My Vampire Girlfriend/C5 Losing Memory?
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My Vampire Girlfriend/C5 Losing Memory?
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C5 Losing Memory?

"Ouch... my head hurts." After Argyle woke up, he felt as if his head had been hit by something.

"Where is this place?" He looked around at the sea. The place he was sitting at looked like a beach.

"Am I not at the cemetery?... Why did I run to the beach?" Argyle's CPU was operating at high speed.

"Mom, there's a pervert there." A certain child said.

"Shh, don't look at him. Let's go." A woman said.

It turned out that after the blood contract was undone, Argyle's clothes had become tattered. He looked like a wretched pervert.

"En... I can't remember... Ah ~" At this moment, Argyle immediately realized that he didn't have a single piece of clothing on him.

Now, Argyle immediately used his ultimate skill, Covering Two Points.

Then, using an extremely vulgar posture, he quietly left the beach.

"Hu... This person's robe is really not bad, it fits quite well." Argyle's face revealed a satisfied expression.

Why? It turned out that Argyle had been "stripped" of his clothes after hiding in the forest.

Then, there was a very arrogant brat wearing a mage's robe. He came to the forest and used magic to "beat birds" (bird Devil Beast) in order to protect the peace of the forest. Argyle "pushed" him down. (It feels disgusting)

The current Argyle looked no different from a mage. He still had a thin body, but he could knock out a mage with one punch. It had to be known that mages usually had "automatic" element protection shields.

It turned out that when a mage signed a contract with the elemental god they believed in, they would have an auxiliary skill. Automatic defense was a must-have for every mage. Of course, Argyle had never signed any contract with the "blood contract." Anyway, it was canceled.

Argyle did not realize at all that his strength was so great that he destroyed the Elemental Shield with his bare hands. Although anyone with combat power could do it, he did not use any Qi or magic at all. He only relied on brute strength.

When Argyle tidied his robe, he found that there was a silver ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

"Huh? Eh... Yi!! " It seemed like Argyle was very surprised. It couldn't be helped that he" saw "the so-called spatial ring for the first time. Of course, he was very surprised, but...

"Eh..." This time, it was indeed filled with doubt and tears.

Argyle looked at the spatial ring and felt as if he had lost something in his heart. Time slowly passed. He had no idea how long he had been looking at this ring. However, Argyle didn't want to look away. It was as if he was looking away from the ring. There was something that he could not find, until...

"Wuuu..." A very vulgar groan came from the side.

En, this person who had just groaned was the owner of the long robe that Argyle was wearing. He was tied up and could not move.

Tied up? There must be some readers who had doubts. Where did the rope come from? Author: "Someone was" stripped "of his clothes by the tree."

" What's the fuss about? Haven't you seen a grass picker before? Hurry up and faint. " It seemed like Argyle had a lot of experience in stripping off other "men's" clothes.

Hearing this, the mage lying there began to think, "It's over, it's over... It's a mistake to be handsome. Even if you come to fight for the Devil Beast, you will also meet this kind of person. Sigh... There is no other way. Losing one's virginity is a small matter, but being a traitor is a big matter." He thought about the matter of carrying the mountain.

" Why did it suddenly turn cold, hurry up and leave " The main character suddenly felt a certain "evil" thought, stood up, and turned around to leave.

There was still a mage wearing underwear in the grass. This mage's eyes were still closed, imagining what kind of expression he would use, posture, and so on... Yunyun.

"Phew... the sky is already dark... It's so cold." It turned out that Argyle still had some conscience. He did not "strip" the mage just now, so there was nothing inside his robe.

" I don't have any money on me. Looks like I can only sleep in the open today. " Argyle sighed helplessly. He was clearly robbing a tomb, but why did he wake up with a tattered body? There was an extra ring on his ring finger. Am I married? There was definitely no such thing.

After changing the ring to his index finger, he began to look for a suitable spot.

Fortunately, Argyle was used to sleeping in the open. After an hour of training, he could sleep on the spot no matter where he went. Lying on a tree in the city, he missed the place where he used to sleep. The cave on the cliff, the cellar of the pharaoh, and a monk singing a song of Ou Li U beside him. He was happy and satisfied. Except for the fact that he really wanted to beat up that monk.

"I didn't think that I would become a free person. I do miss Master." He recalled what his master had told him.

"Remember, child. If you want to become a qualified warrior, you have to learn how to take a beating." After saying that, my master punched me in the stomach.

"Er... Master, didn't I want to become a Thief?"

"Eh? Then why are you still fighting me?"


"Child, look, this is the Well of Death"

"Master, what's this for?"

After saying that, I finally know what it is used for?

I was kicked down by master, why am I still alive? No, that's too terrifying, even when I think about it, I'm still trembling.

It's just that I can tell you that I've been saying the strange pronunciation of "Kelo... Kelo" for the entire month.



"Master, what are you talking about? What do you mean dead, dead, Sparta?"

"Child, what I'm talking about is that there is a destroyed country in the world called Spartan."



Although I have always felt that Teacher isn't someone from this world, he is the most strict teacher. I still remember him saying:

"Child, the reasonable requirement is training. The unreasonable requirement is training. So I specially opened a lesson for you called "Demon (Grind) Ghost Training." It's very nice, isn't it? This is the first two words I took. Then, combined with one of the words in my name, I came up with this idea. "

"Master, do you have a name?"

"Of course, my name is Ghost Tomb, which means the tomb of a ghost."

It's a good name.

"Child, when you use the Big Dipper Hundred Shattering Fist, you must say that you're already dead."

"Master, I've never learned this fist technique before."

"Dadada ~ You've already learned it."

At that time, I was on the brink of death for a month, but I still don't know this fist technique.

"Child, as a qualified grave robber, you must have a classic line. Listen."

"Since you have sincerely asked, I will answer you kindly. In order to prevent the world from being destroyed, in order to protect the world's peace, I will carry out love and true evil, a cute and charming villain character..."

"Teacher, wait a moment. Aren't we going to keep a low profile in this line of work?"

Teacher gave me a very agreeable answer.

"Thieves have to keep a low profile, but I'm a thief among thieves, so I'm keeping a high profile."


As he thought about it, he fell asleep.

The next day.

"Mmm... so comfortable." Argyle stretched his back and said.

However, he seemed to have forgotten that his long robe was filled with endless spring light. He could see everything clearly under the tree.

It turned out that the tree he climbed up yesterday was the busiest market in the morning. After letting out a moan, only the 2-3 pairs under the tree looked up. However, humans all had an effect. As long as one person suddenly became quiet... Everyone would become silent.

At this time, Argyle felt very strange. Why did everyone suddenly become quiet? Looking down, he saw a very terrifying scene. Below, there were hundreds of pairs of eyes looking at him. After circulating his CPU slightly, he immediately screamed and ran away. His speed was even faster than teleportation magic, and he disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Of course, the owner of the remaining hundred pairs of eyes began a heated discussion.

"Look at that, it's so small, it's not even as big as me." A certain man said.

"Pah, can your one compare to his?" A certain mistress said.

"Mom, I saw a python." A certain loli said.


Following that, there were rumors of a man running naked in front of everyone on the street. The rumors were getting more and more exaggerated, but they were all directed at a mage.

The Mage Association also received this rumor and immediately sent 20 mages out. They vowed to protect the dignity of the Mage Association, and so on and so forth...

What about our main character? He is currently gathering information to see where the cemetery is. It seems like Argyle is going to restart his old business.

However, while gathering information, Argyle also heard something.

Legend had it that this island was originally a territory of powerful vampires.

She could control millions of puppets with one hand.

She could kill millions of people in one night.

She could destroy a country with one spell.

The names given to her by the people were "Undying Mage," "Human stylist, the" Sin of Sin, "the" Gospel of Darkness, "and the" Apostle of Misfortune "all pointed at" her.

When Argyle, who originally had no interest in this information, heard this name, he unconsciously started crying.

That name was "Evan, Jelyn Antanasia Katy McDowell."

Argyle's heart ached. Who exactly was this person called Evan Jelyn? Why did it make his heart ache?

"Young man, what's wrong? Are you alright?" This was the uncle Argyle had inquired about.

"I'm fine. Uncle, do you know where Evan and Jielin are?"

"I don't know, but I heard that she died a long time ago. Otherwise, with such a powerful person, how would we dare to discuss her?"

"Thank you, Uncle." Is she dead? Why would I be sad for a dead person?

It was only at night that Argyle gradually came back to his senses. During this period of time, he had been thinking: What was the relationship between this "evil" mage and him? When he mentioned her, his heart felt warm and sweet. But it was painful, like a crack. These two completely different emotions. Rubbing Argyle's heart. It was so painful. Since it was painful... Then don't even think about it.

Argyle chose a seemingly simple yet difficult path. If a person's internal injury wasn't immediately treated, then the wound would slowly expand.

At night, Argyle was ready to show off his skills.

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