My Vampire Girlfriend/C6 Dead People Have Rights too
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My Vampire Girlfriend/C6 Dead People Have Rights too
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C6 Dead People Have Rights too

"Heeheehee... Heeheehee..." Needless to say, this wretched voice belonged to the main character, Argyle.

At this moment, the moon was dark and the wind was strong. Argyle was doing his old business.

"Phew, has my strength increased? I didn't say it as easily as I did this time."

Argyle had realized that his strength was different from before. Although his outer appearance was still as thin and weak as before. But when he took off his clothes to look, he would find some abdominal muscles, second head muscles, and so on. It was as if he had been perfectly separated from the rest of his body.

"Have I practiced before? How come I don't remember?" To Argyle, suddenly increasing his strength was a good thing. It was not like he would lose a piece of meat.

It seemed like Argyle did not intend to pursue the matter of his strength increasing. In any case, whether it was being captured and modified by aliens or having a replica that was exactly the same as himself, all of this had nothing to do with him.

"So comfortable, it feels like I can't use up all my strength. Slowly, it surged out." In fact, Argyle did not know that the power that kept rushing out was because of the vampire's blood. Although the blood contract was canceled, it didn't mean that the vampire's blood would disappear. What a joke! If half of the blood on a person's body was extracted, it would be strange if he did not die.

Night was the world of vampires.

"Okay, let's continue working." Argyle stretched and said.

When Argyle was a grave robber, his master often warned him:

"Child, you can't just coexist with us."


"[Because if we use luminous objects, our whereabouts will be exposed]"

"It can't be, Master. Who would come to the cemetery in the dark?"

"No... child, the only people in the world who will discover us are not just humans."

After saying this, master kicked me into the Well of Death once again.

When I come out in a month's time, I will always say "Tamama... Tamama..." in a strange voice.

From now on, I will never bring a torch with me, I will emit "light" things.

Although I don't know how to bring it, every time I enter the tomb, I will think that it would be great if I could see it. Otherwise, just by feeling it, I would not be able to distinguish the value of certain items.

For example, in my previous harvest, there was an item made of human metal. It was very heavy. When the item was dragged out, It turned out to be a child doll with two pointy ends. It was half-naked and wore black underwear, making it quite exquisite. The number on it was written: Atomic Small Diamond. Strange, what does this mean? He shouldn't be able to sell it for money, right? Throw it away!

In another harvest, he found a very strange square-shaped stone. He didn't know what kind of mineral it was, but it was engraved with a strange pattern. However, such a small stone probably didn't cost much, so he threw it away. There was a jumping sound from behind. He didn't know where that exquisite doll had run off to. What a strange thing.

Therefore, Argyle had always hoped that he would have the ability to see clearly, but his wish had come true.

After Argyle entered the cemetery, he found that it was as bright as day. In fact, he had noticed it when night came, but Argyle thought that it was because the moonlight was brighter today, so he did not mind.

"Strange, there is no fluorescent powder on the wall? Could it be that my eyesight has improved?" At this moment, Argyle started to pay attention to his body's condition.

"Ever since I fainted last time, I've become strange."

"Could it be that I have really been modified?"

At this time, Argyle guessed right. He had indeed been "modified" properly. No, it should be said that "recuperation" should be more accurate.

Argyle, who was thinking about the problem. He thought like he was petrified.

After a long time...

"Hmm... What exactly happened when I was unconscious?" Argyle asked his own question.

But in the tomb, probably no one will answer me, right?

"This human is robbing tombs again." A sharp voice that doesn't sound like a human's came out.

"Who, come out... Wah!! " Argyle turned around and saw a black cat with bat wings and a little girl in white.

" Who are you? Don't come over! " Logically speaking, seeing a black cat with bat wings and a little girl in white, they shouldn't be so surprised. At most, it would be a pair of Devil Beast and a pair of little lolis.

Argyle saw that this little loli dressed in white had a huge sickle that completely did not match her size. Floating In the air, what kind of concept was this? It was to train one's combat power to the highest level before one could use their qi (combat power). Qi Control (Air), That was fine. After all, she was still a loli.

However, if he heard a Devil Beast speak, what did that mean? Argyle knew very well what it meant.

On the continent, there was a clear classification of Devil Beast. The simplest classification was the size of the essence core. The larger the core, the higher the level of Devil Beast. Of course, the size of the Devil Beast would also increase, but there was an exception. When the Devil Beast was too powerful, it would start to change, compressing its massive body and core. It would make the ___ shrink. Power! The Devil Beast's body shape could be adjusted according to one's own will. However, because the Devil Beast hated humans to the extreme, it would usually compress its body size into its original form after an hour. Therefore, many humans mistook the Devil Beast and died tragically.

However, it was not so easy to encounter a super Devil Beast. It was a pity that Argyle was lucky enough to encounter one.

"Don't be nervous. This is my partner. His name is Danilo." The girl spoke in such a way as if she was already used to the introduction.

"And I am the Death God. Number 100100 of 'A'. I don't have a name, but you can call me Hundred."

"Hundred?" Argyle was an excellent student, because he often asked questions.

"Because it is too troublesome to call yourself No. 100100 of A, so I call 100 and 100" Hundred "a little bit." The girl finished explaining in one breath.

" So that's how it is. " Argyle suddenly felt enlightened, as if he was a mathematician who had just solved the most difficult question in the world.

"That... Hundred, that pair of small... Danilo, it seemed like she said" again, "she was robbing tombs. What does that mean?" Argyle, who originally wanted to talk about the kitten, suddenly felt the Divine Beast level killing intent and immediately changed the topic.

"Say, about this matter, we have been monitoring you for a long time. Because there are always souls who complain about their home being stolen, they sent me to record it. The last time the record was half way, you disappeared for half a year."

"Eh? Record what? And I disappeared for half a year?"

" Mhm, the last time you suddenly disappeared, we weren't able to lock onto you. I thought you escaped to another world, we even sent out the Federal Bureau of Death Investigation. It's the FDI. "

"What strange pronunciation?"

"I don't know. I heard that it's some kind of ancient language, and it's said that from the past."

"Also, we're recording the number of thieves you stole, then reporting it. In the future, if you die, you'll be enslaved until you pay off your debts. Don't worry, the Soul World has the right to protect the rights of laborers"

"Wait a minute!! Pay off your debt? " Argyle said in surprise.

"I don't owe anyone money. Why would you want me to pay the debt?"

"Like I said, the soul will complain..."

"What do they want money for? Aren't they already dead?" Argyle would never have thought that a dead person would have property rights.

"Idiot, it's useless for a dead person to want money, but I've never heard of mental enjoyment being greater than physical enjoyment." The kitten next to him finally had a chance to interrupt.

"Cough, because humans' souls are still humans after death, they still have a crush on treasures." Hundred added.

"How can that be? Then I will have no freedom after death?" Argyle said sadly, as if this matter was more important than his disappearance for half a year.

"Don't worry. According to your record, it will be settled after working for more than ten thousand years." Hundred said the result of her analysis.

"Haha, I have no freedom after death." Argyle mocked himself.

"Alright, work is work. A hundred years later, you are still a good man." Argyle shortened his sentence.

"Come on." Argyle closed his eyes and waited for the last sentence.

"What is it?" He heard Yin Ling's voice beside his ear. It was so comfortable. Eh?

"Aren't you going to take me away?"

"Take me away? Where are you going?"

"Didn't you ask me to pay my debt before you appeared in front of me?"

"Idiot, even if you want to pay the debt, you have to wait until you die before you pay it back. Why are you still alive and kicking to take you away?" The little cat said.

"You mean I don't have to die? the kitten asked. That's great!! ” When Argyle heard that he could still be free for a few days, he was so happy that his eyes were filled with tears.

" That's not right. You didn't bring me with you. Why did you appear in front of me? "

"Regarding this matter, we also felt that it was strange. Before this, you didn't notice us at all. However, half a year after you disappeared, your aura suddenly became very powerful when you appeared. But we also did not expect you to be able to see Danilo and me. "

"Half a year... That's right!! Tell me where I've been for the past half a year." Perhaps Argyle was too excited. He completely ignored the girl in front of him, whose arms were so thin and weak, and directly grabbed her.

"Wuuu... It hurts so much. " Hundred also did not expect that as the Death God, his strength was actually smaller than the man in front of her and was firmly grasped.

This was actually the vampire blood's fault again. Originally, Argyle already had a Level-6 combat power. But at night, with the vampire physique, his strength directly doubled. If it was just comparing strength, a Combat God could at most contend with Argyle.

"Let go." Danilo shouted at Argyle from the side.

"Ah... I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose." Argyle realized that he had lost his composure and immediately let go of his hand.

"It's alright." Hundred held back the pain and said.

At this moment, there was a trace of tears in Hundred's eyes. She bit her lips and looked so charming. She really wanted to take good care of him.

Argyle seemed to have something growing from the crack in his heart.

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