### Chapter 1149 - incense Perhaps it was because he had too many days of accumulated guilt, or perhaps his heart was getting warmer, Yang Chen surprisingly wanted to pacify this ninja who used to only know how to kill. "Thank you for your hard work these few days." Yang Chen awkwardly smiled, and walked up to gently pat Hannya's back. Hannya felt as if she was struck by an electric shock. Suddenly, for some reason, her eyes turned red, wet, and stiff as she stood there. Yang Chen was startled, what's going on, "What happened to you?" Hannya hurriedly raised her head, and forcefully bowed with a blush, "I'm sorry, master, I … … I just. "I'm so touched..." Yang Chen didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, "What's there to be moved about, I'm sorry for you, you're the dignified boss of an Octadic Society, although I'm your boss, I'm too disrespectful towards your talents." Hannya smiled and shook her head, "No, I really enjoy working and living here, because my colleagues will treat me as an equal woman, I can feel everyone's true feelings, and also experience the joy of ordinary people." "It's good that you can think like that. I was worried that you hated me and thought that I was deliberately trying to do something to you. You're very serious and focused when you do things, I rather admire you for this. At the very least, I'm not as good at managing a company as you are. "Yang Chen laughed and said. Hannya looked at Yang Chen, and gloomily said, "Master … …." "You are very kind …" Yang Chen quivered all over, this gaze somehow had the tone of a young lady in spring, "Don't look at me like that, I'm really sorry." Hannya's face was actually covered with a layer of red powder, she pursed her lips and smiled: "Since I was young, I've never seen anyone treat me so gently … It's only since I met my master that I've felt the joy of life. " "Alright, alright, I'm going to be numb now." Yang Chen made a weird smile and said, "If you become a white-collar official, then I'll have to replace you as the leader of the Bajie Society, I don't want Batian to become a White Way company." Hannya shook her head, "That can't be. Working is very interesting, but killing people also makes me very excited." Yang Chen thought to himself, this girl really still has a heavy taste, I'm already so busy with women in the backyard, it's better not to touch too many of these heavy tastes. Just as Yang Chen was about to sit down and look around to see if there was anything major happening in the company, he placed a call into his phone. Yang Chen took a look, it was actually a call from Beijing, and picked it up to hear, it was indeed Yang Gongming. "Hey, old man, what's up so early in the morning?" "Hmph, still like this, can't you, brat, show some respect?" Yang Gongming said unhappily. "If I shout it until it's numb, you might not like it." Yang Chen evilly smiled and said. Yang Gongming had no interest in matters like this. "That old bastard from the Wang family called me, and you called his grandson?" "Hiss …" I thought that this matter had already been settled, I already got Cai Yan to tell that surnamed Wang who I am, but he still went home and reported it? " "It's more than just reporting that the Wang family is too used to living in Shanxi Province and doesn't put the Yan Jing family in their eyes at all. You might not know this, but when the General Secretary went out to visit, that old fogey with the surname Wang called for the surrounding army and ran over to conduct a military parade." "So they want me to express myself?" "Hey, Wang Ying came personally to call and was polite on the surface, but he clearly said that he wanted you to go to Shanxi and meet him. To be frank, if you don't give him some benefits, he should apologize. "It's nothing, but that Old Man Wang has a wide network of people, and a lot of heavy industry is in his territory. If he breaks off the road to wealth with our Yang family and causes trouble, then there's still a lot of ways to take action." Yang Chen narrowed his eyes, "Then old man, what are you planning to do?" "Me?" Yang Gongming sneered, "I, a shitty old man, am only thinking about that land and how to grow some vegetables. I can catch bugs, but I don't have the time to run around and catch weasels." "So that means I'm coming?" "That's what you said, I'm not asking you to do anything, but …" "I would like to remind you that the Wang family is a land mine covered in cow dung. Either you don't touch it, or if you want to touch it, you have to dig up the whole piece cleanly. Don't give it a chance to make a fool of you …" Yang Chen softly laughed, and didn't continue listening, directly hanging up the phone. After pondering for a moment, Yang Chen said to Hannya who was at the side, "Hannya, from now on, I'll give you a vacation, and make a trip to Shanxi for me." Hannya became suspicious, "Master, why are we going to Shanxi? You shouldn't have gone there on vacation. " "The vacation is secondary, I want you to do it for me. "You have to kill a person secretly so that no one will find out about his death. Do you understand what I mean?" Yang Chen's eyes were full of coldness. Hannya revealed a look of excitement, "Understood … …" As far as Hannya was concerned, there were countless ways to make a person 'accidentally die', with the premise that they had sufficient backing, and with Yang Chen making him make a move, it was clear that he was disdainful or inconvenient for him to directly make a move, so he needed his hidden edge to kill that person. Yang Chen was also thinking the same thing, since it would be quite troublesome to openly touch the Wang family, he might as well let the ninja who specializes in assassination carry it out. As for the Yan Huang Iron Brigade, he was bound to be on guard against the ninja movement, but now that the general of the Yan Huang Iron Brigade was Cai Yuncheng, his father-in-law couldn't go against him, could he? After telling Hannya the detailed requirements, Hannya nimbly left to make preparations. As for finding helpers or something, there was no need for a Human Tolerance level Hannya. Yang Chen looked at the recent operations of the company, most of them were in order, the fourth quarter profit rose obviously, Hannya's abilities could be clearly seen. Just before noon, Zhao Teng brought some documents into the office and said with a smile, "Director Yang, news came from the film crew just now that 'Sword Immortal' is about to be destroyed. According to the usual practice, they have to give celebrations to the film crew's staff and actors. Yang Chen was stunned, "It's that director Yu Shuo's movie?" "That's right." Yang Chen couldn't help but sigh, that was because Hui Lin had unknowingly finished her first movie. Although the post-production would still take a few more months, it could still be considered a success. "Then I'll leave it to you to make the arrangements, notify me when the time comes, and I'll definitely go." Yang Chen felt that even if he had to support Hui Lin, he had to go and properly reward the film crew. Zhao Teng nodded, and was about to leave when he was stopped by Yang Chen. "Oh right, why haven't I seen Wang Jie?" Yang Chen didn't see his other assistant. Zhao Teng blushed, "Wang Jie... She's pregnant and she's at home. " Yang Chen noticed this fellow's weird expression, and couldn't help but laugh and say, "Don't tell me it's you guys … …" Zhao Teng gave a stiff smile, "Hehe, Director Yang is not here these days. Let's go back to our hometown and arrange the marriage... "Otherwise, if Wang Jie's stomach is too big, it would be hard to tell others before she gets married." Yang Chen clicked his tongue and lamented, quite a lot of things had happened around him, and he had run around without paying any attention to it. He could only congratulate Zhao Teng, and promise to send his husband and wife extra red packets at the end of the year. Compared to his own path of cultivation, in the future he would face many different unimaginable paths. The life of an ordinary person, to Yang Chen, was just around the corner, but it was still a lot further away … … … …. Yan Jing, Ning Residence. It was rare to find time to read a newspaper at home. Ning Guangyao, who was drinking tea, was sitting on a chair in his study room. He tapped his desk lightly with one hand, while his brows lightly wrinkled in thought. A member of the Ning Family stood by the door of the study room. After reporting something, he quietly left. On both sides of Ning Guangyao's study were soft chairs, and on each of them sat two men in simple, navy and white gowns. These two men looked to be around forty years of age. Their appearances were ordinary, but there was arrogance between their brows. It was as if they were the main characters within the study. "I've searched for so long, but I still haven't seen any sign of Ning Guodong. Ning Guangyao, the group of useless men you've groomed are all useless trash," one of them said. Ning Guangyao bitterly smiled, "Elder Ning Xin is right, I must find some time to properly settle down." Ning Xin coldly snorted, "Fourth Master told me and Ning De to take care of you. Secondly, we also want to see if you can still support this bloodline. If you were unable to find a way back to Ningguo, there was no need to even mention finding a way to keep the incense going. "Then, our Ning Family will have to nurture a new child to take control of the secular Ning Family."
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