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C4 My Love

The cave is still black, the castle is still white.

Argyle's heart had always been in chaos. He didn't know what was going on either. He clearly desired freedom, but he didn't want that "her" to be alone here.

"Evan, why do you reject the outside world so much?" Knowing that no one would answer, Argyle still said it quietly.

"Do you want to know?" The voice came from Argyle. It was still the voice of the girl, but it was indeed the voice of Evan when they first met.

"Evan?" Argyle did not seem to know this girl anymore.

"My name is Antanasia Katy McDowell. Under the witness of Yeyue. I hereby break your contract. " This was the incantation to undo the Blood Contract, although the Blood Contract was an extremely unfair contract. But if the blood enters the body, then that is the true Blood Contract. He would never be able to get rid of it for the rest of his life.

The blood contract actually had another name in ancient times, which was also known as "True Love Eternity." If the Contractors exchanged blood with each other, the Contractors would always "never leave" or "never give up on it." However, after the passing of time, the incantations had already deteriorated. It had also become a tool to control others. However, exchanging blood is still effective, Because this was the earliest origin of this magic.

"Ah ~" Argyle's entire body shone. This sound was so painful, as if it had been torn apart.

This was because the blood contract had lost its effect. Initially, it was not that painful, but half of Argyle's blood was secretly given to Argyle by Evan. It was very painful to take away the power of every drop of blood.

What about the current Evan?

Evan was also very painful now, but it was not physical. She saw that Argyle was in great pain because of her blood. She could not bear to see it, but it was better this way. In the future, Argyle won't be bound by me anymore.

She recalled the first time she saw Argyle.

On that day, Evan, who was sleeping, felt a very powerful magic. It was formed outside, so it should be a teleportation formation. Otherwise, no other magic could come here.

"Who woke me up?" Evan, who was not sleeping well, was now angry when she woke up.

Evan spread out her senses, wanting to find this hateful intruder.

At this moment, Evan very quickly found the person who disturbed her sleep. This man had coffee colored hair and although he was thin, his figure was very slender. But no matter how she looked at it, it was very strange. Why was he looking at my castle with a very wretched expression?

At this moment, Evan was attracted by this man's actions. When the man first saw the castle, he revealed a greedy expression. However, he recovered in an instant. He carefully looked around the castle. Evan felt that it was very strange. Was it so interesting to circle around the castle?

A few hours later, the man finally stopped circling the castle. He opened the door and was about to enter. At this moment, Evan was very angry. Why was this man so rude? She didn't even greet him, but she only thought about it because the next moment, the man stood there as if he was petrified. He didn't move at all.

"Come here..." Evan originally only wanted to wake him up. She didn't expect that the man's next words would make Evan a little angry.

"Who is it!"

"Quickly come out! I have already discovered you." The man was looking all around, and he even blurted out that he had found her.

"Am I that easy to find?" Evan thought angrily. Evan actually thought that he was playing hide-and-seek.

"Come here..." Evan was a little angry now.

"So strange, is it me hearing things? No one is here." This man treated her words as an illusion. Very good, very good.

"Give me... come here." Evan was angry.

She used a huge amount of mental energy to control her magic to turn it into a pair of hands and pulled the man over.

"Human, who are you?"

"Eh!... Little girl, who are you?"

At this moment, a "#" symbol appeared on Evan's head.

Very good, he treated me like a little girl. Evan did not care how old he was. But she really hated people who treated her like a little girl. Actually, Evan misunderstood this man. Evan did not care which direction she looked from. It was always a 100% pure loli.

"Human, I will ask you again. You will ask me back."

"Little girl, my name is Argyle. What's your name?" At this moment, Argyle didn't know that he had already provoked a blood-sucking loli.

"Human, let me ask you, how long has the war been going on?" Evan decided to reveal a bit of information to the creature named "Argyle" in front of her. She wanted to let him know that she was not a loli.

"War, which war are you talking about? The continent has already gone through tens of thousands of wars."

"War of Gods and Demons" was strange. Had there already been many wars in this world? Evan remembered that the only war she had experienced was the Great War of Gods and Demons.

"The Great War of Gods and Demons... Let me think. " Although the man was speaking, a certain blood-sucking loli was operating faster than Argyle's CPU and completely ignored him.

Both the man and the loli's heads were operating at high speeds.

After a long time.

"Wu... I don't know."

"You're really useless." It seems that if I don't teach him a lesson, he will continue to treat me as a little girl.

"You will become my blood slave. Your blood will be my blood, your body will be mine, your thoughts will be mine, and you will follow the contract of the Goddess of Life. You will become my lowliest servant..."

Turn this man into your own slave. This way, I will dare to look down on him in the future.

Evan continued to chant her spell. Argyle, who was beside her, was also muttering something. In any case, Evan had no interest in listening.

Finally, the spell was completed.

"In the future, call me master." Although his face was cold, his heart was happy.

"Hmph, I'll let you be my loli." This was what Evan was thinking in her heart.

"My daughter... Master, may I ask why you caught me?"

"That's right, why would I catch him?" Evan was startled and said. Of course, she would not say it out loud.

At this moment, Evan completely forgot that she had turned him into a "slave" just because she said "lolita." Excellent!

"Food." Well, speaking of which, I'm really a bit hungry. Let's eat.

Thinking about it, he pounced on it. In any case, food was the way of the people, so there was nothing wrong with eating.

In the following half a year, Evan gradually treated this man who had barged into her life. She had many feelings, as if it had been a long, long time ago. It was a memory that she did not want to open anymore. Following Argyle's words, This memory that should have been in a permanent slumber gradually became clear.

That was what happened during the War of Gods and Demons...

That was something that happened after I was eight years old. I was then sold to a certain noble's castle and was humiliated day by day.

At that time, I was still a true human, and I only wanted to die every day. Why? Why can't I even die?

Evan thought every day, why am I still alive? Why don't I even have the courage to commit suicide?

Such a day would end when Evan was ten years old.

At that time, the sky was still very dark. Evan curled her body and laid in a corner. It seemed like that was the safest place in the world.

It was so quiet, there was no man's obscene smile, and no one violated my body.

So quiet...

"Little girl, do you want to die?" One... A deep voice sounded.

"I... don't want to die." Evan replied with a dull look in her eyes.

"You are still struggling, but what can you do with your human body?" The man in the darkness said in a tempting voice.

"I... can still wait." A trace of light in Evan's eyes suddenly dimmed.

Perhaps, I can only be manipulated by others for the rest of my life.

Seeing this little girl, the man revealed a charming smile and continued to speak.

"Can you still wait? Maybe... I can help you."

"No, sir, there's no need, a wish must be exchanged at a price" Evan deeply understood this logic.

"That's right. Then do you want to use a price to exchange for 'freedom'?" The man said seductively.

"What else can I use to exchange for it? My body has been polluted, and I don't have money." Although Evan had experienced many vicissitudes of life, she was still a little girl. The price she paid was not as simple as what Evan thought.

"No... No... What you have is that you can use your freedom to exchange for revenge." The man had changed the condition of freedom to revenge.

"What freedom do I have?" Evan smiled bitterly. Although it was a question, it was a definite word.

"Then are you willing to change?"

"I... I am willing." Evan was puzzled for a moment before nodding her head vigorously.

Anyway, what was the difference between losing freedom here and losing freedom forever?

There was no difference.

"Very good girl, please remember my name is Vlad Debra, but I don't like people calling me that, please call me Count Dracula."

Evan's vision darkened and she could not feel anything.

The next day when Evan woke up, the world had changed. The day was so glaring and annoying, but every soldier exuded a delicious taste.

"Hehe... Little girl, let me enjoy it when you wake up. I will reward you with meat strips later." The guard untied his belt and said to the trembling girl in the corner of the wall.

"It smells so good." Evan took the initiative to pounce on him.

"Oh my god, this little girl is getting more and more proactive. In the future, I will add shredded meat to every meal of yours... Ah ~ What are you doing? "

When I woke up, there were no longer any living people in the castle.

I didn't have the pleasure of revenge at all, only endless sorrow. Thus, I began to curse the gods, and began to take revenge on the man who made me become like this.

Then I left the castle.

In the first ten years before I obtained the power to live like this, it was the most painful period of my life...

At first, the weaknesses of the vampires were still on me.

In the War of Gods and Demons, it was a very troublesome era for me... because I had an appearance that said I wouldn't grow up. As long as people suspected me, I wouldn't be able to stay in the same place for a few years.

Once, because I was too careless, I was almost burned to death by people. At that time, people really hated foreign races.

When humans started to have magicians, I thought I could be accepted. After all, my magic power is very strong, but the secret of me not having to eat food was discovered. I could only escape through the night. I heard that there was also my wanted list.

I once lived in an era where no one could live without killing others, and also lived a few decades without having to kill people. When I found out that the Magicians Guild had developed a magic spell that could set up a fixed space, I began to learn. This magic is really very difficult, I don't know how long I have been learning it. Several decades? Several hundred years? I successfully created my own space, the castle that I built when I lived on an island. And... I came to the island and wanted to kill my people. I moved all the treasures that seemed to be called 'heroes' from the mouths of the people into my own space.

After I did all this, I built a tomb for myself. Setting the entrance here, I think this is when I am lonely. The only exit, then I'll go to sleep. I'll sleep here more peacefully than ever. Here, I feel much more relaxed in my heart.

"Evan, get out! Look at the beauty of the world."

Argyle's words clearly echoed in Evan's ears.

"Argyle, do you know? I have seen the world, whether beautiful or ugly. I have already experienced it. But my body... I can only be hurt again and again, no matter if it's through adopting parents... Or a confidante of the heart, or a comrade of life and death, I can only watch them slowly die, Argyle, do you know that? "

It was impossible for Argyle to know, because the excessive pain had caused him to fall into a coma.

"Argyle, I can't bear to see you grow old. I will let you live a new life." Evan looked at Argyle who was lying on the ground. She felt reluctant to part with him.

"Wind Fairy, make all the memories in front of you become illusory. Water Fairy, let this lost person find the way back."

This was to make the memories disappear and teleport magic. If there was a High Mage here... The forbidden spell Magic was focused on the strength of one's mental strength. The higher one thought, the shorter it would be, but if one didn't have enough mana, they would still be sucked dry.

"My love, farewell forever."

Evan used her cherry blossom lips to kiss Argyle again.

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