Yang Chen struggled to stop what he was doing, he turned his head to look. The number displayed on the phone, was actually Wang Ma's phone number that very rarely called? Why would Wang Ma suddenly call at such a late hour? Yang Chen couldn't help but take it seriously, he resentfully let go of Li Jingjing, his right hand withdrew from the woman's chest, and went to pick up the phone on the tea table. Li Jingjing lightly exhaled her warm breath, her eyes seemed to be slightly disappointed and happy, yet she still didn't make a sound. "Hello, Wang Ma, what …" Without waiting for Yang Chen to finish asking, Wang Ma hurriedly said in a low voice, "Young Master, it's bad, Prime Minister Ning is here … …" And a strange Daoist. Qing'er told me to tell you to come back quickly! " Yang Chen's expression immediately turned cold, a stern expression flashed on his face, and his lazy body fiercely sat up, startling Li Jingjing who was in his arms. "Big brother Yang, what's wrong?" Yang Chen hung up the phone, and helped pull Li Jingjing's clothes, then stood up, "Jingjing, help Old Li into the house, I need to go back first, there's something urgent at home." Hearing that, Li Jingjing didn't ask anymore, and nodded seriously, "Then … …" "Big brother Yang, be careful." Yang Chen comforted her with a smile, then turned around and left the house … … … …. At the back of the mountain in the western suburbs, a biting cold wind blew past the swaying black tree shadows, causing the sound of "Sha Sha" to ring out. Under the sky like a pool of ink, it was not like there was a moon or a moon. At the foot of the mountain, Ning Xinde leisurely stood with her hands behind her back. Ning Guangyao was also watching from the sidelines. However, he had no cultivation base, so he couldn't see the situation on the mountaintop. Mo Qianni, An Xin, Xiao Zhiqing, and the other girls all worried about Rose's situation. Accompanying Guo Xuehua, they ran out. Lin Ruoxi followed at the back with a complicated expression, as if she hadn't yet recovered from the complicated situation. On top of the mountain, on the platform that Yang Chen specially built for women, two figures were standing in the distance. Rose's beige woolen sweater looked a little thin in the night wind, it swayed in the wind, making the woman's delicate figure look especially beautiful. The Daoist standing proudly opposite him with his hands crossed in front of his chest was none other than Daoist Absolute Sword. "I never thought that bringing a mere early stage Soul Formation junior back to Hongmeng would make this humble Taoist submit to you. Since you're not willing to follow me, then come at me with all your might. This humble Taoist will convince you!" Although Rose was a little nervous, she wasn't afraid. After entering the Spirit Transformation Stage, she had fought with Yang Chen a few times, so she was confident in herself. In reality, because Yang Chen loved his woman, he was worried that Rose might hurt her, and never would truly fight her, which made Rose unsure of how much strength she had. This time having an opponent who was clearly stronger than her, the Supreme Sword Daoist, Rose was actually quite excited. "Since you've agreed to be so kind, this junior shall not be polite." Rose's words stirred, and the true essence within her body immediately condensed faster. In this one mile radius, the boundless spiritual energy began to tremble in accordance to a certain rhythm! Daoist Absolute Sword creased his eyebrows. "Eh, what technique is this …" Before he even had a chance to think, he felt waves of cold, dark spiritual energy gushing down from the void like a waterfall! Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!" An azure stream of water, like a thick stream of water, swept past the location where the Supreme Sword Taoist was standing, turning that piece of mountain rock into dust! Daoist Absolute Sword jumped into the air and dodged quickly enough. As he watched the azure light dissipate, he was shocked! This was not water, but water attributed spiritual energy that suddenly gathered in the air! This woman had only just reached the early stage of Soul Formation, yet she was able to so keenly control the water elemental spiritual energy in the world for her own use!? Seeing that her attack failed, Rose simply closed her eyes, and immersed herself in a world that was unique to her. The surroundings had turned dark, only countless blue starlights were twinkling. Rose knew that this was the spirit of water that she could feel. In a radius of a mile, all the water spirits were all controlled by her. The "Dao" that Rose comprehended after comprehending the origin of the droplets of dao from the torrential rain, was now closer to her like a torrential downpour. This was her enlightenment, and also her nature. All the water spirits turned into Rose's' tentacles', easily capturing the position of the Supreme Sword Taoist in the sky! "There it is!" Rose didn't even need to open her eyes, Daoist Absolute Sword in midair could feel that the water spirit energy in all directions had converged into countless sharp blades that were like the edge of a blade! These fine "threads of rain" looked like they wanted to cut him into minced meat and sieve him! "Rustle, rustle, rustle!" Countless blue lights flashed like a meteor shower, but it was a torrential downpour! Daoist Absolute Sword's expression changed, he didn't feel any technique being used, the water spirit seemed to be connected with Rose, attacking him mercilessly! However, Daoist Absolute Sword was, after all, at the late stage of Soul Formation, much higher in cultivation than Rose. The True Essence Force around his body blocked the water spirit that turned into the 'Blade of the Rain' outside! "What a great junior!" "Indeed, you have some skills. Since that's the case, this humble Taoist will not show mercy!" With a loud shout, the longsword on his back was unsheathed with a "whoosh" sound! "Look at my flying sword, 'Innumerable Threads'!" The white flying sword that was emitting a faint glow circled the Supreme Sword Taoist for a few times, but it was getting faster and faster! "Thousands and thousands of threads, disperse!" Daoist Absolute Sword raised his sword fingers. A strange rune appeared and entered the flying sword. "Whoosh!" The flying sword actually split apart from the very first. Like a phantom, it transformed into countless intertwining flying swords in front of the Supreme Sword Taoist. It was as if there were thousands upon thousands of flying swords revolving around him! Rose immediately felt the sword qi approaching her, as if it could engulf her at any time! "Thousands and thousands of threads, White Wolf Form!" Absolute Sword Daoist pointed his sword fingers at Rose, the countless flying swords turned into streaks of light, charging towards Rose one after another! Rose didn't dare to act carelessly, large amounts of water spirits once again condensed in the air, falling down heavily! A blue "rain curtain" was propped up as countless raindrops collided with the white light flying swords, causing intense sparks to burst out! The collision of spiritual energy and sword energy had a shocking effect, causing the entire back mountain to shake! "Rumble rumble rumble rumble!" At the foot of the mountain, everyone was watching the battle with their mouths agape. Ning Xin and Ning De looked at each other, shocked. "That little girl is only at the early stage of Soul Formation, but she's actually able to cause Daoist Absolute Sword to reveal his' tens of thousands of threads'?" "Although it is not an amazing treasure, it is still a mid-tier low-grade flying sword treasure. Its power is not mediocre. It seems like the body of that girl should be strong enough to attack …" "But she is only at the early stage of Soul Formation after all. How could she make Daoist Absolute Sword, who is at the late stage of Soul Formation, be so cautious? Could it be that her desires are really this mysterious!? " Ning Xin and Ning De conversed privately, determined to properly report this strange event to the family. Meanwhile, Lin Ruoxi and the other ladies looked at the sparks from the battle between Rose and Daoist Absolute Sword with some worry and envy. "So … Big sis Rose is really that strong, can we also be like that in the future? Is this what a Spirit Severing battle is like? " An Xin opened her small mouth in shock. Xiao Zhiqing was mesmerized by this as well, "I didn't expect that husband's technique would have such great combat strength. I thought that big sister Rose had no way of resisting at all." "Aiyo, why are you still talking about this, why isn't Yang Chen back yet!?" What if Rose gets hurt!? I can't just watch that kid, Rose, get taken away! " Guo Xuehua shouted anxiously. However, Yang Chen did not appear. On the mountaintop, Rose was urging the rain to fall as she battled against the countless flying swords of the Supreme Sword Taoist. Coincidentally, Rose and Daoist Absolute Sword were both good at using many confusing, yet murderous techniques, at the moment the two of them were fighting with extremely dazzling, dazzling, and dazzling moves! Although Rose couldn't truly hurt Daoist Absolute Sword, the rain blades formed by the Water Spirit made it difficult for Absolute Sword to attack, making it both offense and defense difficult. On the other hand, the Supreme Sword Taoist's flying sword, which was constantly trying to break through Rose's layers of defense, always failed!
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