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My Vampire Girlfriend/C9 The Mission of a Virgin
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C9 The Mission of a Virgin

"Good morning, Turtle Immortal." A villager said.

"Morning, Grandpa Wutian." A certain official said.

"Morning, Master Wu Taidou." A certain martial artist said.

Ever since yesterday, everyone knew that this legendary figure lived in town. He had changed his stubborn image of an old man. Everyone would greet him when they saw him. Although no one helped him, was the name of the Turtle Hermit fake? As long as this person spoke, dozens of countries would immediately hire him.

However, there was an exception. It was our great benefactor, Argyle. He continued to provoke Wu Taidou to play chess. In fact, Argyle's thinking was very simple. He was still a stubborn and lonely old man. Playing chess with him was a good thing, right?

Unfortunately, our Grandpa Wutian didn't know about this at all. He was also very touched. It had been decades, but he had never experienced such a warm feeling. There was only the coldness of war and the passion of his comrades. He had never experienced such a feeling in a long time. Wu Taidou looked at Argyle with a gentle gaze, as if he was looking at his own grandson.

"Ah, I have no way to go. I will lose this plan." After saying that, Argyle took out another gold coin.

"Haha, there's no need for the child. Does your grandfather, Wutian, still need this bit of money?"

"No, Grandpa Wutian, this is a token of my appreciation. It has nothing to do with how much money I have. " Argyle said righteously.

What a joke! If you don't accept the money, then my good deeds will be the same as mine!

"Hehe, alright, I'll accept it." Sigh, this child is good at everything. It's just that his heart is too kind. Wu Taidou, who had no idea what Argyle was thinking, thought to himself.

"Alright, Grandpa Wutian's time is almost up. I need to go to the next house to" help. "

" Oh, it's already so late. Alright, go quickly... Oh right, Argyle, do you really not want to learn martial skills?" Looking at Argyle, who had perfect materials, Wu Taidou still did not want to give up such high quality materials.

"No, it's useless for me to learn martial skills. Bye, Grandpa Wutian." Ajer did not want to be a disciple at all, so after rejecting it, he ran away.

"Sigh, what a pity." Wu Taidou knew very well that it wasn't that Argyle didn't want to learn martial arts. After all, he was a grandmaster who had lived for so many years. All that he knew. He had experienced too many things. However... How could this young man reveal the look of "I'll beat him to death and refuse to acknowledge him as my master?"? He was really puzzled.

After a long time...

"Phew, the day's' work 'has finally been completed, even though I don't have any salary to pay." Argyle treated good deeds as work.

"Argyle, I have a job now." Hundred was still dressed in white and spoke in a simple tone as if she was breathing.

So the so-called guide was not like the followers beside the brave ones. They had to stay by the Bravehearts' side 24 hours a day. As long as they appeared when they had work, it would be fine. After all, everyone had their own personal life. God knows how the girl beside the Bravehearts could follow the Bravehearts at 24 hours. It was truly amazing.

"Welcome. May I ask if you want a piece of wood or a piece of trash?" Argyle said in an amused manner.

"What are you talking about?"

... "I'm saying that I'm too lazy to move like a log." This Death God seemed to not understand the modern language.

"Don't lie down anymore. You can't possibly be tired. Get up and work." Hundred knew Argyle very well.

"Sigh, I am mentally tired."

"By the way, what is the content of Hundred's mission?"

"Yes, the mission this time is to capture the evil soul, but it is very simple."

"Evil soul?"

"[That is...]"

Hundred's detailed introduction of the soul was actually quite simple. If a kind person died, then that person would be kind. If an evil person died, he would be evil, but evil souls would often sign a contract with the devil. An existence that turned into a dead soul was actually a dead soul. After signing a contract with an Evil Demon, the only thing that an Evil Demon could collect was... Thus, the evil humans would choose... Selling oneself to the devil, this kind of person is called the dead spirit.

"Does that mean we have to stop him before he turns into the Dead Spirit?" Argyle quickly thought of the central point.

"En, that's right. There are evil people in this region that are about to die. This is the information passed down from above."

"According to the information, it's an ordinary human. This task is quite simple. As long as we are fast, we won't be afraid of him signing the contract with the devil."

"I have a question! Why didn't the Death God Alliance stop the devil from signing the contract with the human race?" Argyle expressed his excellent student quality.

"Well, it's not very honorable to say that, but..."

It turned out that the contract between the demons and the humans was something that both of them were willing to do. Just like borrowing money from loan sharks, if you don't have the money, then go borrow money from loan sharks. Who can stop you? And according to the devil: "We are only borrowing his power, as for what he does with his power, This has nothing to do with this devil's business" Just like how you went to borrow money to buy weapons and then killed people everywhere. This has nothing to do with the person who borrowed his money. Who would have thought that he would do something bad ~ and push all the responsibility away.

... "" Argyle was speechless.

"So we have to find the evil person first. After he dies, we can 'advise' him to quickly reincarnate."

" So that's how it is. Is this the so-called "violence" method of persuasion? As expected of a violent loli... Aiyo!!" It turned out that Argyle, who had finished speaking, had been struck by Hundred's sickle.

"Who are you calling a violent woman!?"

"Yes, I'm talking about her." Argyle pointed his target at Danilo, who was beside Hundred. Poor little kitten had never had a chance to appear.

"Hey, idiot, how do you know I am a mother?"

"No way, it really is... Bang!!" Argyle completely forgot that this kitten was at the Divine Beast level.

" Let's go! " The poor Argyle had completely offended the two "violent" ladies.

"It should be around here, but it's really strange, why would this soul come to the forest?" Hundred looked at the white dot on the sickle and said. There was even a tracking device. It was indeed a good knife.

"It should know that it is already dead and feel new, so it should float around." Danilo said.

"Then this soul belongs to the consciousness of the spirit soul. Looks like it will be a bit troublesome." Hundred's face suddenly became serious.

"Wait, what are you guys talking about?" Argyle asked.

"By the way, I haven't told you about it yet. It's..."

If the soul had consciousness, it could only use non-violent means. Otherwise, if the soul were to appeal, there would be a lot of trouble. Especially the very evil soul, most of the higher demons will come to the Death Court to debate. What to say, no freedom of human rights, no harm to the public interests, protecting world peace... and so on, there was not much to do, the demons themselves were the masters of speech. Otherwise, how could there be anyone willing to sell their souls to the demons, so every time the Death God Federation sends out a super elite, Only then would they be able to fight evenly against demons.

"Argyle, you don't know, every debate will last for several months, or even more than a few years. That's why we all try to use the method of seducing the soul. It's ridiculous to say so. We also chose the same method as the devils. " When Hundred said this, she could not let out a bitter smile.

"Oh." Anyway, it had nothing to do with Argyle. After they caught him, they would just hand him over to the higher-ups. The rest would have nothing to do with me.

"So, if the requirements for this' evil 'soul with a consciousness is too high, we will be in trouble." Hundred said helplessly.

"Then why not just give up?" A good student asked another question?

"Because most evil souls, after signing a contract, will reincarnate into dead spirits, and many people will start to lose their lives. As the side of justice, there is no way for us to keep our eyes closed."

"Oh." In any case, the death of so many people had nothing to do with Argyle. That was still a matter of the higher-ups. The greater the ability, the greater responsibility, but I am just a small figure. This matter has nothing to do with me.

"Anyway, let's find him first."

"En, let's go."

Just like that, the two humans and the cat started their journey, no... to search for the soul.

"What a large forest, even the moonlight is blocked." Argyle said very bored, his eyes wandering around.

"Huh? Hundred, look, there is a magic array here." Argyle saw a small magic array in the open space in front of him. Why did Argyle know that it was a magic array? Nonsense, there were some strange patterns on the round surface. If it wasn't a classic magic array, then what was it?

"Eh? This is a magic array that summons demons, could it be?" It was Hundred who was surprised.

"Sorry, that... You guessed right, this soul has already signed a contract with me." A very soft voice of a young girl came from the magic array.

The magic array emitted light, and then two figures slowly appeared. One was the figure of a young girl, and the other seemed to be a middle-aged man with a wretched appearance.

"That... I am an intern demon. My name is Ziya." The young girl was wearing a long white dress which revealed a black skirt. She was wearing a big white hat with a black bow tie on her head. She was wearing black feather clothing and her hair was black. Her fair skin and deep black pupils... The perfect contrast in color made the girl look even more beautiful.

However, the thing in her hand looked like an enlarged version of a pill stuck in a toothpick, with a bell hanging from it.

"This is my weapon" Ziya saw the doubt in the man in front of her and explained, as if she already had a lot of experience.

"I see." Argyle suddenly understood.

"I am the one who signed the contract with the devil. My name is..." The middle-aged man was about to introduce himself.

"Wait, it doesn't matter who you are." Argyle said.

What a joke, who would want to know a disgusting middle-aged man who looks like a lolicon?

"Young man, you are rude enough. Anyway, you are going to die today, so it doesn't matter." The vulgar uncle said.

"What a big tone. Where are you from? Who is up there? Speak!!" Argyle suddenly transformed into a professional hooligan.

However, the middle-aged uncle ignored Argyle and rushed forward.

"Wow, so despicable, so shameless, it's better if you don't come over." Argyle started to show his fighting stance. He just raised his fist.

Just like that, Argyle started to fight with the middle-aged uncle. As for the two girls?

"Hello, I am Death. Number 100100 of A, you can call me Hundred. This is Danilo. She is my partner, the man who is fighting. She is my 'contractor'. Nice to meet you, Ziya. " Hundred happily introduced herself and her companions as if they were good friends.

"Me too. Nice to meet you, Hundred." Ziya also greeted politely.

It turned out that Death and the demons were actually the same. Because their superiors forced them to carry out their own work, Death and the demons were actually very friendly when they met, just like now.

On one side, they were fighting with sweat and blood, and on the other side, they were having a warm conversation. It often happened when they captured souls.

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