After Ning Guangyao finished speaking, his eyes turned slightly red, with a hint of red in them. He was full of remorse. Lin Ruoxi had her back facing him, she tried her best to control her emotions, and kept silent for a while, then let out a light breath, and indifferently said, "No need … …" I don't hate you anymore, so I can't forgive you. I am living very well now, compared to the past, I can do what I love to do. I am already satisfied to have a family, a lover, and my own child by my side. If Prime Minister Ning really wants me to live a good life, then please don't look for me again in the future. I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. " Ning Guangyao's face revealed a look of astonishment, which disappeared in a flash, but was quickly replaced by grief, "Ruoxi, do you really not even have the idea of looking at this father of yours!? Did I really have no way to save you!? You are my flesh and blood! If you don't believe in my sincerity as a father, I promise you, no matter what you want, I'll give it to you! I'm not young either, not that many years have passed. I just want to make up for my lack of a father as much as possible. If you are willing, even if I have to give you the position of the Ning Family's Patriarch, I will have no complaints! " Hearing that Ning Guangyao was even going to give up the position of 'Patriarch', Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but be moved. Turning around, she looked at the excited Ning Guangyao, Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but slightly parted her lips. The Patriarch of Ning Family? Such a man who valued his position of power so highly and had spent half his life's work for the sake of these people actually said that he would give the position of Patriarch to her? Lin Ruoxi knew that she wouldn't take those things, but the meaning contained within them made her heart soften. Lin Ruoxi deeply sighed, then said, "I don't need those things, just leave them to your son, my surname is Lin, my surname is not Ning." "No!" Ning Guangyao decisively said, "You should be surnamed Ning! You're Ning Ruoxi! It's not Lin! Ruoxi, my daughter, can't you recognize me, recognize this family!? I know very well that you are much more outstanding than Dong. If you are willing, I can really give you the position of Patriarch! I'll make you the head of the most powerful family in China! " Such emotional disclosure made Lin Ruoxi unable to breathe. Never would he have thought that Ning Guangyao would come over at night with such an attitude, and actually say such "sensational" things. Lin Ruoxi shook her head, wiping away the tears from the corners of her eyes, "I don't know, don't say anymore. "I'm very tired, you can leave now …" Seeing the painful and struggling expression on Lin Ruoxi's face, a tinge of happiness flashed in Ning Guangyao's eyes, but he nodded his head deeply, "Fine, Dad won't force you. Take good care of yourself, I'll come back next time … …" Dad... Ning Guangyao's self-address made Lin Ruoxi's body tremble. How long had it been since he had read such a title and such a profound meaning? Seeing Lin Ruoxi stand there in a daze without saying anything, Ning Guangyao slowly turned around and walked out, but before he could take two steps, he seemed to have thought of something, he turned around, smiled amiably and said, "It's late today, that kid called Lanlan, he went to sleep first, right? Hehe, I knew that you adopted a girl with Yang Chen. Come to think of it, she is also my first granddaughter. When I return, I will definitely bring her some gifts. " Finished speaking, Ning Guangyao looked at Lin Ruoxi with some reluctance before slowly walking out. … …. In the main hall, Guo Xuehua had already poured some tea for Ning Xin and Ning De. However, the two of them weren't interested in drinking tea, but kept glancing at the ladies, especially towards Rose. "Little girl, your cultivation is quite high. You are already at the Soul Formation stage. Are you a rogue cultivator or are you from a normal sect?" Ning Xin asked with a strange smile. Rose slightly creased her brows, "Since you know that I've entered the Spirit Severing Stage, how do you know that I'm young? Even if I'm a hundred years old today, there shouldn't be any changes to my appearance." "Haha …" Ning De laughed, "From your words, I know that you are still young. The two of us are already close to a hundred years old. Your demeanor, your manner, your tone, your temperament, and your steps, all reveal your true age. If cultivators like us had to judge our true age by their appearance, then everything would be a mess. " Rose softly snorted, "Even if that's the case, why are you asking me all these questions?" Previously, she was almost bewitched by Yan Feiyu, and was tricked into teaching the mental cultivation method Yang Chen taught her. At this moment, Rose was exceptionally cautious in dealing with her. "You little girl, you shouldn't be someone from the Four Great Families, right?" Ning Xin narrowed her eyes. "So what if I am not?" "Heh heh, your whole body is really full of thorns!" Ning Xin laughed. "If you're not a member of the Four Great Clans, then you should say goodbye to your friends and relatives. You won't be able to stay in the mortal world for a few days." "What do you mean?" Rose frowned, full of doubts. Ning Xin and Ning De didn't say anything more and just picked up their teacups, as if they couldn't be bothered to reply. It just so happened that Ning Guangyao walked out of the house at this moment, and his eyes met Ning Xinde's, indicating that they could leave. Guo Xuehua, who was always on tenterhooks, quickly looked at Lin Ruoxi who hadn't come out of the room. Only after confirming that nothing had happened to Lin Ruoxi did he heave a sigh of relief. Ning Guangyao didn't forget to bid farewell to Guo Xuehua, "Xuehua, Ruoxi has become the daughter-in-law of your Yang Family, please take care of her. If I have the chance in the future, I will come and see her again." Guo Xuehua's heart thumped, he didn't know what Ning Guangyao's intentions were, but he forced a smile and nodded, "Yes, my father-in-law likes Ruoxi very much." Ning Guangyao nodded in satisfaction, "To be able to get Yang Gong's love is naturally good. Unfortunately, Ruoxi is still unwilling to accept me, so I can only wait patiently." As a mother, Guo Xuehua compared her heart to Yang Chen's, Yang Chen didn't want to admit his pain back then, and still remembered it clearly. Although he knew that Ning Guangyao had done a lot of wrong, he still couldn't help but advise, "Don't worry, Ruoxi isn't a petty child, she values family more than anyone else. I think that one day she will accept you. If Prime Minister is sincere, then." "Of course, I'm sincere." Ning Guangyao smiled wryly before saying goodbye again, preparing to leave with Ning Xinde. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … But at this moment, Ning Xin, Ning De, and even Rose's expressions changed! "Why is there another person …." Rose couldn't help but exclaim. "What?" Guo Xuehua was puzzled. Ning Xin laughed out loud and said, "I was just saying to let you, a little girl, prepare yourself, but I didn't expect you to come just as you said it." "Just who is it?" Guo Xuehua asked anxiously. Mo Qianni, An Xin and the other girls who hadn't returned all this time looked at each other, they felt that it would be difficult to sleep tonight. While they were talking, Ning Guangyao's bodyguards who were guarding outside shouted loudly! "Who is it!?" "Halt!" But right after, there were several screams. The bodyguards had obviously been knocked down by someone. The door was pushed open, and an unfamiliar figure openly walked into the room. He was dressed in a gray and white striped robe with a vermillion ribbon tied around his waist. He had a valiant looking face and a chin full of stubble. A few strands of gray hair were tied up into a bun. A man in his forties, carrying a long sword with a silver hilt on his back, entered the room impatiently. Looking at everyone in the room, the Daoist Priest paused for a moment on Ning Xin and Ning De, feeling somewhat astonished. He then looked at Rose with a bit of praise in his eyes. "Who do I think it is? Why, this time, Hong Meng's envoy sent you, Daoist Absolute Sword?" "Just a moment ago, Monk Tian Yin died. This time, he sent another Taoist. It seems that Hongmeng intends to try it out, ha-ha ha …" Ning De joked. Daoist Absolute Sword? Grandmist Envoy? Aside from Xiao Zhiqing, the other girls had also learned about many things within the illusions and immediately understood who had come. Xiao Zhiqing had not yet reacted, but when she saw Daoist Absolute Sword, her pretty face immediately paled. Many thoughts flashed across her eyes, and she silently nudged her mother, Wang Ma, to her side. "Qing'er, what's wrong, what does this person come here for?" Wang Ma was still afraid. Xiao Zhiqing signaled for Wang Ma to whisper, then she quietly whispered into Wang Ma's ear, "Mom, there's no time to explain anymore. Go back to the kitchen, take out your phone and call your husband, tell him to go home immediately …!"
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