### Chapter 1158 - small shell In the next two days, although Guo Xuehua's heart itched, he didn't dare call the ladies to play mahjong at home, as if he had a headache towards Lin Ruoxi's stubborn brain. However, as a mother-in-law, she couldn't just admit it in front of everyone. She could only force her daughter-in-law to let her win more happiness, but she could only pretend that there was nothing wrong with it. While Yang Chen took care of the girls' cultivation on one side and went to work on the other, he spent two days in peace. The busiest person in the family was actually the little fat girl, Lan Lan. This was because the kindergarten planned to organize an event to visit Zhong Hai's zoo before it became too cold. For Blue Blue, who has been longing for the live giant panda, the zoo tour has been waiting for days, and it's the first time he's been out with other kids. Although many of the kids didn't dare to get too close to Lan Lan because of the beating, children were always forgetful. Xiao Ya and the other girls who were close to Lan Lan quickly returned to normal after a few days. On the other hand, the children of the Wang family had already left Zhong Hai with their parents after a lot of things happened in the Wang family. Early in the morning, Guo Xuehua specifically changed Lanlan's backpack to the back of her backpack, which was stuffed with all kinds of snacks. With Lanlan's appetite, eating all the snacks in the bag was no problem at all. Lan Lan smiled sweetly and bid farewell to the adults. Then she and Minjuan boarded a white BMW X5 that was specially designed to take her away. This car was specially prepared by Lin Ruoxi for Minjuan recently, and it was mainly for the convenience of bringing Lanlan along. A car with 700,000-100,000 yuan configuration, it was also the relatively cheap car that Lin Ruoxi could take out. Minjuan seized the moment to get a driver's license, and immediately drove a precious car in the eyes of ordinary people on the road. In her heart, she was also afraid, but later on Yang Chen said, "What are you afraid of with Lanlan?" Minjuan was relieved. Lan Lan wasn't an ordinary child. Even if something happened to him while driving, it definitely wouldn't be an injury to him. Although it was a bit strange, in the end, when the two of them were together, Lan Lan protected her as the babysitter, so it was more or less the same. On the way to kindergarten, Lan Lan sat in the back seat, pouting as she urged Minjuan, "Auntie Minjuan, hurry up! Hurry up! Lan Lan is going to the zoo! " Minjuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she replied, "My little ancestor, the car leaving for kindergarten is waiting for us. It won't leave until we get there, so it's no use for us to arrive early." Blue River didn't care too much. He was just eager to increase his speed. There were quite a few forks in the road, so normally no one would drive from here. Gradually, the road became abandoned, but this was the short way to Yun Hua kindergarten. Minjuan was sweating profusely as she drove towards the trail at high speed. It was more convenient to drive with fewer cars. Under Lan Lan's urging, Min Juan stepped on the throttle a little harder. However, not long after, a van charged out of the intersection in front of them! Min Juan quickly braked. It was obvious that they were going to let the main road's cars go first, but the van didn't seem to follow the rules at all. It just came out as soon as it said it! "Pah pah!" Minjuan pressed her horn and the van stopped moving in the middle of the road! "What situation is this, do you have any quality?" The village girl, Minjuan, criticized him as if he was a decent person. Lan Lan pouted, dissatisfied with parking the car. At this moment, the door behind the van opened and three men jumped out. They were well-dressed, with silver chains and dyed hair. A few men quickly ran to the side of the BMW. One of them, a man with dyed red hair, punched the door of the driver's seat of Minjuan! "Bang, bang, bang!" The man hooked his fingers, "Open the door! Get out of the car! " Minjuan was so scared that her face turned pale. She was trembling as she did not know what to say when she heard the car door at the back open! It was Blue and Blue who angrily got out of their seats, opened the door, and jumped out! The little fat girl had her hands on her hips, the black bangs of her watermelon head fluttering in the cold morning wind, looking just like a little fairy in winter. "Why did you stop us!?" Lan Lan was going to kindergarten! "You guys hurry and drive away!" Lan Lan shouted angrily. The red-hair and the other two men were stunned. They didn't expect this little girl to jump down herself. Minjuan could no longer hide. She quickly opened the driver's door, ran out of the car, and hugged Lan's body. "Who are you?" she asked nervously. Why are you stopping us!? " "Hehe, there's no need for you to know. Obediently sit in the back. We're driving this car!" The red hair laughed sinisterly. Lan Jue tilted his head and asked, "You want to drive?" Is it to send Lan Lan to kindergarten? " "Haha, kindergarten? Little bastard, if he continues to talk nonsense with your father, I'll slap you in the face! Get in the car! " The red hair said fiercely. Upon seeing the fierce expressions of the three, Min Juan immediately covered Lan Lan behind her. "Lan, run! "Go to Mom and Dad!" "Still trying to run?!" The red hair signaled with his eyes, and a man at the side immediately stepped forward to block his way, before slapping Min Juan's face again! "Pa!" With a crisp sound, Minjuan screamed and fell to the ground. Lan Lan immediately raised her eyebrows, "You hit Auntie!?" You are the bad guys! " "The child's voice is really loud, go up and knock her out!" The red hair ordered. "Yes sir!" The man grabbed Lan Lan's collar and pulled her toward him. Then, he slapped the back of Lan Lan's neck with his palm! This subordinate was quite heavy as well. Even if he was an adult, he would have most likely fainted from this. However, after Lan Lan was hit, she was completely fine! The man who did it was stunned, "Ai, how could it be like this, how is this little guy fine?" Lan Lan's small face was red with anger. Her pair of black, sleek eyes were filled with a baleful aura. Such a gaze that looked at life with indifference, it was completely unimaginable that such a cute girl would appear on his body! "You guys dare to fight Blue Ocean? Even Mom doesn't fight Blue Ocean! You're all bad people!" Lan Lan is going to kill you! " Red hair was scared by the blue eyes, but thinking about it, it was just a young girl in kindergarten, what was he afraid of? "Hey, did you hear that? This little guy said he was going to kill us?" The red hair sneered. "Boss, just stuff them in the car. If you keep on wasting time like this, someone might come. When the time comes, it'll be troublesome. The boss is still waiting for the hostages." Another man said. The red hair nodded, "Put the big and small ones in the car and drive away!" "Yes sir!" After the two men replied, they immediately turned around and prepared to capture him. However, before they could touch him, he moved first! The fat little girl's speed was as fast as lightning. Her pure physical strength was purposely restrained. Now that it erupted, these few normal people could not see it clearly! "Pfft!" There was a piercing sound as something broke through a layer of paper. When the man who was about to grab Lan Lan came back to his senses, he had already lowered his head in disbelief as he looked at his abdomen … Lan Lan's fist was like an diamond, penetrating the man's abdomen. The skin of the man's kidney was exposed from behind his fist! "Ahh!" The man screamed as he rolled his eyes. However, it did not affect Lan Lan's next move at all. The little girl's two round thighs sprung up and her body was like a small cannonball as she jumped up. Her left hand formed a hook and landed a punch right on the other man's forehead! "Crack!" Another crisp sound rang out. The man's head had actually turned 180 degrees after being hit. Not to mention that his head had caved in, his neck had been twisted! The red-hair saw that his two subordinates had already died beyond recognition in the past three to four seconds. A sudden urge to urinate came over him, causing his legs to tremble as he did not dare to move! Lan Lan showed no signs of restraining herself. She walked in front of the red hair and lifted her foot to kick him! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The red-haired man's calf was kicked by Lan Lan, and the sound of his calf bone breaking could be heard! Minamiya wanted to stop Lan Lan, but it was already too late. By the time she could react, the three men who were about to be kidnapped had already been beaten to a pulp by Lan Lan, and one of them had already been beaten to death! Not far away, the only driver in the van, upon seeing his three companions being weirdly crippled by a little girl, turned his car around in fright. He stepped on the accelerator and ran away, not daring to stay for even a second longer! She looked at the blood that was already flowing down the road and rushed forward. She picked up the blue color that had an unhappy expression and put it in the car. "Be good, Lan Lan. Sit down first and wait for auntie to call." Min Juan knew that she had no way of making the decision, this was clearly someone abducting Lanlan. She had to inform Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi as soon as possible, so she quickly took out her phone and dialed. "Alright." Lan Lan pouted and nodded. She then looked at the digital clock in the car again, feeling wronged. As for the mess of blood and the three kidnappers lying dead on the ground, Lan Lan didn't have the time to bother with them. At this moment, as it was still early, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, who were still at home and had yet to go out, were sitting on the sofa with Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma watching the morning news. Yang Chen suddenly saw his phone vibrate. With a look, he realized it was Minjuan. He was slightly puzzled, usually, Minjuan would call Lin Ruoxi whenever she had matters to attend to, but this time she actually called him. After picking it up and listening, without waiting for Yang Chen to ask anything, Minjuan was already speaking in a flurry of hurried words. Yang Chen's brows immediately tightened, a cold glint flashed in his eyes, he suddenly stood up, calmly said, "You guys wait over there, I'll be there shortly."
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