### Chapter 1150 - Winter Morning His words were light and nimble, but when they fell into Ning Guangyao's ears, they were as sharp as needles. Ning Guangyao broke out in a cold sweat. He quickly got up, walked to the front of Ning Xin and Ning De, and clasped his hands, "Yes, yes … Guang Yao understands, but don't worry about it. I hope that you two will convey Guang Yao's determination to the various grandfathers of the Ning family and will not disappoint the Ning family. " "Empty words are useless. You don't even have the slightest clue as to what's going on in Ning Country. Don't tell me that at your age, you're going to have to spend a few decades to nurture an heir?" "You are the prime minister, and your wife has just died. The Ning family of the mortal world cannot have such a scandal." Ning De said solemnly. Ning Guangyao narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Two elders, to be honest, Guang Yao and I, as well as the daughter of a direct relative, were born together with a lover. My daughter is now a well-known female entrepreneur in the country, with an intellect that definitely surpasses that of the state. I didn't dare to recognize her before because I was afraid that the pillars of the country would be unbalanced and affect the reputation of the Ning family. But if I really can't find the country, I can let her children be my grandson and even let her be my next successor. "The people will never know about the internal affairs of our Ning Family. As for those noble families, even if they acknowledged me as their daughter, they will not dare to say a word. This way, we can solve the problem of the continuation of the Joss Flame." "Nonsense!" Your daughter who was born with a lover, how could she not be criticized by other families!? " Ning De shouted in anger. Ning Guangyao quickly waved his hand and said, "If it was in the past, my daughter wouldn't have been able to make it onto the stage." But now, she had already married the Yang Family's direct grandson, Yang Chen. Yang Chen was a character who was not afraid of the heavens or the earth, and he also had the Li Family's Li Tong as Mo Ni's friend. With her identity as the Young Mistress of the Yang family, as the future mistress of the Yang family, she would temporarily take over the Ning family, and would absolutely not dare to have anyone go against her. In the future, when my daughter has given birth to a man and two women, as long as she has a descendant surnamed Ning, wouldn't she be able to continue our line of incense? " Ning Xin and Ning De looked at each other, both somewhat surprised. "And with such a background, if it's really as you said, we would be happy to see the Yang Family join our camp and have everything go smoothly." Fourth Master once instructed us to be careful of that Yang Chen, if he can become one of us, that would be for the best. After all, the Ning Family needed continuous influence. If they were to rebuild their lineage, it would indeed take a lot of time and resources to nurture them. "If you can find a suitable successor, we will naturally not make things difficult for you." Ning thought. "However, is that daughter of yours willing to recognize you? If they are unwilling to help you, wouldn't it be a wasted effort?" Ning Guangyao hurriedly said, "Both of you, don't worry. Guangyao knows my daughter pretty well. She is like her mother, and the most upset part is the test of family love. I just need to put in a bit of effort, and I'm sure it will make her change her mind. " "Then you'd better hurry up and do something practical so you don't get into too much trouble." Ning Guangyao confidently said, "Right now, there is one thing that can bridge the relationship between me and the Yang family. The Wang family of Shanxi is currently in trouble with the Yang family. From what I understand, those punks in the Wang family are definitely unable to defeat Yang Gongming and Yang Chen. However, the Wang Clan's roots were extremely deep. Even if they fell down, there were still many seedlings growing. I plan to wait for the Yang family to deal a ruthless blow and then attack from the side to help the Yang family get rid of some trouble. "The Wang family has been doing business in Shanxi for many years, and they have a lot of money, so the Central Committee wanted to touch him a long time ago. They didn't want to be the head of the gang, and now the Yang family is leading the charge, we can get a share of the Yang family's relationship with them …" Ning Xin and Ning De's eyes lit up when they heard that. They couldn't help but praise, "Ning Guangyao, in terms of age, we're older than you by dozens of years, but in terms of scheming, we're really willing to admit defeat. It seems like everything is in disorder, but everything is still within your control. " Ning Guangyao modestly shook his head, "Elders, you flatter me too much. Guangyao still looks forward to the two of you speaking a few more words of praise in my sect …" … …. A few days later, it was already the end of November. These past few days, Yang Chen had spent quite a bit of time in the company, and didn't really talk about managing many things, but he had held some meetings and participated in some activities, which he considered a type of change in his free time. Hannya had already completed the mission given to her in Shanxi, and she took away the life of Wang Ying, the head of the Wang family. According to the forensic examination, Wang Ying was considered to have committed suicide by shooting himself insanely. In reality, it was Hannya who had injected Wang Yingli with a psychedelic psychedelic drug, causing Wang Yingli's cerebral cortex to constantly think that he was suffering from excruciating pain all over his body. This kind of medicine wasn't considered new in the underground world. It was just that there were very few people who could successfully inject it and return with success. With Wang Ying's fall, the Wang family naturally believed that they had something to do with the Yang family. However, before the Wang family could mobilize some troops for the rebellion, they were suddenly severely beaten by the Ning family! The eldest grandson of the Wang Family, the deputy secretary of Shanxi Provincial Committee, was found to have been bribed over 200 million yuan. His real estate and other properties were exposed, and at the same time, he was condemned by the netizens on the internet. Defeat was like a landslide. The Wang family suffered a double blow from the Yang family and the Ning family. At the same time that they lost their backbone, they started to spend money to make a mess. Yang Chen didn't have much interest in the Wang family, but the Ning family's attitude made both Yang Chen and Yang Gongming a little confused. Although the Ning Family's assistance this time was not decisive, it also dispelled many of the Wang Family's direct descendants' thoughts of revenge. No matter what, the Ning Family actually stood on the Yang Family's side, seemingly trying to curry favor with them. Ning Guangyao even made a private phone call to tell Yang Gongming to speak up if he needed anything. He would try his best to cooperate, but even an experienced person like Ning Guangyao couldn't figure out what was going on. No matter what, after the Wang Family's incident, the conflict between the Yang Family and the Ning Family had abated. Many of the alliances that were broken off before had been reconnected. Even Yang Gongming and Yang Chen felt that this matter wasn't simple, but if the other party was' throwing peaches' and you didn't 'return the favor', it would only end in gossip. After Hannya completed her mission, Yang Chen did as mentioned, and gave her a vacation. She was not allowed to continue staying in Zhong Hai, so Hannya could only return to Japan to meet her subordinates that she hadn't seen for a long time. During this period, Yang Chen continued to supervise the ladies in their training, and also took the time to refine some mid-tier pills. During this period, Yang Chen continued to supervise the ladies in their training, and took the time to refine some mid-tier pills, and most of the women's cultivation steadily increased. This kind of situation made Yang Chen unavoidably feel anxious, but he couldn't exert any strength. On a winter's morning, the frost mist was dense. Although it was almost six, the sky was still dark. In the western suburbs, An Xin bought a mansion, in the woman's bedroom, the fragrance filled the air, making one intoxicated. On the large soft bed, An Xin's entire body was lying on Yang Chen's chest like a kitten. Due to the heating, her snow-white shoulders that were exposed outside the quilt didn't feel cold. Due to the woman's face being squeezed, it was deformed to the point that her tender red lips slightly parted, some crystal clear saliva flowed onto Yang Chen's chest. Last night's rain and clouds exhausted the woman, did not care about any sleeping posture, tired and fell asleep. After the peaceful days, Lin Ruoxi was still sleeping with Lanlan, so Yang Chen naturally couldn't resist going out alone. It was only midnight, and he went back and forth between the women's residences. Originally, Yang Chen would only wake up after another hour or so, and then pretend as if nothing happened as he returned home to eat breakfast. He did not expect his family to not know about this, but no one would be so embarrassed to say it out loud. However, at this point today, Yang Chen suddenly opened his eyes! He suddenly sat up, shaking off the security in his chest! "Aiya!" An Xin was shocked like this while she was still sleeping. Although she was still in bed, she was still very angry and resentfully said, "Hubby, what are you doing? I still have to sleep …" Yang Chen stiffly turned his head, and looked at the naked, snowy peak that trembled, the lazy and enchanting little demon. He excitedly smiled and said, "I sense … …" Rose has broken through! "
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