### Chapter 1159 - dutiful parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage, parentage Lin Ruoxi saw how serious Yang Chen's expression was, and worriedly asked, "Hubby, what happened?" Yang Chen hung up the phone, and solemnly said, "Minjuan and Lanlan were stopped by a stranger on the way, and wanted to kidnap them." "What!?" Lin Ruoxi panicked and stood up, "Then what about now?!" Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma also nervously looked over. Yang Chen comforted her with a smile and said, "She's already been completely wiped out by our precious daughter, I'll go and clean her up, don't worry, Lanlan is fine." Lin Ruoxi let out a breath of relief, then patted her chest, "Then go quickly, you're fast, I'll catch up later." Yang Chen didn't tarry any longer, and stopped driving. He immediately dashed towards the small road that he had to pass through, it was still very easy to find Lan Lan and Minjuan. In the blink of an eye, Yang Chen had already appeared at the scene of the incident. "Mr. Yang, you're here!" Minjuan had also seen the world, she wasn't surprised when she saw Yang Chen's sudden flash. Yang Chen nodded, walked to the side of the car, reached out his hand to first bring Lanlan out of the car. He looked at the depressed little fatty, patted her, and confirmed that there were no problems, then looked at the three guys on the ground. The two men had already been killed by Lan Lan. As for the rest of the red fur, they had fainted due to the pain of the transition. Yang Chen looked at Lanlan's "work", it was really good, the degree of ruthlessness in his actions, compared to his own father, it truly had some of the demeanor of a "female adoptive father". Although this view was a bit abnormal, Yang Chen was satisfied with his daughter's decisiveness in killing. "Father... Lan Lan is going to the zoo … " Lan Lan's pitiful eyes were already filled with tears. With so much time passing, the children probably wouldn't be able to catch up with the main group. "Aiya, these clothes are covered in blood, how can we even go to kindergarten!" Minjuan said helplessly. Yang Chen smiled, "I'm not afraid, Daddy's speed is too fast. Bringing Lanlan back to change, then immediately flying to kindergarten, I can definitely catch up!" Lan Lan's face lit up, and she clapped. "Oh, oh!" Daddy is the best! " "Of course, but Blue River, if you want to kill someone in the future, it's best to choose a method that won't bleed. You don't have to dirty your clothes, you just have to avoid having to change your clothes." "How are we going to kill the bad guys without bleeding?" Lan Lan asked curiously. Yang Chen dexterously gave an example, "For example, you could flatten a bad guy's neck, turn his head in a circle, or use a rock to stand far away and smash him! "All of them are fine!" Lan Lan nodded in a daze. "Then, when Lan Lan wants to kill the bad guys in the future, try it." "Hehe, that's right, she's really my good daughter." Yang Chen grinned foolishly. Minjuan was speechless with this father and daughter duo. How could she have the leisure to talk about such frightening topics? There were even three kidnappers lying on the ground. Although they had 'attempted', she still had to know why they had come to stop the kidnapping, right?! At this time Yang Chen turned his head and said, "Minjuan, come over later and ask Ruoxi to contact Yanyan directly. There's still someone alive here, it shouldn't be too difficult to investigate. I'll take Lanlan and go back to change." Because all the women were cultivating now, Yang Chen had already sent the people from the Sea Eagle Group back to Europe. After all, they had many families and would miss each other. So, investigating this sort of thing, I can only trouble Cai Yan. Minjuan nodded dumbly, indicating that she understood. While there was no one around, Yang Chen teleported back to his house, and ran into Minjuan's room. The blue clothes were also here. He changed the little girl's clothes, wiped off the blood on her face and sprayed on some perfume to cover the smell of blood. It only took a little more than ten minutes. In the next moment, Yang Chen had already carried Indigo Blue to the rooftop of the Cloud Flower kindergarten, this way he wouldn't appear out of the blue and be seen by others. Opening the door to the balcony, Yang Chen sent Lanlan downstairs, and found it just in time. Lan Lan wasn't affected by the fact that she had just killed someone. On the contrary, she felt that this morning was especially exciting, and begged Yang Chen to take her more "flying" in the future. How could Yang Chen listen to her, he patted the little fat chick's butt to get her to hurry to the classroom, meet up with the other children, and quietly return home. Lin Ruoxi had already followed Yang Chen's instructions, and had asked Cai Yan to send police officers to the scene to deal with it. The two men were already dead. After the rest of the red hair was arrested, they were sent to the hospital. After dealing with some broken legs, the follow-up treatment was postponed. Although Lan Lan had killed someone, he was still a child after all. He had "defended himself", so it was not a big deal. Cai Yan was naturally very dissatisfied with her 'goddaughter' almost getting kidnapped. After quickly getting people to investigate the information on the kidnappers, the ward immediately became the police station's interrogation room. Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi stood in the hospital room together, they were no longer in the mood to go to work, no matter what, they had to get rid of the culprit behind the murder of their daughter. "You don't need to hide it from me. We've already found out that you are a member of the disbanded East Peak Society. Meng Jun, your two subordinates, Ah Ze and Wang Fei, have also entered the police force quite a few times. We, the police, have a record of all your information. If you cooperate with us in our investigation, if you tell us who the mastermind is and what the conspiracy is, you can easily get it done in court. "If you dare to not say it, I can guarantee that from your identity as the child you kidnapped, you will wait at least ten years before leaving prison. Even if I kill you, no one will dare to say anything." Cai Yan's face was gloomy as she interrogated the red-haired Meng Army, exaggerating a lot, but it was extremely useful. Meng Jun was still feeling pain in his legs. When he heard the harsh words spoken by the beautiful police officer in front of him, his entire body trembled as he swallowed his saliva. "I... Comrade Police Officer, Officer, I am just a small fry who is earning a bit of extra money. I was hired by my boss to lead my brothers to tie up the kid, so we just squatted there. "We're just collecting money to work. We don't even know who the other boss is." "Then where are you sending your children after kidnapping? What's your purpose?" Cai Yan asked. Meng Jun hurriedly said, "Our destination is an abandoned New Year cake processing plant on the South Pavilion Road in the western suburbs. We just need to send that child there. That boss will send people to deliver it there!" "Don't you still have an accomplice to flee? Where is he now?" Meng Jun gritted his teeth and said, "Right, Officer. His name is Ah Lu. He is not one of us, but was sent by our employer to supervise our work. He definitely knows who is behind this." "Although he's gone, I can tell the police officer the license plate number of the car. You'll definitely find out what happened to him!" The red hair was anxious. At this critical moment, protecting himself was the most important, so he spat out everything he could say. With the license plate number, with the help of her network and the cooperation of the police from other places, Cai Yan could indeed find the location of the white van easily. After gathering all the information, Cai Yan immediately instructed her subordinates to go to Zhong Hai to find that van. A short while later, a message came from below that the van had been parked on the western outskirts of the city, but there was no one in the van. However, most of these gangsters were registered at the police station. This driver called Aru was quickly found in the files. After Meng Jun confirmed that it was indeed that Aru, Cai Yan issued a wanted poster, searching all of Zhong Hai for that guy called Ah Lu. As long as they found him, they would know who the employer was. Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi glanced at Aru's photo, they didn't even look like good people, but there was nothing they could do, they could only wait for Cai Yan to catch her. Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but rejoice, Lanlan was an extraordinary child, especially at such a dangerous time, to have such a 'valiant' daughter was indeed a happy thing. After dealing with this series of things, it was already noon. Cai Yan was planning to have lunch with Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, so she called from the police station. Cai Yan picked up the phone, and not much was said, but her pretty face was already pale, completely drained of color! Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi looked at each other, they were a little confused. Why was it that just now, when she was still fine, Cai Yan seemed to have lost her soul? When Cai Yan put down the phone with a trembling body, her eyes were filled with tears. They were red, and she wanted to cry. "Yanyan, what happened? "You're so scary …" Lin Ruoxi muttered in a low voice. Cai Yan covered her mouth, but still couldn't hold back her tears. Two streams of tears flowed down, vague, as she said to Yang Chen who had a face full of worry, "Xiao Ye … …" Xiao Ye, he … "Dead …" Lin Ruoxi had a face full of doubt, she didn't know who Xiao Ye was, but Yang Chen was startled and didn't dare believe it.
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