### Chapter 1161 - It was I who killed him Wiping the blood off his face, Zhang Guoping felt that both his teeth had loosened, and almost vomited blood in anger. But if he were to fight Cai Yan head on, he really wouldn't dare, he had heard that Cai Yan had once been trained by the special forces. After thinking about it, he decided to leave and find his uncle, Director Zhou. With a backer like this, what could a bureau chief like Cai Yan be? After giving Cai Yan a fierce glance, Zhang Guoping turned around and waved his hand, signalling for her to leave. Before he could walk out the door, a figure had already appeared in front of him, blocking his path. It was Yang Chen. Zhang Guoping raised his eyebrows, "Brat, what are you doing?" Yang Chen indifferently said: "You're scolding my woman as a bitch, how dare you say my woman is' smelly ', can I let you go?" "What, you still want to attack the police!?" Zhang Guoping shouted. Yang Chen sighed, at this moment he shook his head, a leg directly kicked out from between Zhang Guoping's legs! "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"" After a tragic scream, Zhang Guo Ping's mouth was wide open, his eyeballs nearly popping out. Both his hands covered his vitals as he curled up on the ground! "Superintendent!" "Superintendent!" The policemen were scared silly. How could each man and woman be more ruthless than the other!? Zhang Guoping's legs were starting to drip with a wet liquid, and he couldn't tell if it was blood or something else. A disgusting smell filled the air. The policemen quickly supported Zhang Guoping who had a pale face and a head full of cold sweat. They didn't dare to stay for even a second longer. Seeing this, Mr Xiao sighed: "Chief Cai, this mister, actually you don't need to do this, doing this will only bring you trouble. That fatty has a background. His uncle is related to that Lei Zhengfu, so he's like a dog's leg. If you beat him up today, his uncle will definitely make Lei Zhengfu kill you. Cai Yan smiled and comforted him, "It's fine, Uncle Xiao, we can't wait for that Lei Chenfu to come find us. "Quickly tell me, before Xiao Ye died, did anything special happen? Do you have any evidence to prove that it was related to Lei Zhengfu? I will definitely capture him today!" When Father Xiao mentioned his son, his body trembled. He let out a long breath and said, "Last night, Lei Zhengfu brought someone to my house and told us to accept the fifty thousand red packet. We are determined not to accept him. If we accept him, wouldn't it be equivalent to accepting a bribe and getting dragged onto the boat by him? I told Xiao Ye that he had kicked out Lei Zhengfu's group, and Xiao Ye also said that it was only a few days before the end of the month, so he wanted me to go with him and persuade the other villagers not to vote for Lei Zhengfu. But he didn't expect that … Who knew that this morning... "Then …" Father Xiao choked with sobs, unable to continue. One of the aunts beside him said angrily, "That Lei Zhengfu is too heartless. His Lei Clan has been in our town for many years, and yet he is in his generation. He is worse than a beast!" If he didn't accept the gift, he would send the delinquents to fight every day, forcing them to accept the gift and board the boat. If he couldn't, like Xiao Ye, who was an official in the government, he would always give people red packets, and red packets were even bigger and bigger, making people want to take them. "Xiao Ye is a good kid. He told me that if we want Lei Zhengfu to become the village chief, everyone's land must be polluted. That's why we're letting Lei Zhengfu hate us!" "Ah, Lei Zhengfu has both black and white people. Two of our village's university students went to the city to look for their leaders, but their leaders didn't see them. They were seen by Lei Zhengfu's network and they told him that someone went to complain to him and once he returned to town, he was beaten into a fool by Lei Zhengfu's subordinates! Right now, in the entirety of Lu Mountain Town, Lei Zhengfu is the strongest and no one dares to offend him. Xiao Ye might be good enough, but he can't beat him, so this kid, Xiao Ye, is such a pity … " "He wants to let the villagers know that he can either vote for him or die if he doesn't vote!" An old man said in grief and indignation. After hearing all these, Cai Yan's face was as cold as ice, and asked everyone: "Xiao Ye, he …. Where is it now? " Father Xiao said in a low voice, "He was sent to the hospital in the town. Bureau Chief Cai, why don't you take me along? I haven't even gone to see Xiao Ye." Zhang Guoping and his men had been staying here all along, but no one had brought Xiao father to the hospital to see his son's body. Cai Yan lightly replied, signaled to Yang Chen, then brought her father to the town hospital. Entering the hospital, under the lead of the nurse, the three of them finally saw Xiao Ye, who had already lost all signs of life, lying on the bed. Xiao Ye's expression was very calm, so calm that it was heartbreaking. As soon as Xiao's father saw his son, he fell down crying beside the sickbed. Yang Chen sighed with emotion, his heart felt heavy. A few days ago, I just saw this handsome young man walking in and out of the night shop with Cai Yan, and he almost ruthlessly attacked me. But now, they were separated by yin and yang. To Yang Chen, he was just a stranger, a love rival who had no competitive strength at all. His insignificance made Yang Chen feel that it was absurd. But to Cai Yan, he was a classmate of four years in university, a upright and kind-hearted young talent who had always silently admired her. Cai Yan looked at Xiao Ye, and choked with emotions as she asked Yang Chen, "Why, why is the heavens so unfair to him … …" What did he do wrong? He was just doing what he should have done … Didn't they say that good people would get good rewards …. Xiao Ye was still so young. He had worked so hard to get into the police academy and to become a civil servant. He still had so many unfulfilled dreams. Wasn't his life just starting …? With so many damn people alive and well, why did Xiao Ye want to leave first? "How can he die so senselessly?" Yang Chen was speechless, sometimes people's lives are as light as a feather, allowing him to completely ignore them, but sometimes it was inexplicably heavy. When harvesting lives, Yang Chen would never consider what stories these people had behind their backs, and what their lives would be implicated in. But in front of his eyes, such a life was something that Yang Chen couldn't help but mourn. Human life did not have value because of life itself. It was what happened in life that showed how precious it was. Traces of comprehension let Yang Chen immerse himself in his own thoughts, and momentarily forget about his surroundings. It turned out that the greatness of mankind was due to its insignificance. At this time, the nurse in charge of the care of Xiao Ye's corpse seemed to want to say something but was hesitant to do so. She hesitated and said to Father Xiao: "Old Uncle, your son … "When we changed his clothes, we found some knife wounds on his back." Xiao's father raised his head with tears streaming down his face, asking, "What wound …" Yang Chen and Cai Yan returned to their senses, Zhang Guoping previously said that there were no traces of a fight, but why did the nurse say that he had a wound? "How could that be? When the hospital picked my son up and left, I didn't see any wounds!" Father Xiao said. The nurse looked outside and confirmed there was no one. She whispered, "Yes, but the wound is already scabbed and there's not much blood. It's wrapped in clothes again. If you don't take off your clothes, you won't be able to see it." We found out that it was originally meant to tell the police station, but the police chief Zhang wouldn't let us inform his family, but I think it's too wicked, how can the family not know? I don't feel at ease. I think that the deceased was actually killed by someone, and someone used a knife to write something behind his back … " "What!?" Cai Yan cried out in alarm. Yang Chen squinted his eyes, walked up, ignored the objection of the nurse, and directly lifted up Xiao Ye's corpse, then took off the clothes on his back. When Xiao Ye's scarred back appeared, both father Xiao and Cai Yan were stunned as if they were struck by lightning. On Xiao Ye's back, someone used a sharp knife to shield his skin. Bloody words were written in large characters: "Call the police, you're courting death!" Father Xiao sucked in a breath of cold air as his eyes rolled back in his head. He immediately fainted. Clearly, he was infuriated! "Uncle Xiao!" Cai Yan cried out in alarm, her lips were pale, as she helped the nurse support her father. The nurse called for the paramedics and sent Father Xiao to be treated. Cai Yan looked at Xiao Ye's corpse in a daze, "So … …" I killed him. How could I be so stupid … I killed him... " Yang Chen held onto the woman's shoulders in pain, "Don't speak nonsense, no matter how good your cover is, even if you didn't help him, with Lei Zhengfu's eyes, he will still find out about you, and he will still kill you!" Cai Yan tightly shut her eyes, unable to bear to take another glance. Clenching her delicate fists, she suddenly turned around and trembled as she said to Yang Chen, "Hubby, can you do me a favor?"
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