### Chapter 1154 - What a coincidence! Yang Chen patted the waiter's shoulder, "Thank you for your concern, but I feel that it's better if you drag this fellow back first, so that he won't block our way." The two lackeys were furious. They inspected Lei Heng and after confirming that there was no danger to his life, they lifted him up. "Kid, you have some strength but you don't know who you are? Do you know where Master Ley comes from? "Tonight, you can forget about leaving this place peacefully!" Logically speaking, Yang Chen couldn't be bothered with such provocation, but he turned around to look at the trembling and frightened crowd in the room, he knew that regardless of what happened, he won't be able to play today. Thinking for a moment, Yang Chen reached out his hand to signal to Hui Lin and the rest that there was no problem, then walked out of the room and closed the door. "Which box are you in? Lead the way, I want to go over!" The two men were stunned, they looked at Yang Chen as if they were looking at a fool. "Heh heh, I really met Second Fool. He actually delivered himself to my doorstep. Good, what guts!" "Come with us!" Watching Yang Chen leave with the two men, the waiter quickly left. He had to inform the manager, he couldn't cause any more trouble. Yang Chen followed the two men to another room, and after opening the door, he was met with the thick smell of tobacco smoke. Within the smoky private room, the laughter of the men and women were extremely harsh. No one was singing at all. Instead, a group of people were playing cards while the man hugged the woman, touching and licking her. Sitting at the innermost area was a short, stout man with somewhat gray hair. He wore a white suit, and he had a cigar in his mouth. He looked to be in his fifties, and was looking down at everyone else present with disdain. In the man's arms, there was a petite woman who looked like she was in her twenties. She had a thick purple eye shadow, which was mesmerizing to the bone. When the crowd saw the two men carrying the unconscious Lei Heng into the room, they stopped what they were doing at the same time and looked at the two men in bewilderment. "Ah Zheng, what happened to Ah Heng?" A middle-aged man with thick eyebrows suddenly stood up and asked. One of the men grinned at Yang Chen who was at the back, "Lord Third, Lord Thunder was ambushed by that brat, he fainted after crashing into a wall!" "What!? Didn't he say to call Lin Hui to sing for big brother!? "How did he get set up?" "Motherf * cker, damn brat, who are you!?" Tired of living?! " Another person stood up and roared at Yang Chen. Yang Chen stretched out his hand and waved it in front of him, the smell of smoke and vulgar makeup made him feel uncomfortable. Walking forward, Yang Chen swept his eyes over everyone present, and indifferently said, "Which one of you is this brat's father?" San Ye said angrily: "You disgraceful thing, you still have the face to come and find my big brother!? "How dare you plot against Ah Heng!" With that said, the middle-aged man fiercely charged over, and was about to punch Yang Chen in the head! Without even looking at it, Yang Chen reached out one hand to catch the fist, then pulled it back, directly throwing San Ye onto the ground like a dog eating shit! "F * ck, you dare to hit San Ye!?" The other men were also infuriated, they rushed forward to attack Yang Chen, but all of Yang Chen's attacks fell onto the ground, causing them to fall in disarray. The people present weren't stupid, they finally saw that Yang Chen's skills were far higher than theirs, and didn't dare to advance in the slightest. The man in the white suit who was sitting on the sofa frowned. He finally got up and said, "Brat, who are you? I found a female singer to sing a song for me. That's not illegal." "I'll only say it once, either obediently play with you all or get the hell out of here. If anyone dares to offend me again, I'll make them faint and never wake up again." After saying that, Yang Chen's eyes swept over them, which emitted a sinister killing intent, it was truly not something an ordinary person could resist. The group of Mallory girls all felt their hairs stand on end as they stared coldly at him. The few men couldn't even speak as they gulped down their throats. San Ye walked up to the boss in the white suit and asked in a small voice: "Big brother, what do we do? Should I call for someone? " The man in the white suit narrowed his eyes and sighed, "No need. This month is very critical, so we won't cause any trouble. We'll find out about it next time before making a decision." "Big brother is wise." San Ye nodded with a sinister look in his eyes. The two thought the conversation was quiet, but Yang Chen was the only one present who could hear it from all angles, and Yang Chen didn't mind at all. If it wasn't for them celebrating with the film crew today, they wouldn't want to be stained with blood here, and these people's legs would be badly bruised from time to time. "Young man, although I don't know what kind of relationship you have with Lin Hui, but everyone has to show some respect when you come out here. I know the boss here too, and it will not end well for both parties. I think we can forget about it today!" The man in the white suit stood up, toasted Yang Chen from afar, and drank it all in one gulp. At this moment, the manager of the Mallardi store had rushed over. Hearing that the white suited man had cleared the matter, he hurriedly smiled and said, "Boss Lei is right, let's just forget about the small conflict, how about I make the decision? Today, all of your friends in the room are free of drinks, how about it?" Yang Chen ignored him, seeing that the matter was settled, as long as the other party doesn't cause any trouble, then his goal would be achieved, and he turned to leave. The manager heaved a sigh of relief and hurried over to that Boss Lei. He said with a flattering smile: "Boss Lei, I'm sorry, I've made you uncomfortable. How about I ask a few college students to accompany your brothers?" Boss Lei glanced at his unconscious son and said, "There's no need. Send my son to the hospital for inspection. Those college students of yours, who are you trying to fool? They're in secondary school right?" The manager wiped off his cold sweat and smiled awkwardly. He quickly instructed the waiters to carry the unconscious Lei Heng out. As for Yang Chen who left the room, just as he was about to return to his room and turn a corner, he couldn't help but be stunned. In the corridor, a man and a woman came into view. The man wore a striped suit with a white shirt. His facial features were sharp and defined. He looked very handsome, and there was an air of elite between his brows. Yang Chen didn't know this man at all, the key point was, the woman holding onto the man's arm beside this man was actually Cai Yan!? Cai Yan slightly tied up her neat short hair, wearing a crystal hair clip, wearing a black net with layers upon layers of weave, and a knitted dress, revealing an extremely feminine air, completely revealing that it was the hot policewoman wearing police uniform. At this moment, Cai Yan was like a small white collar lady, hugging the man's arm, smiling sweetly. However, when Cai Yan turned her head and saw Yang Chen standing opposite her, the woman was completely stunned. Her red lips opened wide and she was completely speechless. Yang Chen suddenly thought of two days ago, Cai Yan was in a hurry to go eat with someone else, and seeing the scene in front of his eyes, Yang Chen couldn't separate this matter. His face couldn't help but turn dark, and his eyes revealed a murderous light. He resisted the urge to tear the man in front of him apart, and sneered as he said, "What a coincidence, to be able to meet him here."
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