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The next day, Tang Xuenan tidied up her clothes and prepared to go out for a walk. After checking up on the surroundings, she saw people from the government office surrounding her dangerous room. The leader was one of the two young constables from yesterday.

"Miss Xue, please come with us."

Tang Xuenan gave up struggling with a confused look on her face. "I'm a good citizen. What happened? How could a weak girl like me ever break the law?"

The constable held onto his spear as he glanced at the tied up girl with a bit of pity in his eyes, "She looks so cute, why is she so foolish?"

"What am I being so confused about? Please tell me, sir." Tang Xuenan was still in a daze and wanted to jump up and down a few times.

This time, the treatment was better. She was escorted by a prison cart, but it was a wooden prison cart emitting a very strong stench. Could it be that all the prisoners in the TV series were accompanied by this kind of carriage? Although the treatment was not bad, but no matter how you looked at it, it looked like it had been taken before the decapitation.

Tang Xuenan felt apprehensive. She believed that she had carefully lived and didn't offend anyone ever since she teleported to this world.

When they arrived at the yamen, they didn't even see the rise hall and were immediately thrown into the prison.

In this small dark and stinky cell, one could touch the ceiling if they stood up a little bit. Although there was grass under their feet, there was always the squeaking of rats, and the stench was overpowering. It was unknown who they had been holding in jail before, but Tang Xuenan reckoned that there was no other way apart from doing it in the cell.

The most important thing was the darkness. There was no light.

If he were to imprison a claustrophobic patient, he would be tortured to death before the time for interrogation could come.

Suddenly he kicked an arm.

"F * ck." Tang Xuenan felt goosebumps all over her back. This familiar scene! That's right, he was too familiar with it. Wasn't this how the mysterious youth in the woodshed met him? Could it be that today, he encountered another thorn, or perhaps a dried up corpse?

However, Tang Xuenan would rather meet a troublesome person. Compared to living in a cell with a dried corpse or a wet one, it was more acceptable for them to be alive.

"Hm." A groan of pain.

Tang Xuenan let out a breath and patted her chest.

With the optimistic mindset that being locked in a room was fated, Tang Xuenan decided to show her good will, "Um, you, are you okay?" These words were completely nonsense. It was possible for him to just lie there.

There was no response from the other side. Tang Xuenan, who had been standing in the darkness for a long time, decided to investigate since she had nothing to do.

Reaching out his hand, he felt a head from an arm. There were no wrinkles on the skin of his neck, but his body should be young, his skin should be smooth, and there were a few pimples on his skin. He seemed to be a young prisoner, about the same age as him.

Wait, no nose! Tang Xuenan roared in her heart and confirmed that the bloody, wet wound was new. This young man's nose had just been cut off!

"It hurts." He finally made a sound on the ground.

"Sorry, sorry." Tang Xuenan hugged her knees as she sat. She must have been tortured. Indeed, in ancient times, no one could come to this place. She wouldn't always be lucky.

With a creaking sound, the cell door was opened. Tang Xuenan was pulled out roughly by the hair. "Be quiet!"

Tang Xuenan was not as nervous as she thought, because she really couldn't think of a reason why she would be interrogated.

A shocking piece of wood slammed onto the interrogation table, "Insolent girl!"

Tang Xuenan looked at the old master in surprise. Was the demoness referring to herself?

"Insolent witch! You can plead guilty! "

He didn't know if he should answer this vulgar question. The master was innocent, what crime was this?

Tang Xuenan looked at the Hall of Judgement with a puzzled expression. There were several onlookers outside the hall, a row of burly men with the word "mighty" on their faces, and a judge with a dark face.

A canvas with the exact same breathing mask as the one he was using was displayed in front of him.

"You still dare to argue with me? What kind of demonic magic is this?"

Tang Xuenan was speechless. She hadn't said anything just now, so how could she have argued? The drawing seemed to depict the anaesthetic he had used in the Liu Estate. At that time, the only people present were the Lady Boss, Madam Liu, and a maid.

The Lady Boss was brought up by someone, and behind her was the mysterious young man who had fought with the fake husband yesterday.


The Lady Boss lowered her head and didn't look at him.

Regardless of whether the Lady Boss was threatened or if she said it out for the benefit of others, her blatant use of modern scientific instruments had already been exposed. She had indeed been careless.

"Since it's a demonic technique, let me take this witch away." The mysterious young man stood in front of the crowd like a tree made of sesame, and he was so graceful that everyone could recognize him at a glance.

The judge came forward with a charming smile, "Lord Yan, the head judge of the capital has seen much, and this official believes that this case will be solved. In the past few years, although the weather in our Pei County was calm, it had been a torrential flood for the past few years. It was not for nothing that we have just seen the rain, and also the trend of the Dragon King's Rain, this must be caused by the temptress! "

Tang Xuenan kept her mouth shut.

The crowd outside the hall burst into an uproar. "Witch!" Witch! "Witch!" Tang Xuenan looked outside and saw the owner of the clothes shop from yesterday.

The people of ancient times were truly ignorant. To call themselves a witch when he saw a painting he didn't know, and whether or not the Great Water of Heaven was arranged by the Dragon King, what did it have to do with him?

The mysterious young man was about to go up to pick her up, but he was stopped by the young constable from that day.

The judge quickly shouted, "Jiang Hu, what are you doing!? "Lord Yan wants to personally bring them out."

"May I ask if Lord Yan has an order?" Jiang Hu said in a righteous tone, "Please show."

The youngster looked at Jiang Hu with an unfathomable gaze.

The judge beat his chest and stamped his feet, "Lord Yan, this young man doesn't know anything. Jiang Hu! Hurry and release them! "

Jiang Hu stubbornly stopped him, "It's a big deal to let a criminal live in our county without an order!" This is the rule! "

The crowd was in a state of chaos. Facing Jiang Hu's pestering, the youngster's expression didn't look too good either.

However, after a short moment, the youth smiled and looked at the judge, "Then I'll have to trouble the judge to send in an order for me to arrive tomorrow morning. I'll come down tomorrow morning to pick you up."

"Good, good, good. Lord Yan, the dispatch order will definitely help you apply for it. Leave this small matter to me." After bowing to Tang Xuenan flattering her a few times, the presiding judge looked at the young man with an expression of disappointment. He then turned to Tang Xuenan, venting his anger. "What are you looking at?!" Pawnbroker! Otherwise, it will be a huge punishment! "

Tang Xuenan retracted her neck and immediately drew a gesture with her hand.

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