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While the Lady Boss was tidying the hair on her forehead, Tang Xuenan took the opportunity to return to her Systemic Dispensary and brought out the eyelashes and false eyelashes.

It was only when they entered Madam Liu's residence that Tang Xuenan knew what an ancient upstart was.

This so-called nouveau riche was nothing more than a house with a fee for a tourist attraction. Just like the old residence of some famous people in Hangzhou, as well as the old residence of some famous people, perhaps this was the home of an ancient, extremely wealthy person … Slightly shabby?

However, compared to his own danger house, it was like comparing heaven and earth. It was better not to be too ambitious for a poor family like him. If he couldn't eat the grapes, he would say that they were sour.

"Is this the little sister of the Xue Clan?" Before he could see anyone, a sweet and gentle voice entered his ears. A young lady with red phoenix eyes in her early twenties walked out gracefully.

Tang Xuenan cursed in her heart. Modern girls were just interns who had just graduated from university. In the ancient times, they already felt that their skin couldn't hold a man's heart?

Obviously, this kind of undeveloped age of 14 or 15 years old had nothing to look at. In plain white, it was just not sexy enough. There was no hint of femininity! Madam Liu's beauty was at least a face value that could enter the C-list entertainment circle. She could fight back!

Tang Xuenan was pulled into the bedroom by the woman's pair of white and tender hands. "Sister looks quite young. I wonder where she lives, is she married?"

Eh, this was a technique that made her want to be one of Hong Niang's aunts. Tang Xuenan could only reply obediently, "I'm Xuenan, from the neighboring village. I've already promised my husband's family."

Madam Liu seemed a little disappointed when she heard this. She had originally wanted to let the old master make a fool out of himself and bring back some wild girls for a small room. She wanted to nurture a caring person who would not steal her limelight but she didn't have the chance.

If Tang Xuenan knew Madam Liu's evaluation of her was that she was thin and small, her looks were nothing like Madam Liu's, she would probably be angered to the point of choking on her anger. At any rate, her face was 90% similar to that of the modern era. She was very satisfied with her outer appearance. When she grew older, she would look a lot better.

"Little sister, why don't we start!" Madam Liu happily looked at the Lady Boss's curved eyelashes. Her heart had been itching for a few days, wishing she could move them to her own face right away.


Tang Xuenan's finger skillfully flew up and down. Even though the Lady Boss had fixed her eyes on her this time, she was still unable to notice her movements.

"Madame, look down. Yes, look down like this." A thick line of upper eyelashes was glued to the short eyelashes.

"Now look up, ma'am. Yes, a little more." Madam Liu was normally arrogant and domineering, but now she obediently allowed herself to be manipulated by Tang Xuenan. She raised her gaze to the ceiling, revealing two large, white eyes.

Very quickly, the dozen or so eyelashes were also glued together.

Tang Xuenan held onto her upper eyelids to dry them while she warned, "If there's an itch, don't rub it with your hands." Tang Xuenan held onto her upper eyelids to dry them while she warned, "If there's an itch, don't rub it with your hands.

He blew gently and continued, "The time you can keep it is permanent, but it does not mean that your eyelashes will not naturally fall off and change. The effect will probably be weakened after three weeks, so you just need to find me to stick it again."

The Lady Boss looked at him for a long time, but still couldn't learn it. She said with a troubled tone, "Miss Xue, this secret recipe of yours, is it for external teaching?"

Tang Xuenan smiled. "Of course you can. Lady Boss, since you asked for it, how could I not agree? It's just like what you saw just now, it's not difficult. You just need to stick to it. It's a test of patience and craftsmanship." It emphasized the pronunciation of the word 'craftsmanship'.

The Lady Boss immediately kept quiet. She felt that it would be difficult for her to learn this cooking skill. If she could, then how much money would she earn?

He blew again, "Madam, that's enough. Please blink your eyes and take a look."

Madam Liu blinked and turned her head to the side to look in the mirror. She was a little puzzled. "It doesn't seem like the effect is that obvious."

The Lady Boss said, "It's very obvious. When I look over here, it's obviously very long. It's even curling up."

"But why can't I see it myself?" Ye Zichen turned around to look for an angle, but didn't notice any change in his eyelashes.

Tang Xuenan stepped forward to examine him. "Because you are the naked eye of a phoenix."

"What is the naked eye?" Madam Liu and the Lady Boss were both surprised.

"Yes, look." Tang Xuenan opened Madam Liu's upper eyelids, "Your upper eyelids are a very small inner pair, but the upper eyelids are heavier, so no matter how long the eyelashes are, they are hidden inside the inner eyelids, only part of them is exposed."

Madam Liu quickly nodded and agreed, "That's right. I've always liked having double eyelids since I was young. There are a lot of troubles with this single eyelid. It's always heavy, and when it encounters strong sunlight it won't open very much. It can only squint. "

Tang Xuenan had an idea. "Madam, do you want to become a double eyelid?" With that, she turned to the Lady Boss and pouted. "The outline of her eyes is very beautiful, with peach blossom eyes."

Madam Liu looked enviously at the Lady Boss. Her heart was filled with an indescribable bitterness. It was because the Lady Boss' peach blossom eyes were so good-looking that she wanted to befriend her. Everyone loved beauty.

Tang Xuenan struck while the iron was still hot, "Madam, today you too will have a pair of peach blossom eyes!"

Madam Liu was stunned for a moment before sighing bitterly, "How could that be? The facial features were given to us by our parents, how can it be exchanged so easily?" "Other people say that the phoenix eye is pretty, and that my eyes are seductive, but how would they know that these are all made up from thread and thread. If there are peach blossom eyes, who would care about phoenix eyes?"

"I drank too much tea. Madam, would you mind borrowing …"

"Hurry, little girl, lead the way."

Tang Xuenan took advantage of the time she took to go to the bathroom to quickly enter Systemic Dispensary and quickly put on a series of small apparatus for burying lines in both eyelids. After thinking for a long time about it in the anesthetic needle and the anesthetic breathing apparatus, she still took away the breathing apparatus in a more acceptable manner, otherwise, if the needle stabbed into the corner of her eye, she would be sent to the government office before she could earn any money.

"Little sister, are you done?"


Tang Xuenan began to coax him, "Madam, this is an exclusive craft passed down from my ancestors. Please pay the price. If the effect is good, you can give more. Also, give some publicity to your sister."

Madam Liu wavered.

A breathing apparatus covered Madam Liu's face, instantly losing all sense of the face and entering a state of general anesthesia.

"Lady Boss, please move a stool to sit next to us. Right, here, no matter what happens, don't make a ruckus." "It'll be ready in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea."

Tang Xuenan asked the maidservant to light a row of candles and reflect the light back and forth with a few mirrors. The whole bedroom was abnormally bright and the operation was about to begin.

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