### Chapter 1152 - As long as you are happy … Mo Qianni and her mother laughed for a long time, as if it was very fun. Ma Guifang sighed and said, "Yang Chen, one of you and Rose is in Korea, the other is in closed door cultivation, and I don't know. Xue Hua has been holding her breath these days, taking advantage of Rose's matter to find a reason, and find some girls to accompany her and play mahjong." "Play mahjong!?" "That's right, don't you know, your side hall has already bought a mahjong table. In those days when you and Ruoxi went to Korea, you were playing mahjong day and night, and each time you got 1,000 in cash. I've been there twice, and it's practically a casino." Ma Guifang smiled and shook her head. Only now did Yang Chen remember that there was indeed a table covered with black cloth in his side hall. He thought that it was just an empty table, but who knew it was a mahjong table!? Yang Chen thought for a moment, he felt that playing mahjong wasn't a big deal, letting the ladies gather together to lubricate and get close to their relationship. "Why haven't I heard Mom mention it before? What's there to endure?" Yang Chen asked. Ma Guifang rolled her eyes at her son-in-law, "Aiya, as a man, of course you are careless. Just think about it, if a group of girls were to go home and play mahjong, moreover, Xue Hua treated them like wives, what would Ruoxi think? No matter what you say, the mistress of this house is Ruoxi. Yang Chen understood in a flash, it was indeed easy to cause friction, especially since Lin Ruoxi would always reject being close to her mother-in-law. However, it was impossible for her to avoid such a gathering, so she didn't think of stopping it. Just as breakfast time was ending, Yang Chen received another call, this time from Zhao Teng. "Hello, Zhao Teng. Why did you call me this weekend?" Yang Chen curiously asked. Zhao Teng smiled on the phone, "Director Yang, I knew that your respected friend was forgetful. Didn't you say a few days ago that you were going to KTV with everyone to celebrate the slaughter of the film crew" Sword Immortal "?" Yang Chen suddenly thought of this matter, "Which KTV?" "You must know that Meredith's place on the Shouan Road is a gold sale. However, the security is pretty good. After all, Miss Lin Hui will be there too. We can't let the paparazzi get close." Yang Chen had heard of that nightclub before, it was located in the golden district of Zhong Hai's center. Without an ordinary backstage, it was definitely impossible for one to open such a business there. Since he didn't have any objections, he listened to them all, and mainly considered giving some encouragement to Hui Lin. After all, it was necessary for a girl to celebrate after strenuously performing for so long. After breakfast, Yang Chen returned home, and found Lin Ruoxi who was accompanying Lanlan while she was building blocks. He brought up the matter of him going to the Meredith KTV to celebrate for Hui Lin, and whether or not he should go along with her. Shaking her head, she said, "You go ahead, in two days it will be a public meeting, and then the public will officially announce it. I will be attending that ceremony, and I won't be going today, and I don't like KTV either." "If you don't go, I'm afraid Hui Lin will be hurt." "Save it!" Lin Ruoxi didn't even raise her head as she said, "I've already talked to Hui Lin over the phone and congratulated her over the phone. Is there even a need for you to think about it?" Yang Chen clearly brought ridicule upon himself, he shrugged his shoulders, then squatted down to play with Lanlan together with him. Yang Chen's playstyle was definitely better than Lin Ruoxi's in the industry, he quickly fought with Lanlan to create a plane and tank, making Lanlan clap her hands as she laughed. Lin Ruoxi watched the father and daughter play with each other, warmth flowed through her eyes. She reached out to stroke her daughter's hair, and softly asked, "Hubby, in the future … … Would he let Lan Lan cultivate as well? " Yang Chen softly laughed, and naturally said, "You definitely have to cultivate, otherwise how can a daughter live as long as our parents? Besides, Lan Lan has excellent quality. She has an innate advantage when compared to me when I was young. Furthermore, she is young. "No matter what, he is our first child. I cannot be stingy." "As expected..." Lin Ruoxi had a complicated look in her eyes, "Then why haven't you taught them anything?" "Firstly, Lan Lan is still young. She didn't study the 'Sutra of the Recitation' at her age. At the very least, I'll wait until she finishes kindergarten. Secondly, I do not wish for her to rely on pills to grow stronger, because the 'Sutra of Reflection' is different from the cultivation technique I created. It requires a very solid foundation, otherwise, it is easy to create inner demons. Third, I'm not sure what kind of opponent I'll run into, but there are some who are secretly spying on me. If I teach this to Lan Lan, then he might reach out to Lan Lan with his evil hands, just in case. In addition, once they practiced, they would definitely have to pay a heavy price. "Let's not worry about it for the next two years. Let her have more fun in her childhood." Lin Ruoxi nodded, and lightly sighed, "I only hope that Lanlan has a good body, and can properly protect herself, so I won't ask for anything else. I'm just afraid that after training, I'll always be like you, always fighting. Even if I can always win, my heart will still be hanging by a thread. " Yang Chen could see through the woman's worry, but there was nothing he could do. He could only try his best to stand at the front, and allow his family and children to avoid some conflicts. Although this scene seemed calm, the people of the grandmist, underworld clans, and even Athena seemed to be ready to make a move, not knowing what they were plotting. However, they were not ordinary people. They wouldn't easily make a move unless they had full confidence in themselves. They had time anyway, so they didn't need to rush. Leaving behind Yang Chen to play games with Lanlan, Lin Ruoxi went into the kitchen to help out. After all, the ladies would be coming over in the afternoon, and while Lin Ruoxi was a little envious of Rose after hearing that she had broken through to the Soul Formation stage, she didn't object to this kind of gathering. In the afternoon, Rose and Mo Qianni arrived at home first, followed by An Xin, Xiao Zhiqing, Liu Mingyu, and Li Jingjing. Tang Wan was, after all, a bit older, and she also had a daughter who was attending university, TangTang, so they didn't interact much with each other, so Guo Xuehua didn't go to call her. As for Cai Yan, Guo Xuehua was already quite angry with this policewoman for pushing away her work a few times, and was no longer in a mood to find fault with himself. For a moment, the entire house was filled with beautiful women. Lan Lan saw a bunch of concubines coming home. They kissed and hugged happily. The girls didn't let the little girl down. They all brought some delicious and fun things to Lan Lan, which made her quite satisfied. The main character today was naturally Rose, who had just broken through to the Spirit Severing Stage. The girls were all filled with envy when they saw the obvious change in Rose's temperament. Without waiting for the girls to ask Rose how many questions about cultivation, Guo Xuehua this mother-in-law happily clapped and told them to stop, saying, "Don't ask anymore, which one of you will follow me to the mahjong table to rub a few handfuls? I haven't played with my hands for days, so let's chat while I play. " Upon hearing that they were going to play mahjong, An Xin immediately said with a bitter face, "Mom … I still need to call. I didn't bring any money with me today … " "Silly girl, it's not like we have to bring the money to play. We're just here for fun." Guo Xuehua said. Lin Ruoxi was carrying a plate of fruits out, hearing that she was going to play mahjong, she didn't know how to react, "Mom, we have mahjong?" Guo Xuehua walked to the side hall in embarrassment, and lifted the black cloth on the mahjong table, "In the days that you followed Yang Chen out, I bought a mahjong table, and asked them to accompany me at home to relieve my boredom. Ruoxi, you wouldn't mind, right?" Lin Ruoxi had a lot of thoughts, how could she not think of the reason why Guo Xuehua invited everyone to a party today, it was because he wanted to get drunk. Having been educated since young, Lin Ruoxi felt that playing mahjong wasn't a good thing, it was a waste of time. Not only was she suspected of gambling, but if her mother-in-law wanted to play, she couldn't forcefully stop her. "En, let's play then, as long as mother is happy." Lin Ruoxi forced a smile. Guo Xuehua hurriedly nodded, then told the women to quickly go in. Because there was only a mahjong table where the women were pushing and shoving, they decided to let the main character of today, Rose, and the one who would make Guo Xuehua happy be at ease, fighting with Li Jingjing who just joined the sisterhood. However, Li Jingjing had never come into contact with mahjong since she was young, and she especially liked Lanlan. She wanted to play with her child, so she didn't want to go up at all. On the other hand, Mo Qianni was quick-witted, and said to the expressionless Lin Ruoxi, "Ruoxi, why don't you play a few games with me?" "Me?" Lin Ruoxi was stunned, she frowned and said, "I don't know how." "It's not that I'm going to teach you, it's very simple, you're so smart, you can learn it as soon as you learn it. If you can learn it, you can play with mom in the future so that they won't be bored." Mo Qianni persuaded. Lin Ruoxi looked at the colorful mahjong cards, and thought of how all the women could play, and if she couldn't do it herself, wouldn't it be a little inferior? After thinking about it for a while, she nodded in agreement.
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