning."

"Good morning, Evan."

It was a very ordinary greeting, but unfortunately, breakfast was very important in front of vampires.

"Wow..." This was the last scream Argyle made after being pushed backwards.

"No, the next three meals have to be normal. I won't give you any more time to eat." Argyle threatened her because she also thought of violating Evan. She immediately used this unreasonable reason to change the topic.

"Argyle, you are not allowed to run away from me in the future. Otherwise, I won't be able to catch up to you." Evan also knew that Argyle's escape technique was getting stronger and stronger. Even when he was running away, He could even set a trap, which made Evan fail to eat his "precious" "dinner a few times.

"Good, good, my young miss. In the future, I will obediently suck it for you. You also have to promise me a few conditions."

"What conditions?"

"First, don't say that I, Arua, am not summoning demons. "

"This I... I can agree."

"Second, give me a separate room, I want to sleep on my own"


"[Because you're a woman, I'm a man]"

"A woman, a man?" Looks like our blood-sucking loli doesn't have the concept of gender.

"Don't tell me you don't know the difference between men and women?"

Originally, a harmless man would transform into a beast just because he said 'you can't do it'. This was a taboo term.

"You want to attack me by night? Fine ~ I'll attack you by night." Of course, Evan knew what Argyle was thinking. At the moment, she was still Argyle's "master."

"Pffft...!!" When she heard this sentence, Argyle's brain was full of sperm, and she had a nosebleed.

Evan looked at Argyle, who was lying on the ground, and suddenly smiled. Her smile was very sweet.

"What a useless man, hehe."

If Argyle heard this, he would definitely refute him. Ma... Don't ask too much if he fainted.

"Wu... Why do I always have a nosebleed? It's all because of that damn girl. Why is a little loli pretending to be a mature girl? Why not find a place to settle it.

"Huuu... it's done." Argyle, who had come out of the grass, had only been able to use his DIY in the past few months. If you can't see the little loli, would you want to violate her?

"Sigh... How can I live like this every day..." Argyle was shocked by his own thoughts.

"No, Argyle, you are a dignified man. What ability do you have to bully a little girl?" Argyle comforted himself. However, could he bully someone who didn't have the ability? Sweat!

"Argyle!" A tender and sweet voice came from afar. Needless to say, it must be Evan.

"Here." Looking at the rapidly approaching figure in the distance, Argyle was shocked.

"Argyle, is this dress beautiful?" That's right. Evan came to Argyle in a new dress and asked.

It was a purple lace dress with a silver-white accessory. It looked like a princess.

"Gulp... beautiful." There seemed to be no adjectives to describe the girl in front of him.

"What a mature little loli." This was what Argyle was thinking in his heart.

"Thank you." Evan knew that Argyle still treated her as a loli. In order to take revenge on Argyle, she thanked him with a sweet voice that was as sweet as death.

"Pfft..." Argyle spurted out blood again.

"Hehe..." The laughter that sounded like silver bells echoed in Argyle's ears.

"What's wrong? Why are you dressed so beautifully?" Argyle, who had finally stopped bleeding, looked at Evan and said.

"What's wrong? Can't you wear beautiful clothes?" Stupid wood... Stupid wood... Evan cursed Argyle a hundred times in her heart.

"Yes, yes." The blockhead who did not know what Evan was thinking, no ~ It was Argyle who had to deal with it casually. Even if he knew, he would not violate the loli.

"By the way, how is your magic and combat power training?"

"Well, magic can be used for level 7 and above, and combat power can reach level 6."

The classification of magic actually only depended on the strength of the mental strength. There was no actual classification. Level 1 to 12 was called the level of magic. As the name suggested, the level of magic you could use was the level. Magic above level 12 was called forbidden spell Magic. When it was used, it could be directly sucked dry. Magic that humans can only use once in their lifetime. Of course, this was not the case for powerful Magisters.

There was a relevant classification of Dou Qi. Dou Qi was divided into 1-10 levels. Level 1 could move 100kg of objects, while level 2 could move 200kg. According to this classification, until level 5, it could grow exponentially. Level 5. Can move 100kg of objects, level 10 is 3200kg. There is no more up there, because weight is no longer a problem. Any person above level 10 would be able to dig a mountain.

"Here, this is for you." Evan threw a shiny item to Argyle.

"Hey, this is a spatial ring." Argyle wanted one of the treasures the most. If he had a spatial ring in the past... She would have been a billionaire long ago, because when he was robbing tombs... There were often things that couldn't be stolen, such as a few hundred tons of gold coffin. Monkeys that were pressed down by the mountain peak, a certain city's Statue of Liberty, etc...

"Sigh... Thank you." Argyle received one of the treasures in his heart, but he did not feel happy. He could not steal Evan's things, nor could he go out.

Argyle had used teleportation magic before, but this space seemed to be fixed in another space outside the continent. Before learning the most advanced teleportation magic, he would not be able to go out.

"What's wrong? Are you unhappy?" Although she already knew Argyle wanted to leave, she had already treated him as her closest person. She still wanted to ask and hear what Argyle had to say.

"No, I have no relatives outside. My previous master. He often asked me to accompany a dead person. Ever since I came here, I'm very happy every day, and I can also learn magic that I originally couldn't learn. I'm really happy." Argyle squeezed out a smile on his face. It looked so fake. But he still smiled for me.

"Argyle, actually, I..." Evan wanted to say that she had a way to send Argyle out, but she was stopped by Argyle halfway through her sentence.

"Alright, I will continue to practice. I will be strong enough to push you down."

"Come if you have the ability. I will wait for you tonight." Evan clearly knew that he deliberately pushed the topic aside and did not want to continue.

"Mother, say that I don't have the ability. I'll prove it to you." After saying that, Argyle slipped away.

"Really, big idiot." Evan looked at the back view in the distance and bit her lips, as if she had decided something.

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