### Chapter 1151 - I've been fooled During this half a month, Rose had been in closed door cultivation, and only said that she had comprehended something, but Yang Chen didn't disturb her after he returned. Other than a woman at the back mountain, she also meditated in her room. Yang Chen felt that it was best for her to think about this independently, and of course, he might not understand. An Xin seemed to not have woken up yet. She blinked her eyes and slowly revealed a trace of joy. "Really? Hubby, how did you know? " Yang Chen rubbed the woman's head, "Silly girl, can a pressure from the Spirit Severing Stage be on the same level as a Xiantian Full Circle realm cultivator? For a Spirit Severing cultivator to suddenly appear here, how could I not be alert? " Yang Chen could clearly feel that a unique aura of Rose had been formed. Although there was the shadow of Rose's Xiantian qi, it had definitely risen to a whole new level! "I'll go to the back of the mountain first. You should sleep for a while more!" Yang Chen smiled and kissed An Xin's cheek, then quickly put on his clothes and jumped out from the balcony. In a flash, Yang Chen arrived at the platform at the back of the mountain. At the edge of the cliff, Rose was wearing a blue sweater and tight jeans. Her hair was fluttering in the wind. The woman quietly closed her beautiful eyes and spread her arms. Facing the cold wind, she breathed in the cool air in an extremely enjoyable manner. Compared to her charming and seductive past, Rose was now like an immortal goddess. Not only in terms of temperament, even if she gave people a direct impression of her, they wouldn't dare to disrespect her. Of course, Yang Chen only felt that this woman in front of him was more attractive than him. Noticing that Yang Chen was already behind her, Rose slowly turned around. There was no need for words, the moment the two quietly watched each other, they were already sharing this joy. With a teleport, Yang Chen stood in front of Rose, gently raised his hand, and caressed the woman's face. "Does it feel like I've entered a completely new world?" Rose pursed her lips into a smile, shook her head, "No." "What's that?" "It's a familiar world, but the feeling is different." Yang Chen nodded, "Humans are different, and their perception is even stronger. Even if their perception is the same, the 'Dao' they comprehend will still be vastly different. I don't understand your 'Dao', and others don't either. That's why it is your 'Dao'. " After entering the Spirit Transformation stage, Rose's physique had changed. While her skin felt like it could be broken through by the wind, she already had the protection of her true essence. At this moment, he felt Yang Chen's hand brushing past his own face, as if it was caused by another type of unfathomable primeval essence that rippled through the tranquil lake water. Rose quietly sensed it for a while, then said with a smile, "Although it has been almost two years since we first met, even though I always felt that you were by my side … … However, for the first time, I feel that I am so close to you. Although my cultivation is far inferior to yours, I can experience some of your emotions. "Don't just be happy. You just entered the Spirit Severing stage, but you can't rest like this." "I just happen to have a lot of mid-grade pills. I can't use them before you reach the Soul Formation stage, so I can give them to you now." Yang Chen took out two small porcelain bottles from his mustard seed spatial ring, this was something he specially went to a good porcelain shop to store pills. "There are five Dragon Cloud Pills and one Heaven Cloud Pill. Take the Dragon Cloud Pill first, you can quickly condense the world's spirit energy, increasing the speed at which the spirit energy transforms into true essence. Finally, you can use this high quality Cloud Cloud Sky Pill to greatly increase your Spirit Severing stage cultivation." Zhi Qing said that the Heaven's Cloud Pill is an extremely rare treasure within the primordial chaos. If it wasn't for my exceptional alchemy skills and luck, I had collected a lot of ingredients, I definitely wouldn't have been able to obtain it. " Rose received it impolitely, accepting her man's painstaking work was originally a blissful thing, she also especially liked to cultivate, the more pills the better. Looking at the woman's joyous expression, Yang Chen pointed at his lips, "You don't even know how to express yourself after taking a good item?" I've already given you the high grade spirit pellet, it's a waste of my love for you. " Rose rolled her eyes at him, then gently floated up, hugged Yang Chen's neck, and stuck to the wet ground while kissing him. Since he had entered the Spirit Severing stage, it wasn't difficult for him to quickly fly. Naturally, he could rely on the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to fly. "Hubby, am I not getting old now? Can you live for hundreds of years? " Rose excitedly asked. Yang Chen nodded, held onto the woman's hand, and began walking down the mountain. "That's right, 200 to 300 years old shouldn't be a problem, and you won't get old either. But you can't relax too much and try to reach the late stage of Soul Formation or the divine retribution stage. This is just the accumulation of cultivation, so it's not a problem with your perception." "Then, if I reach the tribulation, will I transcend the tribulation of the Tri-Yang True Fire, the Six Harmonies Cold Water, or the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder Tribulations?" Yang Chen thought for a moment, then shook his head, "I'm not too sure either, but there shouldn't be a need for the divine tribulation of the nine heavens … …." Due to your age and foundation problems, it's already too late to practice the "Sutra of Reflection", so this cultivation technique is in fact a modified and consolidated cultivation technique. "I'm not sure what realm this cultivation technique will reach. After all, you're the first one to reach the Spirit Severing stage. I was worried that the problem with the cultivation technique would allow you to progress to the Spirit Severing stage, so I'm quite relieved now." The two chatted for a while and shared some experiences and experiences in cultivation, which made them seem rather ordinary and indifferent. After Rose entered the Spirit Severing stage, her entire personality became more refined, and Rose had no interest in Yang Chen mentioning that Red Thorns Society was on the decline. To Rose, standing at the level of a Spirit Severing cultivator, seeing the Red Thorns Society that she founded was already like passing clouds. It was just like how Yang Chen sat with a large number of mercenaries and assassins in the world, but no longer had any interest in taking care of them, it was the same principle. Yang Chen even felt that it might be because the comprehension of 'dao' was different, that Rose's heart was even cleaner than his during this stage of tribulation. However, Yang Chen still made up his mind. Tonight or tomorrow night, he would at least have a good time with Rose. He really hadn't done anything with a Deity Stage woman before, and the thought made his heart itch. If Rose knew that the man beside her was thinking about such a thing, she would surely roll her eyes. He's so vulgar! When he followed Rose home, Ma Guifang was doing exercises on the lawn in front of the door, relaxing her muscles and bones. After all, they were almost sixty. Although Ma Guifang was still charming, it was hard for her to hide some of the white spots on her temples. Yang Chen had passed this exercise and breathing exercises to her, Guo Xuehua and the other elders. After all, it was too late for the elders to cultivate, it was fine to use pills to enhance their appearance and lifespan, but to strengthen their bodies. These few days Yang Chen was home, and they often met over tea, but Rose had been in closed door cultivation for the past few days, so she missed Yang Chen a little. "Aiyo, Rose, you're finally back." Ma Guifang smiled as she came forward, and curiously sized up the place for a moment, "Strange, this girl, why haven't you seen her for a few days? It seems like she's changed her appearance." Rose's dimple was slightly reddened, "Auntie Ma, which one? I didn't have a plastic surgery." "It's not about appearance, it's about temperament. It can't be said to be the truth. Could it be that it's caused by your cultivation?" Rose nodded, "I've made some progress." Ma Guifang waved her hand, "Forget it, I don't understand these things. Quickly go in, Qianni is making breakfast." Yang Chen, you should come eat at home as well. In any case, you still have to fight over food with your daughter at home, there's no need. " Yang Chen complained nonstop, in his mother-in-law's heart, he had this kind of image. When he entered the hall, he could already smell the rich fragrance of the egg roll, with a hint of the scent of green onions, which immediately made Yang Chen's appetite rise. Mo Qianni stuck her head out of the kitchen with her apron on, seeing Yang Chen and Rose enter together, she was slightly surprised for a moment, then said, "It'll be fine soon, please wait a moment." Not long later, Mo Qianni brought out a simple but delicate breakfast table. With regards to Rose's change, Mo Qianni naturally knew that Rose finally broke through, and couldn't help but ask Rose what she felt. Looking at Rose's completely reborn appearance, Mo Qianni was a little annoyed that she wasn't too focused on her cultivation. She had been staying at the peak of the Postliminary Realm, it was time for her to work harder. Yang Chen gave his family a call, saying that he was having breakfast with Mo Qianni, but the reason was because he found out that Rose's cultivation had broken through so early in the morning, so he didn't return. Hearing that, Guo Xuehua suddenly said, "Is that so? This kid, Rose, is really good. Yang Chen, this is a happy occasion, let's celebrate with this big guy. " Yang Chen was puzzled, "Celebrate?" "Mom, how do you want to celebrate?" "Isn't today the weekend? Since there's nothing to do, call An Xin, Mingyu, Zhiqing, and the other girls over. How about we have a meal together?" Guo Xuehua excitedly said. Yang Chen kept feeling that something was strange, Guo Xuehua's tone was definitely not as simple as' gathering for dinner '. However, Yang Chen had no reason to object to this suggestion, so he said, "Then you can just tell Ruoxi and let everyone come." Guo Xuehua agreed and hung up the phone in a hurry. When Yang Chen told Mo Qianni and Rose about the dinner, Rose felt a little embarrassed, but Mo Qianni and Ma Guifang didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Little Qianqian, Mom, what are you guys laughing about?" Yang Chen was baffled, he felt as if he was played.
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