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The Lady Boss stared dumbfoundedly at a scalpel that reflected a sharp and cold light. She covered her mouth to stop herself from shouting out. The scalpel dexterously made a long cut above Madam Liu's eyelids. The Lady Boss covered her mouth with all her might, her eyes wide open. She felt a fear in her heart. "Is this murder, or is this the kind of murder where you pull out your eyeballs?"

Fortunately, the Lady Boss was a worldly woman. The Liu Estate's servants surrounded her tightly. If this country bumpkin dared to do anything immoral in the Liu Estate, she could immediately enter the government. However, she was brought here by him. If there was something wrong with his mind and he killed her, then wouldn't he have to sit down as well?

While the Lady Boss was thinking and hesitating whether she should stop Tang Xuenan, a thin, invisible thread skillfully buried itself into the small cut and closed it with her nimble fingers.

In the Lady Boss's eyes, it was like a shocking wound, but before she could even react, the wound had already disappeared.

The same was true for the other eyelid as well. This time, the Lady Boss trusted Tang Xuenan even more and watched her attentively.

A cotton ball with an irritating smell was wiped above Madam Liu's eyelids. Then, the cold blade was cut off decisively and pulled apart. The Lady Boss's forehead was covered in beads of sweat. She was so nervous that it seemed as if her veins were about to burst out.

Tang Xuenan seemed to be strolling around in the yard at home. She used a pair of tweezers to pick up a barely visible thread from a disinfected plate and buried it in the incision. She flipped her fingers to quickly stitch the wound shut.

The Lady Boss didn't even see how the equipment was put back into the bag. It was as if Tang Xuenan had turned around and stuffed her body into her sleeves, causing the equipment to disappear.

Was there such a divine object in the world? If Madam Liu's eye surgery was really effective, then she would have to spend a thousand gold to ask Tang Xuenan for this set of skills. This was an opportunity that could earn her a lot, but if even the Godly Doctor did not know any techniques, then this country girl could do it effortlessly.

The Lady Boss pondered for a long time, and decided to find out what Tang Xuenan wanted to ask after seeing the results.

In less than the time it took to make a cup of tea after Tang Xuenan's surgery, Madam Liu slowly woke up.

The Lady Boss opened her mouth in disbelief and found Madam Liu, who was lying on her back with her eyes open, to have a pair of obvious and beautiful eyelids.

If Madam Liu had been Ling Long's charming phoenix eyes before, then now she had a myriad of beautiful peach blossom eyes. With well-planted curved and long eyelashes, there were specks of starlight that shone from her eyes every blink of an eye.

The Lady Boss covered her mouth in surprise.

The maidservant standing at the side could not see clearly. Seeing the Lady Boss's shocked face, she also curiously went over to take a look, but she did not dare to get too close, afraid that the Lady Boss would be angry. By the time he came back to his senses, the Madam had already woken up.

"Bring me the bronze mirror." Madame tried to blink her eyelashes, as if something was different.

The maidservant who brought the bronze mirror over let out a cry of surprise, "Madam, you!"

Madam Liu looked into the copper mirror and saw a pair of beautiful eyes looking straight at her. Blinking his eyes in disbelief, a bewitching natural charm blew into his face. Is this really me? "

Madam Liu cried out in disbelief.

"Quick, quick, help me down."

Madam Liu repeatedly confirmed the situation in front of the other mirrors in the room. She had a satisfied smile on her face as she observed her new appearance.

Seeing Madam Liu's pair of peach blossom eyes that were even more spirited than his own, the Lady Boss couldn't help but open her mouth. "Miss Xue, um, this set of craftsmanship …"

"From our ancestors." Tang Xuenan didn't wait for the Lady Boss to ask and started to laugh. "I wonder if Madam Liu is satisfied?"

"Satisfied, of course I'm satisfied." Madam Liu was too happy to let go of the mirrors.

The servant girl covered her mouth as she giggled, "I wonder how late it will be for me to wake up tomorrow morning."

"You little girl, I won't tear your mouth apart." Madam Liu smiled and spat.

Madam Liu took out a bag from the cabinet at the back of the house and placed it in Tang Xuenan's hand.

Tang Xuenan weighed it in her hand and found that it was at least 30 taels of silver. She happily said, "Thank you, Madam Liu."

Madam Liu also took out a small bag and gave it to the Lady Boss as a form of introduction. After that, she pulled Tang Xuenan's hand. "From now on, I often come to the Manor to play. I don't have a sister, so I'll treat you as my younger sister."

Tang Xuenan hurriedly pushed it away a few times. "How could I dare? I'll take some rewards for you."

"Little girl." Madam Liu nodded at Tang Xuenan's brows, "If there's anything good next time, let me see it. You will be the one to reward me."

Madam Liu left the two of them alone as she still had other customers.

On the way back with the Lady Boss, Tang Xuenan took out fifteen liang from the bag and gave it to the Lady Boss.

When the Lady Boss saw the shining silver, her eyes lit up. "So much money. How could I do that? The Lady Boss even gave me a recommendation fee."

"It was from Madam. I gave it to you. The customers that you introduced are extremely open, and I've also promised you before. If it weren't for you, boss, how would I have these customers?" Tang Xuenan looked at the Lady Boss's smiling face and quickly stuffed 15 taels into her pocket.

"Aiya, Miss Xue, you're so sensible." She didn't know what was the relationship between this secret recipe and Miss Xue, let alone that it was passed down by her ancestors. Even if she got this method and invited people to do this for her, who could be more generous than Miss Xue?

To earn money together, one must be a fool not to earn money. The Lady Boss pondered on this principle which she had figured out in the business world and happily left Miss Xue to eat at a small restaurant nearby.

This was also Tang Xuenan's first time having a meal in a small ancient restaurant.

"Miss Xue, you rarely come to the county, right?" Miss Xue, you rarely come to the county, right?

Tang Xuenan cheered happily. She was hungry as well and swallowed it all in one gulp, hot tears flowing out of her eyes.

The Lady Boss looked at the country girl and laughed. "Where did it come from?" Come and look at me, take a bite. "

The thin skin of the cage lightly bit into it, took a small sip of the hot and fragrant soup, inhaling until it was filled with the fragrance of fresh meat. The thin skin of the cage lightly bit into it, and then took a small sip of the hot and fragrant soup, sucking until it finally filled its mouth with the smell of fresh meat.

Just as the two of them were enjoying their meal, the sound of a horse was heard from the side of the street.

"Men, search!"

Not good. Tang Xuenan was quick to react, did someone find her?

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