My Vampire Girlfriend/C7 The Contract Cannot be Signed Randomly
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My Vampire Girlfriend/C7 The Contract Cannot be Signed Randomly
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C7 The Contract Cannot be Signed Randomly

"What? Your wife ran away with the man with the last name Xi? It's okay. I'll get it back for you."

"Little boy, did you drop the lollipop? It's alright, I'll buy a pair for you."

"Grandma, you want to cross the road, right? Come, let me help you. "

"What? You want to see goldfish? Okay, big brother will take you there."



It must be strange. What was Argyle doing?

That's right, he was doing a "good" thing.

Why would a grave robber do a good deed?

Come, let's go back a bit and see what happened.

"What? You want to see goldfish? Okay, big brother will take you there."

"Grandma, you want to cross the road, right? Come, let me help you."

"Little boy, did you drop the lollipop? No problem, I'm buying you a pair."

"What? Your wife ran away with the man surnamed Xi? It's alright, I'll get it for you."



Back to yesterday.

"It hurts."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Argyle kept apologizing to Hundred. After all, it was not right to grab someone's arm. Furthermore, there were clear bruises on it.

"Sorry, I really want to know where I have been for the past six months. Did I really disappear for half a year?"

"Yes, according to the information, you indeed disappeared for half a year. At that time..."

Hundred told him what she saw and the details of his disappearance and the dispatch of the investigation team.

"So, we also do not know what happened to you all these years." Hundred concluded.

"I see ~ Sigh." Argyle was very disappointed that he did not get the information he wanted.

"By the way, do you want to form a contract?" Hundred seemed to have thought of something and asked.

"Contract? What contract?"

"Because you can see us now, and then..."

It turned out that after seeing Death, Death as an observer would not be able to continue 'peeping'. Therefore, Article XX of the Death Law stipulated: Anyone who could see Death as an observer would know their sentence after death. One could choose to continue to be observed, or form a contract to 'pay the debt'. Simply put, one could do good deeds and help others. Defeating capitalism, protecting the world and equality, and so on...

Of course, if they were to directly help the Death God Federation, the speed of "paying back their debts" would be even faster.

"Alright, what kind of method do you want to choose? Let me remind you first, there are some difficulties with the Federation's work." Danilo was currently acting as the black face.

"However, if you work for the Death God Federation, you may be able to pay off your 'debt' in a few years' time. The workers will also have all kinds of benefits and insurance when the deadline is up. You can also get a pension. " Hundred added, but for some reason, she revealed an expression that said "I will definitely take care of you."

This was what Argyle did not know. In fact, the Death God Federation really lacked talents. After all, there were tens or millions of souls dying and being born every day. There were also some souls that complained about the mutation of souls. There was not enough manpower, so why didn't they use those millions of souls? Because after the soul dies, it will be considered a state of stop. Although the memories of a lifetime still exist, What's the use of a memory carrier that doesn't know how to think? Thus, Death's job is to collect these memory carriers, and then bleach them before packaging them.

As for whether the soul is small or not, that's impossible. Because if the soul was left unattended, then it would split... Of course, this kind of split is very slow, when the world is created again, it is because the Death God Federation has yet to appear, That's why there are more and more species now, so we have to control... Who should control it? Of course it's the strong, that's why these strong created the Death God Federation, Controlling the balance of the world.

Of course, there are only a few of these powerhouses, so they began to recruit talents. In order to recruit talents, the Death Federation provided a salary increment and bonus system. The salary was drawn from the people found by the Death God to add new ones, so the more people found, the more capable they were.

Hundred originally did not plan to invite Argyle to the Death God Federation, but when she saw Argyle's strength, even she herself could not break free. She began to have the idea of "dragging Argyle into the water." It was time to take good care of the sickle. She heard that there was a new product that "floated me."

Ma, but this kind of thing needs to be done with both your heart and my heart. It can only be enticed.

"Also, if you do well, you can get a promotion and a raise" Hundred said seductively. For some reason, Argyle saw a strange light in her eyes.

"Well, let me think." If she could pay off her debt and get paid, it should be good, right? After death, he can still enjoy material pleasures, if he can...

At this time, Argyle was too indulging in his fantasies and completely forgot the definition of "some difficulties" that Danilo had mentioned. He could not be blamed on Argyle. When Kitten spoke, it seemed like she was talking about something that was not very important. It should really only be "some difficulty," right?

"Excuse me, can we do it together? " Argyle is indeed an excellent student. He has started to ask questions again.

"Well, there is no precedent, but it should be possible. I will help you ask." Although Hundred said that, there was a strange expression on her face. It was as if she was saying, "Are you a narcissist?" Argyle could not be blamed for this. He just wanted to "pay back" his debt as soon as possible and did not consider the difficulty at all.

After saying that, Hundred directly wrote the number on the sickle.

"Ding... Ding... Hello? " Argyle was petrified. Why was there someone using the sickle to speak? Furthermore, it was a video call. He could clearly see a person's face on the sickle. It turned out that the sickle was multipurpose?

Argyle guessed right. The Death God's sickle was indeed multipurpose. From cutting vegetables to cutting meat, to defending peace, it was a must-have item.

While Argyle was petrified, Hundred was asking.

"Hey, Death God Federation? I want to check if a person can form a contract of unconditional high level and substandard." Hundred said to the consultant.

"Who would form this kind of 'slave' contract? Moreover, there are two copies. Hurry up and give me his number. I want to see which idiot it is." The consultant had already demoted Argyle to an idiot.

"Yes, the serial number Huckebein MK-II, is called Argyle, and the race is a male human."

"Let me see, how about this idiot's deeds...!!" The consultant was shocked by Argyle's "story."

"Phew, I have a heart attack after reading it. There are a few priceless treasures in the items he stole. I can't afford to pay them back. If it were me, I would rather sign a contract with the devil race and not pay the debt."

"En, but as long as he signs a" contract, "we will have free labor. He won't have a chance to escape in the future."

At this moment, Hundred and the consultant both had a bright smile, even though the smile was so evil.

"Argyle, I've already asked around. If you don't mind the trouble, we can sign a dual contract."

"That's great. I'm afraid I can't."

It turned out that when Death made the call, the surrounding air would be fixed by a spherical film. Sound could not be transmitted by vibration. This was commonly known as soundproofing magic. So Argyle did not hear a single word. However, when he saw Hundred ending the call with the person on the sickle, he smiled brightly. Argyle suddenly felt a chill.

"Then please sign on these two documents, and I will be your guide. If there is a mission in the Federation, I will guide you to complete it." Hundred revealed a sweet smile and said carefully. Her attitude was completely different from Leng Bing's before.

Although the contract had detailed descriptions of the work, some words like slaves and unconditional conditions were replaced by ancient languages. Argyle had some questions, but the answer given by Kitten was "a lost language." Although Death could not lie, Kitten could. So Argyle sold himself without knowing.

"En, please drip your blood here and here." Hundred pointed to the "establishment" in the two contract books and said.

"Okay, huh?" After Argyle cut his finger, he found that his blood was actually a mix of red and gold.

"Idiot, aren't you a human? Why is your blood this color?" The kitten that hadn't spoken for a long time spoke.

"Danilo, don't investigate other people's private matters." Hundred was also very puzzled, but as a professional Grim Reaper with good professional ethics, she wouldn't involve other people's private matters. (Does peeping count?)

"No... This is not my privacy. I also don't know why my blood is golden-red." Argyle himself was also very puzzled.

"So that's how it is. Then please give me some of your blood. Let me go back and investigate."

"Okay." If his blood changed, then it must be something that happened in that memory that disappeared.

"Don't move yet." Hundred took the sickle and directly cut off my arm, drawing blood and drinking it in one breath.

I didn't think that such a quiet little loli was actually a violent girl. It was too scary.

"Alright, from tomorrow onwards, we will record your good deeds. Also, the Death God Federation's work is to be accepted. I will tell you the content of the work later, Danilo."

"Alright, got it. Please advise me. But I didn't expect to work with this idiot. I should be working with a super handsome male." Danilo said sadly.

"Danilo! Argyle, Danilo and I will be your workmates from now on. Please give me more advice." Hundred said very politely.

"Please advise us." Argyle touched his head and said as if he was not used to socializing.

"I didn't know that I was sold." Danilo said in a volume Argyle could not hear.

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