As a woman and child, Wang Ma naturally didn't receive too little attention. She went back to the kitchen to busy herself and no one would care about her. After Xiao Zhiqing finished her short speech, she quickly pretended that nothing had happened. Wang Ma was also an astute person, after silently pretending to look at everyone with a puzzled face, she silently returned to the kitchen, as if she wanted to make tea for the guests. In fact, Daoist Absolute Sword also did not pay attention to Wang Ma's and his daughter's interest. His attention was being attracted by Ning Xin and Ning De. "The people of the Ning family are getting bolder and bolder. They actually come to the secular world in such a public manner. Aren't they afraid of the dissatisfaction of the other two families?" Daoist Absolute Sword laughed coldly. "Absolute Sword, don't think that just because your cultivation is a level higher than us, you can act amazing. There are people from our ancient family that would come to train. When the two of us come out, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. You, on the other hand, shouldn't be like your predecessor, Zen Master Tianyin, who died before taking his apprenticeship, hehe … "To think that a grandmist envoy was killed by a common person. This is a novelty that hasn't been heard of for hundreds of thousands of years!" Ning Xin ridiculed. The ancient family and grandmist were quietly competing with each other, but neither of them had a good impression of the other. They would dig and ridicule the other. "Hmph, this humble one has no time to waste talking with you two." Daoist Absolute Sword looked at Rose and smiled, "This female Daoist, you have already entered the Spirit Severing Stage, your lifespan has greatly increased, you are no longer an ordinary person, there is no meaning in staying in the mortal world, follow me to Hongmeng." Rose's heart shook, she suddenly remembered that Xiao Zhiqing had previously mentioned that all cultivators that step into the Spirit Severing Stage would enter Hongmeng. It turned out that this Supreme Sword Taoist was here to let him enter the Primordial Era! Rose naturally couldn't agree, she shook her head and said, "Dao leader, I have no intention of entering Hongmeng." "Hmm?" Upon hearing that, Daoist Absolute Sword could not help but laugh: "I'm afraid you don't know the benefits of entering Hongmeng. You are still young, I think you are a rogue cultivator with good luck. You shouldn't be clear about this, but if you enter the grandmist world, you will be able to obtain even denser amounts of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. Also, the grandmist people will give you a quantitative Spirit Pill, or even a Magic Treasure. If you want to raise your cultivation as fast as possible, rush through the tribulation period and enter the Primordial Era, that will be your true path. Staying in the secular world will only hinder your path. " Rose still smiled and shook her head, "No, Taoist, I'm not interested in those." Absolute Sword's patience was limited, and he said unhappily: "Even if you are not interested, you must come with me to Hongmeng! A Spirit Severing cultivator would already seriously affect the balance of the world. Even if you want to stay in this mortal world to cultivate, you have to follow me back to Hongmeng and ask the elders to practice cultivation at a designated location after obtaining approval. If all the cultivators above the Spirit Severing stage were to do as you do, then wouldn't the mortal world be in chaos? If you still refuse to obediently come with me, this humble one will have to beat you in cultivation and forcefully take you back to Hongmeng! " "Why must we go to Hongmeng? The reason why Rose was able to evolve into the Divine Stage was due to her hard work and ability, and Hong Meng didn't help her, why should she listen to Hong Meng? Aren't they all above the Spirit Severing stage? Why can they live in the secular world as they please? " Mo Qianni couldn't bear to listen any longer, and pointed at Ning Xinde, speaking in Rose's stead. "A mere female child with the cultivation of a Houtian realm actually dares to speak to me like this! This Penniless Priest might not start a massacre, but if you are so disrespectful, don't blame This Penniless Priest for being spicy! " Daoist Absolute Sword scolded. Rose hurriedly protected Mo Qianni behind her, hinting her sisters not to speak. Ning Xin chuckled, "It's a member of our ancient family, how could it care? I say, little girl, you just have to listen to Daoist Absolute Sword. He's at the late stage of Soul Formation, and has the Imperial Sword Technique as his specialty. As an early stage Soul Formation cultivator, it's useless for you to resist. " At this moment, Lin Ruoxi who had already walked out of the side hall saw this scene, she didn't know what to do. However, her heart was in a mess, and she didn't have the strength to say anything. Ning Guangyao silently watched from the side. Many thoughts flashed in his eyes, as if he was calculating something. Daoist Absolute Sword disdainfully glanced at the two of them, and continued to speak to Rose, "Our Primordial Emissaries travel across China, and whenever they find a cultivator who has entered the Spirit Severing Stage, they must bring back primordial cultivators and exercise unified control over them. Unless they were members of the four great families or ancient clans that were able to break away from the jurisdiction of the grandmist world, none of the others were allowed to defy them! This is a rule, you have to follow it! " "How can there be such a rule? Can your primordial spirit set a heaven's rule?" "Rose is my daughter-in-law, she's a member of our Yang family!" Guo Xuehua finally couldn't hold it in anymore, stood up and loudly refuted. Lin Ruoxi who was listening at the side shivered, her beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment as she looked at her mother-in-law. Rose was also slightly dazed, she looked at Guo Xuehua emotionally, and called her mother in a faint voice, yet her emotions were all melted within. Guo Xuehua looked guiltily at Lin Ruoxi who stood not far away, but he still grabbed onto Rose's hand and patted, "Child, don't be afraid, you're a member of the Yang family, let's see what he can say!" Daoist Absolute Sword narrowed his eyes and said, "As the strongest four forces of the mortal world, the Four Great Clans hold specific information in the hands of Grandmist. The current Yang family's eldest wife, should be Ning Guangyao's daughter, Ning Ruoxi … "Can it be that even a lover can be considered a wife now?" When the Absolute Sword directly said "Ning Guangyao's daughter", everyone present was shocked. Hong Meng's eyes and hands were like that of heaven and earth, it was clear that he was spread throughout all of China, and he was also very knowledgeable about the Four Great Families, he actually even knew about this secret and even called Lin Ruoxi "Ning Ruoxi"! Ning Guangyao was overjoyed, and looked expectantly at Lin Ruoxi behind him. Ning Xin and Ning De looked at each other and smiled. This was also a message that they hoped to fulfill as soon as possible. Lin Ruoxi lowered her head. Her black hair covered her face like a waterfall, and her current expression couldn't be seen. The other girls all looked wronged, but even though they were unwilling, they had to admit, even if Guo Xuehua took them to be daughter-in-law, in the eyes of the people, they were not. But now, the most important thing was that Rose couldn't be taken away! Rose had grown up in the underworld after all, she didn't have any way out after getting provoked to such an extent, so she couldn't bear it any longer, her eyes filled with determination as she said, "I won't go with you, if you really want to bring me away, then go ahead." "Are you sure?" The members of the Sword Extinction Dao all had sullen looks on their faces. "It's your fault, I have no other choice." As she spoke, Rose walked straight out of the house, "Let's go to the back of the mountain, don't ruin the house." Rose who had already entered the Spirit Severing stage, after a few private exchanges with Yang Chen, was also clear on the damage she could cause. Absolute Sword snorted coldly, "If you don't know the meaning of this, then allow me to sincerely convince you, little girl!" Guo Xuehua wanted to stop him, but was stopped by Xiao Zhiqing, "Mom, it's no use, we can only trust Big Sister Rose." Guo Xuehua sighed, he had no choice but to follow the other girls outside, even if he couldn't stop them, he still had to watch. Ning Guangyao looked inquiringly at Ning Xin and Ning De, both of them having the mindset of "watching a good show", before taking the lead to walk out. … …. In a brand-new apartment building in Zhonghai City, near midnight, only one house was still lit. In this well-decorated apartment, the living room, and the tea table were filled with all sorts of side dishes and empty wine bottles. It was obvious that someone had just been drinking to their heart's content. At this moment, Old Li, whose hair was already quite bald, was sitting on the sofa beside her. His face was flushed red as he fell asleep drunk. Originally, Old Li's body wouldn't be able to resist drinking like this, but after recognizing Yang Chen, he took the low-ranked spiritual pill that Yang Chen gave him, making his body feel much better. Not only was it healthier, it was also full of vitality. This happiness made him and Yang Chen finish their meal and drink until midnight before they fainted. On the other side, Yang Chen had an evil grin on his face, he carried the undressed Li Jingjing on his lap, a thief's hand reached into the woman's chest, pinched a soft ball of meat, and gently fiddled with a little bit of captivating red. "Oh... "Don't..." Li Jingjing's jade arms wrapped around the man's neck, her bewitching eyes were filled with helplessness and shyness. She opened her red lips and let out a soft moan from her throat. But how could Yang Chen listen, his other hand had long reached into the woman's waist, gradually extending through the gap between her buttocks, preparing to open up the woman's private parts from behind … … "You … You scoundrel. "My dad is still here..." Li Jingjing's charming face turned completely red. "Hehe, Old Li was drunk on me long ago, don't worry, your mom is already asleep, I can feel it." Yang Chen licked his lips, "Also, darling Jingjing, don't you feel that it's exciting to have your husband sit on the sofa in front of your father and do something that he loves to do?" Li Jingjing's eyes were misty, "I've seen through you, you're just a bad egg … … "I was wrong about you in the past..." "Then it's too late, you're already mine." Said Yang Chen complacently, he conveniently lowered his head, burrowed into Li Jingjing's chest, and took a sniff of that faint milk fragrance. Not long after Li Jingjing's body was broken in Korea, she was still very unamused. The moment Yang Chen casually touched her, his body became soft and had no strength left. His entire body was dyed red, and he could only allow Yang Chen to play with his youth. But just as Yang Chen was about to take off the woman's tight-fitting jeans and take a step forward to be intimate with her, the phone on the tea table vibrated.
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