### Chapter 1163 - nocturnal sound of wind and rain Unknowingly, three days had passed, and it was now the end of the month. Originally, the only 'hot' person was Lei Zhengfu. However, because of his death at home, he was not selected. Thus, the villagers spontaneously elected the previous village chief for a second term. The villagers were not too clear about what had happened. There were many opinions on the matter, but Lei Zhengfu's death was a great relief. The superior authorities sent people to investigate that Lei Zhengfu was suspected of violating the rules and regulations of building an expanded factory, polluting the environment, and engaging in illegal underworld activities. Although he had died suddenly, his family property was confiscated. The paper mill in the netting village will be closed, and the government will allocate funds to clean up the contaminated areas and relocate workers. Zhang Guoping, director of the police station in Lushan Town, was charged with bribery and violent law enforcement, and dealt with under both rules. And in Zhonghai City, due to the influence of this small town's Lei Zhengfu and Zhang Guoping, a series of thunderbolts was brought about. What shocked the city committee of Zhonghai was that this scandal of the Lushan Town had alarmed Prime Minister Ning Guangyao, who was far away in Beijing! Ning Guangyao was on the verge of reelection, and he needed to gain a good reputation at a crucial moment. It could be said that he wanted to make an example of the situation and punish the party's culture. After flying all night to Zhong Hai City, Ning Guangyao had pulled out Zhong Hai's Public Security Office's Director Zhou Zhidong, the Environmental Protection Department's Director and more than a dozen other officials, who were suspected of conspiring against Lei Zhengfu! The upper echelons of Zhong Hai could be said to have changed for the worse, but because of Lei Zhengfu, it was hard to hide the truth, and no one dared to speak up for anyone. All of a sudden, the entire Chinese political scene was filled with hubbub. The officials became more and more fearful of Ning Guangyao, and the comments on the internet pointed to the young Chinese Prime Minister, who was even more sought after. During this series of events, Zhong Hai West Region Police Department Chief Cai Yan's resignation could be considered a small matter. Aside from the internal discussion within the police department, the outside world was paying more attention to the new director candidate. … …. West suburbs, Yang Chen's house. Although it wasn't a weekend, Guo Xuehua took advantage of Lin Ruoxi's working days to call over Xiao Zhiqing and Rose, who were both free and quiet, one missing and one missing. The other woman who had rushed over was Cai Yan, who had just resigned from her position as the bureau chief and was giving him a vacation at home. After taking off her police uniform, Cai Yan's clothes were still rather neutral. Her neat short hair along with a black knitted sweater, as well as her tight-fitting jeans, gave off a lively feeling even in winter. On the mahjong table, Cai Yan was clearly more careless than An Xin. She relied entirely on luck to play cards, continuously passing cards to Guo Xuehua. This made Guo Xuehua beaming with joy, he was finally able to win a few rounds with confidence like before. As they played cards, the women also casually chatted. In fact, they often had meetings, and in addition to the fact that all the girls practiced the same cultivation technique, it was inevitable that they would see each other as family members. So they were familiar with each other. "Yanyan, are you really not going to be a cop anymore? I heard from my husband that you're proud to be a cop. " Xiao Zhiqing asked curiously. Cai Yan stretched lazily out of boredom, "That was in the past, but now I feel bored. Besides, I killed Lei Zhengfu, which is against the law. How can a woman who violates the law be a policeman? " "That can't be, it's just killing scum." Rose laughed in a clear voice. "Hmph, I'm tired. My hands and feet are tied, so it's not interesting at all. "I've decided to go back to Beijing in a few days to accompany my parents and ask my sister how she cultivates so she can improve faster." Saying that, Cai Yan came up to Rose with a smile, "Big sis Rose, you're so awesome, my big sis has never evolved since she was young, you're quite advanced, tell me what you're thinking." Rose helplessly said, "If I could say so, I would have said so a long time ago. I understand more and more now, why when my husband says something about realms, it's useless even if you don't understand. I really don't know what to say, what to say is wrong. Moreover, I feel that everyone's' Dao 'is different, and only yours is useful. " Cai Yan pouted, "Forget it, it's so secretive, I'll go back to Beijing and ask my sister." "Look at how stubborn you are, you're pouting so arrogantly, why didn't Rose say anything? Even Yang Chen doesn't know what to say, what are you telling Rose to say?" Guo Xuehua scolded him with a smile. Cai Yan giggled, "Mom, I was just joking …" Sigh! That's not right! Why the f * * k are you laughing again!? " Guo Xuehua just so happened to lay out the cards, and happily nodded, "Who told you three little mahjong players to look for fault, why didn't you look at my card skills?" Seeing Guo Xuehua's proud look, the three women couldn't help but laugh. In the evening, Minjuan came home with Lan Lan. The house was suddenly filled with joy. Lin Ruoxi soon followed him home. After knowing that Guo Xuehua took the opportunity to call a few women over to play mahjong on a weekday, Lin Ruoxi's eyes held a tinge of resentment. However, seeing that Cai Yan was also here, Lin Ruoxi found a chance to chat a lot with her childhood friend. Two days ago when she found out about Cai Yan and Xiao Ye's matter, she was quite worried that Cai Yan would be hurt. But Cai Yan was also open-minded, she had already covered up her sadness, and happily accepted reality once again. Wang Ma had long since prepared a sumptuous meal, leaving the girls to eat at home. After all, her biological daughter, Xiao Zhiqing, was also there, so Wang Ma's selfishness was not concealed at all. Similarly, Mo Qianni, her mother, and An Xin were also called over. Everyone lived in the same area, so it was easy to take care of them. It was fortunate that the mansions in the western suburbs were very spacious. Even if there were more than ten people in the house, they wouldn't feel crowded at all. Just as they were about to eat, Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but ask, "Where's Yang Chen?" "You haven't gone home yet?" Guo Xuehua smiled and said, "It was only until now that I was able to ask, and you're the one who did it." Yang Chen is nervous today, he went to Jingjing's home, and moved his home. " Only now did Lin Ruoxi suddenly remember, she silently nodded, and didn't say anything more. After Li Jingjing's return in the past few days, the Old Li couple gradually persuaded the Old Li couple at home, and the Old Li couple finally let go of the shackles in their hearts, they were willing to accept their daughter's strange relationship with Yang Chen. In reality, the couple couldn't continue objecting, their daughter already gave them everything, and Yang Chen suddenly became so rich and powerful, even if they insisted on having their daughter get a share, it would seem like they were deceiving themselves. After Li Jingjing immediately told Yang Chen, Yang Chen excitedly jumped down from the second floor and returned to the second floor! Old Li was the first person he'd known since returning home, and it had a huge impact on him. It was precisely the way Old Li saw his ordinary people, that gave Yang Chen's heart a great deal of comfort in his loneliness, giving him a new hope for life. Because of Li Jingjing, Yang Chen had always felt very regretful that he couldn't meet with Old Li as usual. This time, the Old Li couple finally agreed, Yang Chen was obviously overjoyed, he immediately ran over to Old Li's house the next day, and drank with them until the middle of the night. After the ice and snow had finally melted, Yang Chen naturally struck while it was hot. Seeing that Old Li's house was still the old residential house from before, he quickly decided to help the family find a newly built apartment building closer to the Education Bureau. Firstly, it made it convenient for Old Li and his wife to regularly go to the hospital to check on their health, and secondly, it made it easier for Li Jingjing to take care of her parents while they work. Towards Yang Chen's efforts to curry favor with Li Jingjing's parents, although Lin Ruoxi felt uncomfortable in her heart, she still expressed her support. … …. As Rose and the others also lived in the western suburbs, after dinner, the whole family sat around the sofa in the living room and watched the recent popular Korean drama. Of course, Cai Yan was not interested in this kind of mind-numbing TV show, and she really didn't understand why other women liked it so much, so she drove off alone. It was almost 11 in the evening, although the group of women were quite interested in watching Korean dramas, they couldn't watch it all night. Mo Qianni and Rose decided to go home first. Just as the two women were about to get up, Rose's brows slightly creased, and with a serious expression she said, "Strange, there are two Spirit Severing cultivators here, I wonder if they are friends or foes … …" All the girls looked at her, including Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma. Their cultivations were only at the Postnatal realm, so as Rose entered the Spirit Severing stage, she could naturally feel it. The atmosphere couldn't help but become tense.
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