### Chapter 1153 - You're in trouble Watching Lin Ruoxi and the other girls play mahjong with Guo Xuehua, Yang Chen felt that this scene was a little strange, but it was still better than the awkward atmosphere between the ladies in the past. Xiao Zhiqing, Liu Mingyu and the other girls did not need to fight, and could only accompany Wang Ma to chat. Xiao Zhiqing, Liu Mingyu and the other girls did not need to fight, and could only accompany Wang Ma to chat. Seeing how the family of young and old were having fun, Yang Chen realized that it was time to go out and attend the evening gathering. After bidding farewell to Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua, Yang Chen drove to the Meredith KTV in the city center. Although it was called a KTV, the truth was that compared to some of the more luxurious nightclubs, the four bodyguards at the entrance made many ordinary passers-by shrink back. Yang Chen stopped the car, and when he entered the main hall, Zhao Teng was already there waiting. "Director Yang, I've been waiting for you. The crew and our department staff are all here." Zhao Teng looked radiant. He was very interested in such a casual and relaxed gathering. "Is there a need to be so excited?" Yang Chen laughed. Zhao Teng said happily, "Director Yang, you don't know, but in this sort of place, a bottle of Hummer is at least five times more expensive than the outside. If it wasn't for the company's influence, working-class people like us wouldn't dare to come here to spend money so easily." Yang Chen wasn't too familiar with the market situation, and followed Zhao Teng through the long corridor. Many of the customers in the corridor were well-dressed, and each of their movements exuded the aura of a upper-class society or a nouveau riche. As for each door, they were engraved with jade with the names of various ancient style rooms. The carpet was a soft Middle East blanket, and the sound of stepping on it didn't even reach one's ears. The light was dim, but it was just enough for some people to make small movements. The waitress who walked back and forth boldly wore clothes in the style of rabbit girls and high-cut cheongsam. Some of them were familiar and some were pretty. There were even foreign girls who had very different styles. He walked to a private room called "Dusk Away" and pushed open the door. There was a huge space inside. Under the bright lights, the red sofa against the wall was dazzling. There were already nearly twenty people there, drinking and chatting merrily. Meanwhile, a middle-aged man was holding a microphone, excitedly singing a song that Yang Chen was familiar with but didn't know the name of, the deafening sound effects were rather exciting. Seeing Yang Chen enter, everyone stood up, including Director Yu Shuo who they hadn't seen for a while, and of course Hui Lin. In order to keep as low a profile as possible, she wore a simple black windbreaker with soft hair tied up. Yang Chen went up to shake hands with everyone. In reality, Yang Chen wasn't too familiar with these employees of the company, it didn't matter if they couldn't call out their names, he just smiled when he saw them, he was good at pretending to be familiar with such things. They chatted politely for a while with Director Yu Shuo and also toasted with the crew. After sitting beside Hui Lin, Yang Chen looked at her from top to bottom, and asked in concern, "You've worked hard, and didn't suffer any grievances later on right?" Hui Lin nodded softly and said, "Everyone treats me pretty well, but it's so hard to make a movie, I think I'd rather just sing in the future." "Haha, that depends on the box office, if the box office is bad, then even if you want to shoot, you can't do it. If the box office is good, then just treat it as doing a little more work for your big sister, making a few more films." Yang Chen teased. Hui Lin snorted and said: "Big sister wouldn't want me to help her earn money, what business does she do doesn't make money, if I don't want to bid, she would definitely agree.". "Look at your smug look." Yang Chen smiled and said, "This job is done, it's time to take a break, I've been busy for almost a year." Hui Lin shook her head, "You can't rest yet, it's almost the new year. The Spring Festival Gala production has contacted me many times, wanting me to sing and perform. My team can say that, but I also want to give it a try." "You're still going on the Spring Festival Gala?" Yang Chen also read quite a few reports about the Spring Festival Gala, and creased his brows, "Then it's hard to live up to expectations. I heard that good programs will be changed beyond recognition by the inspection team, you don't lack fame, why do you need it?" "What can I change when I sing?" Hui Lin said, "I also want to perform on a bigger stage to make my fans happy. Also, I want to prove it to Grandma." Seeing the confidence on Hui Lin's face, Yang Chen gradually realized that this girl had truly become a big star on her own. She began to have her own goals and goals, and she became full of willpower. It was getting harder and harder for Hui Lin to hide her dazzling brilliance. After another guy shouted a song, everyone applauded and invited Hui Lin to sing one. Hui Lin also did not put on airs. She let everyone choose a song with fast tempo and used her ethereal and beautiful voice to sing it out, giving everyone a sense of elegance. The intoxicated Director Yu Shuo clapped and said, "I heard from someone that no matter what song a true singer sings, he will be able to leave his mark on that song. "Miss Lin Hui's singing skills and emotional application can be considered as real singers." Just as the crew and the company were celebrating non-stop and exchanging cups, the room's door was suddenly pushed open. A short-haired man with a square face, wearing a tight white shirt and a gold chain rushed in. Behind him were a few men who were very romantic. A waiter was trying to persuade them as they pushed him to the side. The brawny man with the golden chain glanced around the room. When he saw Hui Lin, he immediately laughed, "It's indeed the famous celebrity Lin Hui. Haha, you didn't come here for nothing!" The waiter, who was wiping the wax off his hair, quickly said, "Master Lei, Miss Lin Hui is a VIP. Please do not disturb them." The robust Lei glanced at him unhappily, "Honorable guest? If I say that she's a celebrity, then she's a celebrity. If I say that she's a little girl, then she's a little girl! " Just then, Zhao Teng stood up and shouted angrily, "Waiter! Who are these people!? Why are you letting people in here!? " Zhao Teng had arranged everything for today. Now that this group of bastards had appeared to cause trouble, Zhao Teng naturally felt extremely humiliated. "This …" The waiter said embarrassedly, "Sir, please don't be angry. One of Master Lei's subordinates just saw Miss Lin Hui, so Master Lei came over." "I am called Lei Heng, it doesn't matter even if you guys don't know me. "My dad likes to listen to Miss Lin Hui's singing. Since we met today, Miss Lin Hui will follow me to our room!" Lei Heng waved his hand and said. Hui Lin frowned, as a public figure, it wasn't convenient for her to deal with this kind of trouble, so she couldn't help but to look at Yang Chen. Yang Chen rubbed his hair gloomily, and just as he was about to get up, he saw two young executives of the company borrowing the alcohol to walk over. "Hey, who do you think you are!?" Do you know who is sitting here?! Be careful that we call the police! " "Get out!" Lei Heng looked at the two Yu Lei managers in suits and gave a disdainful smile. He slightly raised his chin and two of his men came up behind him, pushing the two Yu Lei managers down with all their might! The two employees of Yu Lei also did not train, they fell down and flipped twice, and were even kicked twice by the two men! "Pretty boy, you're calling the police?" "I'll castrate you with just a few more words!" Lei Heng laughed sinisterly. The faces of the waiters at the side and the people in the private rooms all turned pale. Lei Heng's tone did not sound like he was just threatening them. Yang Chen finally stood up, walked up to the two employees, pulled them up, touched the spot where they were kicked to make sure they weren't injured, and then told them to return to their seats. Turning his head to look at Lei Heng, Yang Chen sighed, "Today is a day of celebration, it's not suitable to be stained with blood here. I don't care who you are, I'll just treat you as a mad dog running halfway, get lost." Lei Heng laughed crazily, "I think that's too evil. I, Lei Heng, am only going to have a show to play in the room, and there's always someone to push me around?" "Seems like you want to be the first to be castrated..." "Bam!" Without waiting for Lei Heng to make a joke, Yang Chen had already made his move. It was a clean push against Lei Heng's chest. Although he did not really use much strength, his body was still knocked out of the door! Lei Heng's large and burly body slammed into the wall outside the corridor. The back of his head slammed into the wall and he immediately fainted! Everyone was stupefied, they couldn't see clearly how Yang Chen made his move! Yang Chen impatiently creased his brows, "I already told you to scram, yet you're still spouting nonsense, is there something wrong with that?" The waiter standing at the side drew in a breath of cold air and shouted out with a headache, "Mister, you've caused trouble!" How could you hit Thunderlord! "
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