My Vampire Girlfriend/C8 The So-called Good People?
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My Vampire Girlfriend/C8 The So-called Good People?
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C8 The So-called Good People?

Because she didn't have any money, she wanted to continue working, but was stopped by Hundred, the little Lori.

"Argyle, we have already signed a contract. You can't do this kind of thing anymore. Otherwise, my salary will be deducted." Hundred said angrily.

"I only have this kind of means to make a living." Argyle made a "I am a thief, who am I afraid of?" pose.

"That won't do. You must have a legitimate source of money."

"How troublesome."

"[Idiot is an idiot. He doesn't even know how to make money.]" Danilo said with a "as expected of an idiot."

"Stupid kitten, don't look down on me. I can definitely earn the first bucket of money in my life." Argyle was probably thinking about the first bucket of gold in his life that had failed multiple times and was very excited.

"Don't call me stupid kitten. I am a cat with noble blood."

"A cat is a cat. It is still a cat no matter where it goes."


"[Alright, stop arguing. Let's go out first and talk.]" Hundred interrupted them, one man and one cat. Only God knew if she did not interrupt them. How long would they argue for? Even the God of Death might not like graves.

"Yes..." One man and one cat answered.

"Wow, it's so bright." It turned out that during the period when Argyle "sold himself," the sky had already turned bright.

"Yes, it's been a long time since I saw the sunrise." Argyle said.

"Why?" Hundred looked at Argyle with her big watery eyes and asked.

"Because in our line of work, we usually sleep in the morning and work at night."

"Before my master died, I have to work almost every day."

"Master, what about your master?"

"Dead." It was as if Argyle had said something unimportant.

"How did he die?"

"He died of old age. Actually, I think he died of old age. After all, he took all the treasures I gave him to the world."

"It can't be. Idiot, those are all priceless treasures. Any one of them can lead a wealthy life!! " Danilo said.

" How would I know how my master spent it? Anyway, every time he comes back, he always says that he gave it all away. "

"Let me check. What is your master's name?" Hundred also felt that this matter was a little suspenseful and automatically became a detective.

"Ghost Tomb."

"Ghost, Ghost Tomb!" Hundred's expression became very surprised.

"Argyle, your master is..." Hundred looked like it was very difficult for her to speak.

"What is it? Explain clearly."

"He is the kindest person in the world, he took all of his wealth to the relief orphanage. He established the Red Cross, and he is also the legendary undying warrior, There are also many things about the Lord... " Hundred's eyes were glowing. The way she looked like she respected Ghost Tomb had been changed to "Lord."

"What!? He took the treasures I gave him to help orphans and set up the Red Team?" Argyle was only surprised by these two things. As for the undying warriors behind them... Argyle completely believed it, because he had already experienced many life and death adventures with his master.

"En, it's because after his death, our Death God Federation especially praised him, and then allowed Sir's soul to escape the cycle of reincarnation."

"Damn, why did he do good things? I will bear the consequences of doing bad things. Call him out, I request to confront him." Argyle no longer had the heart to respect his master.

"No, that's impossible. Souls that leave the cycle of reincarnation are usually invited to heaven or hell. The master said, "I want to save everything in the world." Then I choose to go to hell, I still remember when Lord spoke: It was so sacred " The current Hundred looked like a young girl who was thinking of spring.

" F * ck, he just wanted to see how the succubus looks like. " Argyle understood his master's personality very well.

"You are not allowed to insult Lord Ghost Tomb."

"Then what should I do? All the debts are on me."

"Well, our investigation is your theft. Although it was a mistake on our side, you really did it." Hundred began to analyze.

"Yes, I did."

"That's right, but it is not right to blame you for all the mistakes that we did not investigate clearly. Then..." Hundred choked on the key point, as if she was waiting for Argyle to ask.

However, our Argyle is a good classmate. Once he heard it, he immediately reacted and did not make Hundred wait for long.

"How is it?"

"We each take half of the responsibility. How about it?"

"Alright, damn old man, don't let me meet you." Argyle thought about it and thought that this was the only way.

"Achoo... It should be that disciple of mine who said bad things about me. It's not bad. Sister Succubus, don't run away." Ghost Tomb, who was guessed right by Argyle, was still chasing after the pretty girl in hell.

"Then I'll amend the contract." Hundred quickly added the word "half" on the contract.

The steps were all the same as before, only two more words were missing from the contract. Argyle felt that it was very strange. Was the contract so easy to amend?

The answer was obviously no, but Argyle's contract had the words "unconditional" written on it. So as the contractor, Hundred really could increase it as she liked.

But what Argyle did not know was, what was the indefinite half? No one would tell him.

The next day.

"Morning, Argyle." A sweet voice whispered into Argyle's ears.

"Morning, Hundred." Because I'm a professional thief, of course I'm always on guard. I could feel it from the moment Hundred entered the room.

What? Where did I come from? It's a long story from the moment I signed the contract.

Yesterday, when he accidentally walked on the road, he discovered that someone was snatching the gold coins from the bank. Then I knocked them down and said loudly to Hundred, "Hundred, this is the treasure that I took from the evil thieves. So this is justice. " At this moment, Hundred's head seemed to be covered with black elemental lines. Sure enough, even death gods were of the dark element.

After plundering this righteous fortune, she found a house along the way and bought it. After that, he started his "righteous" business.

"Look, it's Argyle, a good man."

"Where is he? I saw him. He's doing good deeds again."

It turned out that during the week of signing the contract, our Argyle had already done many good deeds in the city. He had brought the little loli to look at the goldfish, and had dealt a huge blow to evil. He had saved the women and compatriots, and now, he was playing chess with an old man.

"Hehe, it looks like our great good man is about to lose." The Albany Argyle referred to as Albany.

"Oh, you are really amazing, old man. The surroundings have been blocked by your weapons, and only the king is left." Argyle rubbed his chin as he pondered.

"I admit defeat. I have come here for 50 gold coins."

"Hehe, kind man, thank you for giving in. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to defeat you."

It turned out that this old man was the most stubborn old man in the city, because this old man was only one person. He also didn't have any children to support him. He lived alone in the small house next to him. But this house looked like it was about to collapse, but Argyle didn't know how to repair it. Therefore, he mentioned a bet with the old man. He would lose a little every day. In fact, Argyle was very good at chess. Otherwise, how could he let the old man eat all of his weapons? Only one king was left on the chessboard.

The old uncle was very touched because of his stubbornness. He did not want others to give him charity, so he had never received help from others. But this young man provoked him every day to give him money. The old uncle had already regarded Argyle as his family.

"No, old uncle, this is your strength. How can you underestimate yourself?" Argyle said sincerely.

"Alright, I know my strength. How can I not see that you are giving in to me?"

"Hehe..." At this moment, Argyle could only rub his head and laugh dryly.

"Sigh, I'm getting old now. I might be entering a coffin in the next moment. Sometimes, I should be more open-minded." The old man said in a miserable manner.

"Sigh, Uncle, you're not old at all. I think you're still young."

"You have already called me Uncle, but I am not old yet, hehe ~" Uncle revealed a kind smile.

"How about this. I really don't like to hear your uncle and uncle call me uncle. When I call Wu Taidou, you can call me Grandpa Wutian in the future."

"Ah! Is Wutian Teacher Wutian? The legendary Turtle Immortal!" The people watching from the side screamed.

"Hehe, I didn't think that there would be someone else who would know my name. I'm so ashamed."

"No, no, Teacher Wutian, please don't say that. You are the messenger of justice in war." The passerby said.

"Hehe, that is a matter of youth. Now that you are old, you should let it go." At this moment, Wu Taidou's eyes revealed an ancient expression.

"What's the matter, Argyle? Are you unwilling to acknowledge me as your grandfather?" Wu Taidou turned his head and asked.

"No, no... " Argyle said in a panic.

" Can you call me grandpa? "

"Alright, Grandpa Wutian."

"Haha, I feel like I have a grandson when I see you. "

Argyle had never thought that he would actually recognize a legendary figure as his grandfather. No matter how he thought about it, he found it unbelievable.

In fact, Argyle did not know that Wu Taidou had been observing him for a long time. When Argyle was doing good deeds, it had nothing to do with him, but it was strange that Argyle did good deeds and came to his home. Argyle spent some time every day to come to his house to provoke him into playing chess, and then gave him money. Wu Taidou wondered why there was such a person. After observing Argyle do good deeds, He found that every time he finished doing good deeds in this house, he would immediately run to the next house. This was not strange, but if he ran at a speed that was as fast as teleportation, This was very intriguing.

After that, Wu Taidou followed Argyle back to his home. When Argyle was taking a shower, Wu Taidou took off his clothes and started drooling. Please do not misunderstand that Wu Taidou was definitely not carrying a mountain on his back. This was because he realized that Argyle's muscles were not evenly distributed. There was no fat at all. It was simply a physical body that martial artists dreamed of. This boy looked like he was less than 20 years old. How could he have such uniform muscles?

However, he discovered that this boy was completely selfless when doing charity work. This made Wu Taidou suddenly want to take Argyle as his disciple. It was rare to see such a pure child.

In fact, Wu Taidou completely did not know how much "huge" debt Argyle owed and thought that Argyle had no selfish motives at all.

"Child, do you want to learn martial arts from me?" Wu Taidou asked.

"Hiss..." Beside him. The person took a deep breath.

"Immortal Turtle has accepted a disciple!!"

"No, it's useless for me to learn martial techniques." Argyle was also quite puzzled. It was fine if he had an extra grandfather. Why did he need another master? When he thought of this, his master would think of his original "that" master. He would never acknowledge a master again even if he was beaten to death.

Argyle's resistance was completely due to psychological effects. This master was different from the other master. How could the two masters be the same?

"Good child, that's alright. Wait until you want to learn martial skills before looking for me." Wu Taidou did not feel a sense of loss from being rejected at all, because this completely proved that Argyle did not come to learn his martial skills.

Just like this, the two old and young completely thought of different things from each other, and time slowly passed.

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