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As soon as Tang Xuenan left the hospital, a car sped towards her. With a bang, Tang Xuenan felt her body lighten and she lost consciousness.

When she opened her eyes again, she was being forcefully dragged by someone. The sharp pain that came from the back of her head caused her to suck in a breath of cold air.

Tang Xuenan glanced up at the antique furniture around her and the distinctly modern decorating style. She slowly raised her head and looked at the man who was pulling her leg.

Where did this ugly bastard come from!

A pockmarked idiot was dragging himself back into the darkness of the room with brute force, stinking of booze. More importantly, he was wearing ancient clothing.

Tang Xuenan cursed in her heart. She had clearly been hit by a car, so what was going on now? Had she crossed over? But this incomparably ugly fool was obviously going to force himself on him, what was he going to do!

Tang Xuenan turned around abruptly and ran out the door. Her brain still had some impression of the general knowledge of this body. She ran towards home with all her might.

It was a rainy night in late autumn, and Tang Xuenan was running in the dark through a field of wheat. She remembered that this body seemed to have come from a neighboring village. The fabric on his calves and ankles were stained with streaks of blood from the grass and wheat stalks. In the dark night behind him, it seemed as if a giant demon was chasing after it with its teeth bared.

The torrential rain showed no sign of abating. Tang Xuenan panted and fumbled for the old door, wondering if she should go upstairs immediately. As she was hesitating, she heard the window creak open.

The younger brother looked at his lost sister and quickly opened the door to drag her inside.

Just as he entered the house, before he could even shout, a loud voice stopped him at the door.

"Are you going to die? Why are you back?!"

Tang Xuenan was stupefied. Through the memories of this body, he was only taken by his mother to the neighboring village for a blind date. After drinking a cup of tea, he fainted.

An old man with a crop came out of his room. "Old woman, stop talking and send them back."

"They will definitely be sent back. I've already accepted all the gifts, and now Ergou-zi finally has a betrothal gift for his marriage."

Tang Xuenan's heart skipped a beat and she suddenly felt something was wrong. Just as she was about to turn around, a big, strong hand pressed down on her shoulder.

"You still dare to run back? You want to embarrass our family, right? "

He tied himself up with a thick rope, and that night, on the same rainy night, he returned to the ugly house.

Tang Xuenan wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Other people had already transmigrated to the Marquis Mansion, so why was her method of opening it a little worse?

Tang Xuenan was tied up and squatted in a corner of the dark room, helplessly hugging her knees as she listened to the sounds outside.

Tang Xuenan's heart sank even more as the door was shut with a creak. The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard approaching from the distance as they walked towards the small bedroom.

That man was ugly and ugly, and he was also a drunk idiot. How could his own mother force her daughter to marry into such a family for a few coins?

Hearing the sound of the bedroom door opening, Tang Xuenan trembled. She mustered up the courage to say, "Even if I don't know how to pass through, even if the crossing point is terrible, I have to survive!"

Hearing the sound of the bedroom door closing, Tang Xuenan closed her eyes and resigned herself to her fate. Fortunately, she was a modern girl, and was also an old girl. She still knew a little about these things and wasn't as suicidal as the ancient people.

After a while, when Tang Xuenan discovered that there was no movement, she opened her eyes in surprise. She saw that the drunken fool had already laid himself down on the bed and was reading a book by candlelight.

This was out of everyone's expectations. After a while, he looked at the other party and saw that there were no other movements. Tang Xuenan stuck her head out and realized that this ugly fool didn't seem to be drunk at all.

"Are you pretending to be drunk?" Tang Xuenan regretted it immediately after she said that. Wasn't it better to just squat down and spend the first night like this?

"Come on up." The ugly man's voice was deep and rich with magnetism, unexpectedly pleasant to the ears.

Tang Xuenan struggled to stand up and looked at herself with a troubled expression on her face.

"If you can't get up, just squat. No one is forcing you."

Tang Xuenan's legs were completely numb. She staggered under the candlelit bed and lifted her face. Due to her professional habit of being a plastic surgeon, by borrowing the candlelight, she discovered that this ugly guy's skeletal appearance was extremely handsome. "You, look pretty good." Tang Xuenan's professional evaluation.

The ugly man who was lying on the bed had an astonished expression on his face as he touched his face to confirm what it was.

Tang Xuenan saw that this man didn't have any other intentions towards her, so she plucked up her courage and revealed the knot at his back. "Um, can I trouble you to use the scissors on the table to cut it for me?"

"Where are the benefits?" The man spoke casually.

Tang Xuenan pursed her lips and thought for a moment. "I'll bring you some water to wash your feet."

Tang Xuenan was curious to see how this man, who pretended to be drunk earlier, could have such a physique. She leaned close to the candlelight to take a closer look. Sure enough, there was something wrong with this man! Although the drawing was very lifelike, but a face with a twist wouldn't have such fine pores.

The man noticed that something was wrong with Tang Xuenan's eyes and narrowed dangerously.

"Who are you?"

"And who are you?" Lazy low sound lines, rhythmic drumming of fingers.

Tang Xuenan felt the need to talk too much. This was her first time here and all she wanted was to be safe. She slowly moved to the side and used a strange posture to prop up the scissors while she sharpened the hemp rope.

The man knocked his finger and said, "Come up."

"Ah?" "Go, go where?"

A raised eyebrow indicated the bed.

Tang Xuenan had no choice but to slowly move to the bed. The man's hand pinched the rope knot behind her, causing the thick rope to slip off.

"Go to sleep." The man rolled over and gave way to a small edge of the bed.

Trembling, Tang Xuenan shrunk herself into a small pile and lay on the bed, her eyes wide open as she counted the times of dawn.

Tang Xuenan realized that she was going to close her eyes when she fell asleep. No! There was only one wolf by her side. She could not fall asleep! Tang Xuenan finally woke up from her doze. The moment she closed her eyes, she realized that her studio had appeared in front of her!

That was her own small Dispensary in the plastic surgery hospital. Tang Xuenan was so excited that she was about to cry, and she shouted out her colleague's name, but no one responded. Other than the commonly used instruments and equipment, the empty little Dispensary was its own work computer. Tang Xuenan wanted to open the door to look for someone, but found that after opening the Dispensary door, she had returned to her primordial body.

What was going on? Was this a system?

Tang Xennan was leaning over the computer to log in his QQ. He found out that he could use it all, but he just didn't have any contact person to respond to her.

"Better than nothing." Tang Xuenan patted her chest to console herself.

Returning to bed, Tang Xuenan was so excited that she couldn't fall asleep. At least she had a studio. It was a great comfort and the only link she had with the modern world.

She fell asleep in a daze, unaware that the person beside her opened his eyes and observed her all night.

The next morning.

"Mom, don't call me, I'm not eating breakfast." Tang Xuenan rolled over in a daze and patted her shoulder.

"Aiya, it's time to go to work. Sleep for a while longer." He turned around again and spoke up impatiently.

Suddenly, Tang Xuenan's eyes snapped open. Her magnified face was imprinted in her eyes. "AHH!

A scream erupted from the small bedroom in the early morning.

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