### Chapter 1162 - untechnical content Yang Chen could roughly guess what this woman wanted to do, so he said, "Speak." "I want to kill someone..." Yang Chen grinned, "This doesn't seem like something the people's police should say. Now, you want to settle this in private?" Cai Yan's face was cold, she nodded, and didn't have any sort of joking expression, "I thought since I was young … …" They should be brought to justice for the treatment of bad people, in accordance with judicial procedures and with legal norms, in order to uphold social justice. But I now find that not everything in this society can be regulated by law. I didn't think so before because it didn't happen to me, and I was too naive … " "It's not that you're naïve. It's just that the laws and regulations aren't up to the task. At the very least, this time, they've lost to money, power, and the desire of others." Cai Yan was silent for a moment, then said: "Let's go to Lei Zhengfu's home, I want to personally … … Take revenge for Xiao Ye. " Yang Chen naturally had no objections, as long as Lei Zhengfu's death can ease Cai Yan's heart, even if he kills his entire family, Yang Chen won't furrow his brows. Since Lei Zhengfu's mansion was in the town, Cai Yan had already investigated it. After the two left the hospital, they immediately rushed over. Halfway there, Cai Yan received a call from the police station. After receiving the call, she hung up without saying anything. Yang Chen looked at Cai Yan's frosty face, and couldn't help but laugh, "Is it that Zhang Guoping's uncle who called?" "Yes." As Cai Yan drove, she said, "That Zhou Zhidong relied on his status as the Public Security Office's Director to get his wife into the head office of the Agricultural Bank of Zhong Hai. Every year he embezzled large amounts of money, I've long disliked him." "Then ignore him, whatever he says, whatever he dares to do to you, I'll kill him immediately." Yang Chen said with a relaxed smile. Cai Yan tenderly looked at the man beside her, and finally revealed a smile, "I can finally understand, why you can still be so happy after experiencing so much pain that ordinary people can't endure. You, just because you can simplify everything, kill people that you can't bear to see, right?" "Don't even mention being so unskilled, just killing people is not something that anyone can kill. If I kill someone, others cannot do anything to me. This is the essential difference." "So, I followed a good man." Cai Yan couldn't help but be mischievous. "You just found out!" Yang Chen snappily smiled. The two of them chatted and laughed, finally easing the heavy atmosphere. Not long later, they arrived at Lei Zhengfu's residence. The Lei Zheng Fu family's house was built with money. It was built with five floors full of hundreds of big buildings. Although it didn't look like much, it was truly expensive. The entire two acre area belonged to the Lei Family. Just the garden and parking lot outside were already expensive. Lei Zhengfu had done a lot of evil deeds in the past. Naturally, his family members were not the only ones in the family. His subordinates were also on duty twenty-four hours a day. As soon as someone saw Cai Yan's police car enter the car park, more than twenty fierce thugs immediately surged out, and there were even two people holding big wolfdogs, with no intention of welcoming them. Yang Chen and Cai Yan got off the car, and walked straight towards the entrance. At this moment, Lei Zhenfu's younger brother, Lei Heng, who he had previously met, walked out with a few subordinates. When he saw Yang Chen and Cai Yan, he was stunned for a moment, then laughed evilly and said, "Who do I think it is, why does it look so familiar? Yo, isn't this Director Xiao's girlfriend, Xiao Yan? Why are they all wearing their uniforms today?" "What are you guys pretending for, didn't you guys already investigate that I'm a police officer?" Cai Yan sneered coldly. "I don't understand, Xiao Yan, you are a police officer, I only knew that because you were wearing police uniform, how could you say that?" "Cut the crap, where's Lei Zhengfu?" Cai Yan asked. Lei Heng placed both hands in front of his chest and proudly said, "Officer, if you want to break into the house, you must have a search warrant. You don't care where my brother is." "You …" Seeing that Cai Yan was about to get angry, Yang Chen quickly stopped her, and helplessly said, "I say, Yanyan, you still don't understand. When will you go and speak nonsense to them like this?" "Then what do we do? I'm going to kill that Lei Zhengfu!" Cai Yan was puzzled. "Lei Zhengfu wants to kill. There's no need to keep the people around him." Yang Chen laughed. "Ahh …" Cai Yan was about to say something, but Yang Chen had already moved! Yang Chen's figure flashed, and arrived in front of Lei Heng! Before Lei Heng could react, his neck was already grabbed by Yang Chen like steel! After Lei Heng's whole body was pulled up by Yang Chen, he slightly exerted a force on his neck and died! Without saying anything further, Yang Chen threw Lei Heng's corpse directly onto the stairs behind the door. It flew high into the air, and landed at an angle of 20 to 30 meters! The other thugs looked on with dazed eyes. They didn't dare to believe that their Thunder Lord had already died in the blink of an eye! Yang Chen waved towards Cai Yan at the back, hinting for her to follow. The group of subordinates didn't dare to step forward, towards Yang Chen's unfathomable killing method, they were already lucky that they didn't wet their pants in fear. Yang Chen wasn't interested in killing these hoodlums, so he brought Cai Yan inside the house, and walked through a long garden path to the front door of the big building. Lei Zhengfu was indeed at home. Seeing his younger brother being thrown outside the door like this, he found it difficult to remain calm and rushed out with his men. However, the other person who came out with Lei Zhengfu called Yang Chen with a "eh" sound. Beside Lei Zhengfu was a man with a panicked expression. He was Wang An, the son of the Wang Family from the kindergarten! Yang Chen had thought that this fellow had already returned to Shanxi, he never expected to meet him here! When Wang An saw Yang Chen, his face turned ashen. He was so scared that he wanted to turn around and run away, but he didn't dare to do it so brazenly. His expression was filled with shock. "Ah Heng!" Lei Zhengfu found that his younger brother had already stopped breathing, and his neck was crushed into a pile of bones. He immediately let out a loud roar. Holding Lei Heng's body, Lei Zhengfu revealed a fierce look and said, "You guys … You dare to kill my little brother!? " "What? Xiao Ye deserves to die, but your little brother doesn't?" Yang Chen mockingly laughed. Hmph, there's no need to waste words with you guys. If you dare to kill my younger brother, then I'm not afraid of you! I'm going to kill you! What are you still standing there for!? Hurry up and go up! " At Lei Zhengfu's order, twenty to thirty men in the yard gritted their teeth and rushed over, thinking that they could always kill this couple if they had more people. Yang Chen didn't have any intentions of making a move, he looked at Cai Yan beside him, these guys, are more suitable to be handed over to Cai Yan. Just as Cai Yan was about to erupt with rage, a group of hooligans rushed over, giving her a channel to vent. She had originally graduated from special training, and now that she had zhenqi at the pinnacle of the Postnatal realm, it only took a few minutes for Cai Yan to beat a group of hooligans like her. In the middle of the crowd, the men were hit until they were all crying and couldn't get up. However, Cai Yan wasn't Yang Chen after all, she didn't kill any of the delinquents, at most she only crippled one leg. Lei Zhengfu saw that his subordinates had all been taken down and finally realized that the situation was not good. He could not be bothered with his dead brother Lei Heng and pulled Wang An to run away. But how could Yang Chen give them the chance? He moved in a flash to stop the two of them, and with a sweep of his leg, he broke their legs on the spot! Wang An shouted in pain, begging for mercy, but Yang Chen merely stepped on his head, "You, didn't you say you were returning to Shanxi, why are you here?" "I... I have some business with Boss Ley... He had to … He had to finish speaking before returning to Shanxi... "Please spare my life, young master Yang..." Wang An cried. Yang Chen squinted his eyes, but didn't believe it. He looked at Lei Zhengfu and asked, "Is what he said true?" Lei Zhengfu hesitated, but still nodded with a tremble. Yang Chen evilly smiled and said, "If you tell me the truth, I can promise to only kill him, I won't kill you." "Really!?" Lei Zhengfu was ecstatic. On the side, Wang An shouted, "Old Lei! You can't do this! You can't do that to me! " Lei Zhengfu couldn't care so much and quickly said, "Wang An and I do have a business in iron ore, but this time he wanted me to help him kidnap a little girl. It's just that we didn't succeed …" Killing intent filled Yang Chen's eyes, he sneered and said, "So that's how it is, I was just saying, which enemy would actually set their sights on my daughter … …." What, your Wang family wants to use my daughter to threaten me? Or are you the only one who wants to? " Wang An's mind went blank and he said weakly, "It's me … The clan no longer wants me, I want to give it my all... Young Master Yang, I know I can't live, please don't kill my son, I beg you … " Yang Chen didn't let Wang An continue speaking, and directly stomped on his head. Since he dared to have ill intentions towards his daughter, Yang Chen didn't even have the interest to listen to him speak. However, Yang Chen believed, this matter is definitely because Wang An himself was unwilling to do so, the Wang family has already been suppressed by the Yang family and Ning family's alliance to the point that they only have half a life left, they wouldn't be naive enough to think that capturing a little girl would allow them to revive. Lei Zhengfu continuously felt nauseous, because of the way Yang Chen crushed people's heads, he was extremely nauseous. Brain matter and blood were scattered all over the ground. "Great sir... I... "I can leave now …" Lei Zhengfu pleaded. Yang Chen brilliantly smiled, then looked at Cai Yan who walked over with a cold face, and said, "That won't do, I already said it, even if I don't kill you, it doesn't mean that my woman won't kill you." "You! "You're cheating!" Lei Zhengfu's face turned completely ashen. A feeling of humiliation, resentment, and extreme fear that made him want to bite his tongue and commit suicide instantly caused the world to spin …
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