### Chapter 1156 - You can save me!] Cai Yan thought that Yang Chen still didn't believe her, so she quickly took out a thin and long pocket-sized recording pen from the belt at her waist, placed it in front of Yang Chen, and pouted as she said, "Look, I really came to record!" Lei Zhengfu's men saw us just now, so I can't explain too much to you. Yang Chen already believed it, and pushed the recording pen back to her, "Alright, I believe you, but this woman is too good at tormenting, do you have to do it yourself?" Could you send a female police officer? " "Hehe," Cai Yan happily said, "The feeling of being a 'spy' is really exciting, moreover those guys all have underworld backgrounds, I was worried that Xiao Ye would be harmed by them, so I had to protect him." Xiao Ye stood at the back and earnestly said: "Yanyan, I am a man, I should be the one protecting you." When Yang Chen heard this, his scalp turned numb, he creased his brows and said, "Hey, although you're Yanyan's classmate, you shouldn't call me that so casually, right?" Right, what did you just say? "You are pursuing Yanyan, do you think I am dead or do you want to declare war with me?" Cai Yan pulled on Yang Chen's sleeve, "Aiya, don't talk about him anymore, I told him not to call me that in private. He insisted on calling me that, I've already rejected him, but he just doesn't want to listen." Xiao Ye remained unmoved as he said, "Mr. Yang, since you haven't married Yanyan, that means I haven't lost, I will work hard for my dream." "Dream?" Yang Chen looked at Xiao Ye's serious expression and was a little confused. On the other hand, Cai Yan's face was completely red, as if she knew something. Xiao Ye glanced at the BMW X6 behind Yang Chen, and sighed as he said, "Looking at Mr. Yang's car, I can tell that Mr. Yang is a rich man." I'm just a village civil servant who comes from a peasant family. I don't have any money, I don't have any power, and my official position is also not as big as Yanyan's. However, I had always liked Yanyan ever since I enrolled into university. After graduating from university, I went my separate ways, thinking that I would never see her again. Unexpectedly, I met her again. I know I'm not good enough for her, but I don't want to feel regret in the future because I haven't worked hard enough. I will not give up my pursuit of Yanyan just because Mr. Yang is rich, unless you guys step into the palace of marriage, that way I will sincerely wish you guys the best and quietly leave. " These words were extremely sincere, although Cai Yan leaned on Yang Chen, she also bit her red lips, her eyes had a little confusion and guilt. Yang Chen didn't have any way to get angry with a man like this, even though his desire to pursue Cai Yan made him feel bad, she was open and upright, and had strong self-esteem. Compared to that, even though he gave out his true feelings, she was just a big playboy, he couldn't really give Cai Yan a proper marriage. With such a comparison, he was actually more detestable. However, matters of the heart and mind were similar to those of society. They weren't absolutely fair to begin with. Cai Yan was very clear that Xiao Ye would be a man who would wholeheartedly love her, but she couldn't choose Xiao Ye. It wasn't because her position, money, and reputation were inferior to Yang Chen's, but because after she understood Yang Chen, fell in love with him, and experienced what Yang Chen could give her, she was unable to move her heart towards an ordinary serious man like Xiao Ye. Yang Chen sighed, and asked Cai Yan, "That day, you said someone invited you out for a meal, then hung up on me. Was it him who invited you?" Cai Yan didn't hide anything, and nodded directly, "Yeah, you can't be angry, right? I've told Xiao Ye many times, I won't change my mind, but that's how he is. Xiao Ye is a good person. Cai Yan was also a straightforward person, and once again explained her thoughts in front of Xiao Ye. Xiao Ye's eyes flashed with a trace of gloom, and with a bitter smile he said: "Yanyan, I have always liked your straightforward attitude, not pretending, but your saying it like this really makes me sad. "I have always been curious, what kind of man could make Yan Yan Yan like him, and even doubted your existence, Mr. Yang. Now, it seems that it will be very difficult for me to succeed." Yang Chen suddenly no longer hated this fellow, he smiled and said, "It's not that difficult, it's just that it's impossible to succeed, but I appreciate your honesty." As for making Yanyan pretend to be your girlfriend and finding evidence for you to report that Lei Zhengfu, I won't allow it to happen again. Even if I'm going to help you, I have to do it through other means, not just by pretending to be your girlfriend. " Cai Yan pursed her lips and smiled, "What's wrong, are you jealous?" Yang Chen raised his eyebrows, "Yes, I'm jealous." Cai Yan happily poked her head into Yang Chen's chest, "Enough, don't be sour." I won't do that again. Today, I dealt with Lei Zhengfu with Xiao Ye for a few hours, but I did not manage to gather any useful materials. That old fox is very deep. Yang Chen gently laughed and said, "I advise you to be careful, that guy isn't simple. Since he was able to brazenly buy a polluting business, he definitely has a lot of spies in Zhong Hai. Your sudden appearance today, or in such a private house, would have led him to doubt it. If he finds out that you're from the police station, then he might vent his anger on Xiao Ye. Then, Xiao Ye will be in danger. " Cai Yan blinked her eyes, "Really?" Then … Then what do we do!? " "How would I know?" Yang Chen shrugged. Xiao Ye said: "Yanyan, don't worry, no matter how unreasonable Lei Zhengfu is, I am still a civil servant, what can he do to me? The election for the village head at the end of the month is about to begin, let's hurry up and gather the evidence, we absolutely cannot let him be successfully elected. " Determination flashed across Cai Yan's eyes, filled with fighting spirit. Yang Chen looked at this couple who were full of thoughts of "getting rid of violence and safety", and suddenly thought, if he didn't win Cai Yan's heart, they might really be a perfect match. After chatting for a while and it was late, Yang Chen generously asked Xiao Ye whether or not he should send him back. However, Xiao Ye still went to take a taxi and jokingly said that he had the money to take a taxi. Yang Chen was only polite, after bidding farewell to Xiao Ye, he brought Cai Yan back to the woman's house. The Cai family was located in Zhong Hai, and it was only Cai Yan's little daughter. The rest were all army guards and a few servants. The Cai family didn't come here often, so it was very quiet. Along the way, Yang Chen couldn't help but curiously ask Cai Yan. Could it be that he had been busy recently helping Xiao Ye report Lei Zhengfu, because Guo Xuehua had already mentioned it several times, and Cai Yan this daughter-in-law refused to cooperate, and never took the time to meet with other women. Cai Yan stuck out her tongue embarrassedly, and said: "Hubby you don't know, that Lei Zhengfu is simply too hateful. In order to become the village chief, he had been treating everyone since the beginning of the year. He even treated every single household in the village. In order to give him gifts, he specially made a storehouse filled with Wuliangye and Maotai, as well as those cigarettes of the Panda and Yellow Crane Restaurant. All of these are true, the storehouse is right behind his home, I've sent people to investigate it. The villagers would never dare to not vote for him. If any of them dared to refuse, he would send his underlings to beat them up until they accepted them. In this way, the villagers would be taking bribes and would not dare to report him. In the end, everyone accepted it. Xiao Ye's father refused to accept the gift and was beaten up until he was forced to accept it. Xiao Ye only found out about it when he returned home later on, but he couldn't afford to report Lei Zhengfu, so he asked for my help. Just from the hospitality and gifts alone, he had spent several million yuan a year. However, the reason why he spent so much money was because once he became the village chief, he would be able to make a profit without spending even a year of his money. I believe that if we can capture Lei Zhengfu, not only will we be able to capture those underworld criminals, we can also capture a bunch of the corrupt officials who are related to him! " Yang Chen looked at Cai Yan, and didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, "You're ruining your fortune, if too many officials are implicated, then you'll be in danger. Even if Father-in-law is a general, he won't be able to withstand the pressure from too many officials." "Don't I still have you?" Cai Yan grabbed onto Yang Chen's arm, and said with a smile, "In the past I definitely wouldn't dare, but now with our beloved Young Master Yang here, I really can't take it anymore, you can save me!" Yang Chen could be considered to be completely convinced, this woman relied on him to help her in the end, and wanted to enforce the law in a righteous and lawless manner! "Then you can't break off from your cultivation, Rose has just entered the Spirit Transformation Stage today, the rest of you need to hurry up." "What!? Big sis Rose is at the Deity Stage?! " Cai Yan opened her mouth in shock, and obediently nodded. Although she loved fighting and fighting, but she was not very good at comprehending the realm. In the end, her brain had been stuck at the same level for too long. "Also … …" Yang Chen glanced at the woman a few times, then said in a perverted tone, "In the future don't be so flamboyant in front of me, dress up like a woman as well. Wearing a lace skirt like this today would be pretty nice." Cai Yan was happy in her heart, being praised by her own man for his appearance was still a sweet feeling after all. Pursing her lips with a smile and nodding, she considered that it was time to buy more womanly outfits. After sending Cai Yan home, it was almost 2am in the morning. Yang Chen thought about how he hadn't spent the night at home for a few days, so he didn't have much to do with Cai Yan, so he returned home. But as soon as he arrived home, Yang Chen, who thought that the lights in his house would turn off completely, discovered that his house was brightly lit!
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