### Chapter 1160 - You've got a quirk Yang Chen couldn't be bothered about that, he went up and hugged Cai Yan, then patted her on the back, "Don't cry anymore, we're still at the hospital, how can the police chief cry like this, quickly tell us what happened." As Cai Yan sobbed, she tried her best to hold back her tears. Wiping away the tears from the corner of her eyes, she raised her head and said with reddened eyes, "It was the department that received the call from Xiao Ye's father. He said that Xiao Ye … He was hanged and killed. " "Hanging?" Although Yang Chen wasn't familiar with that Xiao Ye, he could still be considered an upright man who was humiliated to the point of being hanged. He couldn't help but coldly ask, "Was it the work of Lei Zhengfu's men?" Cai Yan shook her head, "I'm not sure yet, but it's most likely him. Xiao Ye had told his father that he could call me at the police station if there was an urgent matter. I didn't expect … It would be such a thing. " Saying that, Cai Yan wiped her face, and seriously said, "No, I must immediately go to Xiao Ye's house." Yang Chen noticed that Cai Yan's mood was unstable, so he creased his brows. He turned to Lin Ruoxi and said, "Ruoxi, you go to the company first, I'll accompany Yanyan." Even though Lin Ruoxi didn't know what exactly happened, it was still a big matter if someone died. She didn't ask any further questions, she comforted Cai Yan by patting her on the back, and left first. Cai Yan gratefully glanced at Yang Chen. With a man by her side when she was grieving in her heart, it made her feel more at ease. The two of them left the hospital, and Cai Yan drove her police car straight to the village of WeChat. The distance from the Internet Village to Zhong Hai was less than an hour. This was also because many parts of the road were provincial roads, so it wasn't very fast. In addition, there were also many ponds that were used to breed river clams and catfish. Because Lei Zhengfu had built a paper mill in the past two years, he had also developed stone mines and iron ores, which caused the pollution in the village to become more severe every day. Many of the fish ponds had been abandoned, and many of the land had been used to grow bad crops. The villagers were working in Lei Zhengfu's paper mill, while many of the younger villagers went to work in Zhonghai City. The whole village was filled with old people and women. Xiao Ye's home was on the tarmac at the village entrance. At this moment, there were dozens of villagers standing in front of the Xiao family's courtyard gate, discussing something. There were also women and children crying. When Yang Chen and Cai Yan arrived at the entrance together, there were already two cars from the police station of Lu Shan Town. A few policemen saw another Zhonghai City police car. They looked a little familiar, but when they looked again, they were puzzled by the beauty of the police car. Only their leader, Zhang Guoping, the police chief of the Lushan town police station, recognized Cai Yan, whom they often met at meetings in the city. "Bureau Chief Cai, why are you here?" Zhang Guoping was a big fat guy, and his beer belly was especially obvious. He walked up and shouted with a warm smile. "Department Head Zhang, thank you for your hard work." Cai Yan forced a smile, but didn't respond to the fat Department Head's extended hand and shook it. Zhang Guoping immediately introduced the few policemen under his command, "This is Zhonghai West Region Police Department's Chief Cai Yan, she is our superior, greetings everyone!" The policemen were a little surprised that such a young and beautiful woman could be the leader of the city, but they still greeted her one by one, not daring to slight her. Speaking of which, most of them only had a living. The police station in the city was the real national civil servant. Cai Yan wasn't in the mood to talk with them, but instead walked straight in front of Xiao Ye's father. Father Xiao and his son were of similar stature and were easy to recognize. However, the hair on Father Xiao's temples had turned white, and his son had suddenly been killed. His heart was exhausted, as if he was in his last years. His face was yellow. Cai Yan recognized her father before. Seeing the old man in such a state, she painfully grabbed hold of his hand, "Uncle Xiao, you have to hold on, I will definitely give Xiao Ye justice!" Xiao's father said with a hoarse voice and a smile, "Thank you, Bureau Chief Cai. I am already very grateful that you came." Logically speaking, it wasn't Cai Yan's place to interfere from the city when Xiao Ye died, so Xiao Yanyu's father could only make a phone call with the hope of making some connections. Cai Yan didn't know how to comfort her, everyone was dead, the white-haired man was giving away the black-haired man, no matter what, it was all empty! Find the murderer! Punishment of the murderer! Cai Yan steeled her gaze, and suddenly turned to Zhang Guoping, "Department Head Zhang, how's the situation? How is the investigation going?" Zhang Guoping smiled apologetically, "Chief Cai, Director Xiao was discovered hanging on the balcony of our house by villagers this morning. The on-site investigation did not reveal any traces of a fight. From all the various indications, it does not look like he was killed, but more like he committed suicide. " "Nonsense!" How could my son commit suicide!? " At this time, Father Xiao suddenly shouted angrily, "It must be that Lei Zhengfu sent his men over last night to kill my son! Didn't he vote for me as the village chief just because he wanted my ticket?! He killed my son for a ticket! Why don't you police arrest him immediately! " The surrounding villagers' faces were filled with grief and indignation. Actually, everyone had already guessed this, but none of them dared to say anything. After all, Xiao Ye was the eldest child of the webs village chief, and most of the people present were his uncles and aunts. Seeing his nephew being slaughtered just like that, the villagers were incomparably saddened. Zhang Guoping frowned in displeasure. "Xiao Jingen, we, the Public Security department, need to give evidence. We haven't found any signs of fighting at the scene. Don't tell me that a man who graduated from the police academy like Director Xiao doesn't have any means of self-defense at all? " Yang Chen who had been watching from the side interrupted and asked, "Then you guys say he committed suicide, did you find a motive to commit suicide?" "Who are you?" Zhang Guoping didn't pay much attention to Yang Chen, he only thought that Yang Chen was one of Cai Yan's underlings. However, from the looks of it, it didn't seem like it. "No need to care who he is, just answer the question." Cai Yan coldly looked at Zhang Guoping. Upon hearing Cai Yan's words, Zhang Guoping could only obediently say, "We haven't found it yet, but we will try our best to solve it within a month." "What kind of joke is this!? "One month!?" Cai Yan reprimanded, "Today, immediately investigate the fingerprints on the scene, examine the corpse, I don't believe that we won't be able to find any trace of the culprit! I'll take care of this case in your stead! All of you, scram! " Cai Yan could see that this Zhang Guoping's police officer at Lu Shan Town should have received a lot of benefits from Lei Zhengfu, and was obviously trying to keep things under wraps. Zhang Guo Ping suddenly revealed a playful smile, "Chief Cai, I respect you as the superior leader, but you shouldn't go overboard. We're all following the process, and this isn't some kind of principled mistake. You don't know, although our mountain town is small, there are still a lot of things. Our police station is trying to improve the efficiency as much as possible. If you keep insisting on telling us to scram, how am I supposed to keep my face in Lu Shan Town? I, Zhang Guo Ping am just a nobody, but … That uncle of mine might think that I have disgraced him and disgraced him. " "Your uncle?" Cai Yan sneered, "Are you talking about Public Security Hall's Director Zhou? "You think I will let you off just because your uncle is my superior?" Zhang Guoping snorted lightly, "Bureau Chief Cai, let's not get involved in each other's affairs. In my area, I'm the one who should be in charge of this case." "Zhang Guoping, you have an uncle who is the head of the Public Security Office, but can only manage one small town as a chief of police. Do you know why?" Zhang Guoping frowned, looking somewhat displeased, "Is Chief Cai mocking me?" "Forget it, let me tell you." Cai Yan suddenly raised her sleeves, rolled them, and sneered, "Because you have a pig's brain!" Just as she finished speaking, Cai Yan's fist had already fiercely smashed into Zhang Guoping's beer belly! "Bam!" One could even hear the sound of a fist hitting flesh! Zhang Guoping's eyes were wide open as he cried out in pain, his body staggering backwards! Without showing any mercy, Cai Yan landed another punch on Zhang Guoping's left cheek, throwing his fat face backwards, blood flying out of the corner of his mouth and nose! The villagers and the police officers present were all dumbfounded. A pretty and handsome policewoman actually dared to say nothing and beat him up. Yang Chen watched on happily from the side, it was precisely this straightforward, violent personality that made him remember this girl very quickly. "Good!" Good fight! " Yang Chen immediately drummed his hands and jeered. As the villagers took the lead, many of them also laughed and clapped. Usually, they also received the anger of Zhang Guoping and his team. After being punched by the two fists, Zhang Guoping was confused and confused, gasping for breath, he leaned on his two underlings and vaguely pointed at Cai Yan and roared: "Stupid woman … … You. You have guts! I... I need to report to the Leader! You. "You're finished!"
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