### Chapter 1164 - Thick skin Not long after, the sound of a car came from outside the house. It sounded like there was only one. "There seem to be a lot of people coming. There's at least a dozen of them. Let me open the door!" Rose took the initiative to walk towards the door, worrying that the person who came was an uninvited guest. When she reached the door, she took a deep breath, then opened the door. Under the dark night scenery outside the door, when Rose saw the middle-aged man who walked in recently, she couldn't help but be stunned. Ning Guangyao, who wore a cashmere overcoat with a black and grey collar, had a warm smile on his face as he slowly walked over while stepping on his leather shoes, and took the initiative to nod to Rose. "Ning …" Prime Minister Ning? " Although Rose wasn't too interested in politics, the country's leaders still knew about it. Rose couldn't understand why Ning Guangyao would come here so late at night. Behind Ning Guangyao stood two men wearing simple and unadorned long robes, which made Rose pay extra attention to them. The two of them were naturally Ning Xin and Ning De, who were responsible for protecting Ning Guangyao. Although Ning Guangyao still needed to curry favor with them privately, he still had to be the leader when he came out to walk around. At the same time that Rose noticed the two of them, Ning Xinde also looked at Rose in astonishment. They were all around 100 years old and their aptitudes were average. That was why they were only at the mid stage of Soul Formation at this age. However, they were all born and raised in illusions, and had cultivated since childhood. If they were placed in the secular world, then they could be considered to be extremely talented. The Rose in front of them was clearly only in her twenties, yet her cultivation had already reached the Spirit Severing Stage. Moreover, it faintly made them feel that she wasn't inferior to them, making them very curious. Actually, even Rose herself wasn't very clear of this point. Although women practiced nameless cultivation techniques, Yang Chen had compiled a hundred of them based on the modifications made to the cultivation techniques in accordance with the 'Sutra of Recitation'. However, as Yang Chen directly entered the root of the "dao", the cultivation technique created by the "Heaven and Earth Transformation" as a great dao, was already a cultivation technique that was in perfect harmony with the "heaven and earth" itself. Before reaching the Spirit Severing stage, women might not be able to feel the difference between cultivation techniques and other cultivation techniques, but at the Spirit Severing stage or above, as one's cultivation level increases, nameless cultivation techniques will be able to help them far more than the cultivation techniques of the large families in other illusions. This was also the cultivation technique that Yan Feiyu was once fond of Rose, she could faintly feel that the cultivation technique that Rose was practising was definitely not ordinary. In short, from his starting point, although the nameless cultivation technique wasn't as superior as the "Recall's Derivation Scripture", it was still an outstanding cultivation technique that was destined to reach the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder Tribulations. "Miss, may I ask, is this Yu Lei International's CEO Lin Ruoxi's home?" "Ah... "Oh, yes, Prime Minister Ning." Rose was a little perturbed in her heart, but after answering him, she stepped aside. When all the ladies in the hall saw the newcomer, Mo Qianni and the others froze. Lin Ruoxi's beautiful face turned deathly white, the panic in her eyes was hard to conceal, her delicate body trembled, her heart was unable to calm down. Guo Xuehua, on the other hand, was filled with surprise and worry. Now that the Yang and Ning families had such a delicate relationship, she had to be more cautious, "Prime Minister Ning, why are you here?" Ning Guangyao looked deeply into Lin Ruoxi's eyes, then gently smiled and said, "Xuehua is also here, it's been a while. There was no need to be so polite. They had been friends for so many years. I came here to visit Ruoxi while I was free … … " Look at Ruoxi? Ning Guangyao was actually so straightforward? When Guo Xuehua heard this, he meaningfully glanced at his daughter-in-law who bit her lip and didn't say a word. The matter of Lin Ruoxi being Ning Guangyao's own daughter was something that Wang Ma in the family knew about, while most of the women didn't. But after tonight, it seemed like everyone would know about it. Ning Guangyao very naturally allowed those bodyguards to stand guard outside and not be disturbed inside, while Ning Xinde and Huo Yuhao leisurely walked into the hall to take a look, and then sized up Rose and Lin Ruoxi with great interest. Ning Guangyao was, after all, the dignified Prime Minister, and could only be seen on television. Only someone as reckless and fearless as Yang Chen would take him seriously. When the women saw Ning Guangyao enter the room, they became cautious and didn't dare to speak loudly. "No need to be nervous everyone, sit down, I'm really just here to see Ruoxi." Ning Guangyao repeated himself, and stopped in front of Lin Ruoxi. Lin Ruoxi turned her head, in her mind she recalled the time when Ning Guangyao in Beijing gritted his teeth and did not acknowledge her. Her heart was like salt, her hands tightly clenched, her nails were about to cut into her palms. Seeing that Lin Ruoxi didn't have any intention to speak, Ning Guangyao didn't find it strange at all. He continued to smile and said, "Ruoxi ah, I came here with sincerity tonight, can you speak a few words to me in private?" Lin Ruoxi took in a deep breath, feeling her chest stuffy, "I have nothing to say." "I do." Ning Guangyao was very sincere. His attitude made all the girls nearby feel that it was inconceivable. Why did this seem like Ning Guangyao was begging Lin Ruoxi for an opportunity to talk to him alone? Lin Ruoxi slightly raised her head, and glanced at Ning Guangyao's expression, filled with desire. In the end, her heart softened. "Let's go to the side hall!" With that said, Lin Ruoxi turned around and took the lead to walk towards the side hall. Ning Guangyao followed closely behind with a face full of joy. The girls also didn't follow him, but they all looked at Guo Xuehua in bewilderment. "Mum, what's going on, is Prime Minister Ning related to elder sister Ruoxi?" An Xin couldn't help but ask. Guo Xuehua sighed, he did not hide anything and simply recounted what happened that year. "What!? Ruoxi is the biological daughter of Prime Minister Ning!? " Rose cried out in alarm. "It's like a dream." Xiao Zhiqing also mumbled. "You're all on the same side, so I'll have to tell you sooner or later. But don't mention this in front of Ruoxi, she won't like it." Guo Xuehua warned. The girls nodded in agreement. They rather pitied Lin Ruoxi's plight, even Mo Qianni, who knew Lin Ruoxi best, couldn't imagine that Lin Ruoxi's background would be in such a difficult situation. At the same time, in the side hall, Lin Ruoxi looked out the window at the night sky, her back facing Ning Guangyao. "Prime Minister Ning, if you have something to say, then say it quickly, it's already very late." Lin Ruoxi's tone was cold to the point of freezing. Ning Guangyao didn't mind it at all. He continued to be filled with deep feelings of love and repentance as he said, "Child, I know you have a lot of grudges against me in your heart. "I came today because I felt ashamed. Actually, after struggling for a few days, I decided to come and apologize to you and your dead mother …" "Apologize? "Heh heh..." When Lin Ruoxi heard up to this point, she couldn't help but sneer, "Prime Minister Ning, don't joke around, I'm just the daughter of an ordinary merchant. How can a businessman with no status be worthy of Prime Minister Ning's apology?" Ning Guangyao sighed, "I admit, I've been harbored by greed before. For my own reputation, I've done things that are worse than pigs or dogs … I admit. But! Ruoxi, you're a smart girl, you're the same as your mother, a woman with great intelligence. You must understand that a man like me, with my social status and influence, what I have to consider, what I have to bear. Too many! All these years, under the pressure of the four directions, I could be said to have spent the entire night lamenting and unable to rest or eat at night. I can't help it, if I'm the only one who can do it, then how could I bear not to recognize you as my own flesh and blood? What I'm going to face next are the thousands of people in the Ning Family, my colleagues who have supported me for so many years and followed me. If I drag them down with me because of personal matters, wouldn't that make them feel disheartened? On the whole, I think I did not do wrong. Even so, after all these years, I have been secretly observing you and protecting you. I have occasionally missed you, but in the end, I was still happy to see you walk all the way to this point. I'm not taking credit for it. Although I didn't stand up to acknowledge you, I did everything I could to protect and escort you on the market. I secretly did many things just like Lin Zhiguo. I don't expect you to be grateful to me for the things I've done … But I do wish you'd think about it, from my point of view, and see what it's like. Then, give me a chance to make amends and try to forgive this once foolish and now brazen father of mine … "How about it?"
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