### Chapter 1155 - Girlfriend Cai Yan cried out in alarm, upon seeing Yang Chen's ferocious expression, she suddenly realized that she was still holding onto the man's hand, and immediately scattered! Both of her hands helplessly covered her mouth, trembling as if she wanted to say something, but Cai Yan was so anxious that she couldn't say a single word clearly. The man frowned, confused: "Yanyan, who is this? You two know each other? " Yanyan? Yang Chen's smile turned even colder, "Great, you're so intimate." Officer Cai Yan, don't tell me that you didn't introduce her to me? Who is this companion of yours? " Cai Yan's pretty face was deathly pale, hearing Yang Chen call her 'Officer Cai Yan', without even thinking one could tell how angry Yang Chen was in his heart. "No... Yang Chen, listen to me … … I... "We're here..." Right at that moment, Ah Zheng and a few of Boss Lei's subordinates, who were just about to send Lei Heng off, walked out. When they saw the man in the corridor, they smiled and greeted him. "Director Xiao, you're here?" Yo, this is your girlfriend you were talking about? "He looks really handsome. Haha, our boss is waiting inside. Let's go in!" Ol 'Three laughed loudly. As for seeing Yang Chen at the side, they pretended that they didn't see him, as if this Director Xiao in front of them was more important. Director Xiao also greeted these people with a smile, signalling to Cai Yan with his eyes, and grabbed her hand. "Sir, Yanyan and I still have a social meetup, next time when we have the chance, let's make friends!" Director Xiao nodded towards Yang Chen with a smile, then pulled Cai Yan inside. Yang Chen blankly stood on the spot, the word "girlfriend" still reverberated by his ears. Who was Director Xiao? Why is Cai Yan his girlfriend!? Yang Chen clenched his fists, the last time he was with Cai Yan, it was less than a week's time. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't understand why such a man would suddenly appear. Just as he was about to go back and ask, the phone in his pocket vibrated. Yang Chen took it out and took a look, it was Cai Yan who sent him a message. "Explain later, don't come over." Yang Chen looked at these few short words, forcefully holding back his anger, and forced himself to calm down. Even though Cai Yan was hot-tempered, she wouldn't do something so unscrupulous, she still had to trust her own woman first. Since she said she would explain later, she might as well wait for a while. First, she would go back to the box and drink a few cups with the film crew. But once he thought of Cai Yan holding hands with another man, Yang Chen felt a headache. Returning to the room, Hui Lin worriedly inquired about the situation. Yang Chen only said that he was fine, and they continued to play. Because Hui Lin had to go back to Beijing, she prepared the Spring Festival Gala's show two months in advance, and there wasn't much time left. They stayed until around 10 pm before leaving, and before leaving, she asked Yang Chen to greet her family on her behalf. After Hui Lin left, the film crew also left. The movie production was still going on, hoping to be released during the Spring Festival. Yang Chen kept it until the end, and after everyone had left, he quietly waited in the car park for Cai Yan and the man surnamed Xiao to come out. It wasn't until midnight that Cai Yan called. On the phone, Cai Yan's voice was a little weak and nervous, and she softly asked, "Yang Chen … …" I'm out. Where are you? I'll come over immediately. " "The parking lot." Yang Chen indifferently said a few words, then hung up. Not long after, Cai Yan, who was still dressed in a black dress, walked over. A woman also didn't seem to be afraid of the cold, her slender legs only had thin stockings, but she gave off a feminine vibe that made people feel tender towards her. Yang Chen had never seen Cai Yan dress up in such a feminine manner, and couldn't help but be displeased when he thought of how she dressed up when she was with another man. What made Yang Chen even more unhappy was that Director Xiao had actually followed over! Cai Yan saw Yang Chen's ashen face leaning on the side of the BMW, she forced out a fawning smile, then walked over, carefully taking hold of Yang Chen's hand. "Darling, you're not really angry, are you? I'm at work, not what you think. " Cai Yan said pitifully. Yang Chen glanced at Director Xiao who was behind the woman, and that Director Xiao was currently looking at Yang Chen with a weird expression. "Work? I'd like to hear what kind of work it is that requires you to be a dignified — the chief constable — to be someone else's girlfriend. " "No, Xiao Ye and I were classmates in university, I was just pretending to be his girlfriend and lied to that Lei Zhengfu." Cai Yan hurriedly said. At this time, Xiao Ye also came forward, and smiled: "Hello, my name is Xiao Ye, I'm a classmate of Yanyan Police Academy. I think you're Yanyan's boyfriend, Yang Chen. I hope you don't misunderstand, even though I'm chasing after Yanyan, she really isn't my girlfriend right now. " "Xiao Ye!" Stop it! You. "Aiya!" Cai Yan panicked, her face flushing red. Yang Chen was angered to the point that he laughed, "Haha, I'm confused, sometimes is it, sometimes isn't it, is it a job or personal relationship, what are you two talking about?" Cai Yan hastily said, "Yang Chen stop listening, don't you understand me? How could I possibly do that sort of thing behind your back? Today it's really a job, I purposely used this opportunity to come here in order to collect evidence on Lei Zhengfu's crime." "Crime evidence?" Yang Chen frowned. "Yes." Cai Yan nodded and said, "I'll tell you the cause of this matter now … …" Cai Yan began to narrate the whole story in a concise manner. The original name of the owner of the box was Lei Zhengfu. He was a tycoon working in an internet village in Zhong Hai city and was located in the west side of the small town, Lu Shan. The reason why he was called a tycoon was because Lei Zhengfu was an underworld expert in the past. Afterwards, through some unknown means and luck, he took down a quarry, developed an iron ore mine, and started to refine steel. However, in recent years, with the help of both black and white resources, Lei Zhengfu managed to build a paper factory. In the netting village, he could be said to have completely become a local tyrant. The paper mill was originally not allowed to leave, as the pollution was too severe and the discharge of waste water was also a problem, but Lei Zhengfu had connections in the town and even in Zhonghai City. Tens of millions a year was definitely not something an ordinary person could imagine. Lei Zhengfu had to feed and feed the officials in the upper echelons, and his business was as stable as Mt. Tai. However, Lei Zhengfu's ambition did not stop there. He even joined the Party and prepared to vote through the village representatives this year to become the village chief. After becoming the village chief, Lei Zhengfu could easily expand his paper mill, and at the same time, he could also discharge the waste water into the village waterway to reduce the cost of purifying the waste water. Although Lei Zhengfu had established a good relationship with the village and was not afraid of those people reporting him, he had not been able to succeed either. If he became the village chief, then everything would be much easier. Yang Chen knew that there were many towns and villages around Zhong Hai, because Lin Ruoxi placed some of Yu Lei's lower level factories in those towns, after all, the labor force and land were cheap. However, Yang Chen had no interest whatsoever in striking down this kind of villain or tycoon. This sort of thing happened all over the world, he wasn't a merciful Bodhisattva, how could he control it? "Even if that's the case, why are you dressed like this when you're with this fellow, and why are you still called their girlfriend!?" Yang Chen unwillingly asked. Cai Yan explained, "Xiao Ye is a classmate of mine at university, he is currently the office manager of Lu Shan Town, he is an internet village owner, his father is always opposed to Lei Zhengfu being the village head. However, Lei Zhengfu had too many connections, the officials involved all protected him, hence it was hard to bring him down. Last time at the reunion, Xiao Ye knew that I was the bureau chief of Zhonghai West Region Police Department and wanted to ask me to investigate the evidence of Lei Zhengfu's crime. I can't tell you what I'm looking for. He's a businessman, and there's nothing to say about spending money. It just so happened that Lei Zhengfu wanted to persuade every village representative to vote for him. Xiao Ye's family had never agreed to this, so today he specifically invited Xiao Ye here to eat and drink. We want to use this opportunity to pretend to be Xiao Ye's girlfriend and come with him to meet Lei Zhengfu. We want to record something like this, record some information about his bribes and so on so we can file a lawsuit in court! " Yang Chen's brows were locked together, he was a little dazed when he heard this, with so many bends and bends, this woman really does meddle in many matters. Although the surrounding towns were still considered within the boundaries of the Zhong Hai region, but since she, the director of the west region, managed things from so far, it could only be said that Cai Yan's sense of justice was too strong.
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