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When Tang Xuenan stepped into the grand guest room of the Clear Wind Pavilion, she found a guest sitting in the middle of the room, sipping a cup of tea.

Her handsome profile was cut, her nose was straight, and her long eyelashes were lowered. Her pretty chin was raised arrogantly, and her raised eyebrows seemed to be secretly looking at Tang Xuenan.

Eh, impersonating a husband.

Just from this figure alone, one could tell that he was impersonating his husband, Mo Bei, not to mention this familiar bone face. As expected, it didn't matter how much pus and sores Mo Bei had painted on his face, in front of Tang Xuenan's eyes, Mo Bei was inescapable.

But, who was this guy in front of him who pretended he didn't know him with a cold expression?

The servant stepped forward and bowed to Mo Bei, "Young Hero Mo, please wait for a moment. The lord will be right out."

Mo Bei coldly acknowledged and continued to taste the tea in front of him. He didn't seem to care and just glanced at the person at the door a few times.

Tang Xuenan looked amused, but didn't try to expose it. She patted her dusty skirt and said, "Um, there's a guest here. Did I disturb you?"

The servant hurriedly said, "Don't disturb me, don't disturb me. Clear Wind Pavilion is very big. In the backyard, there are nine small paths and eight flowing bridges. Come, Divine Doctor Xue, this way, please."

Tang Xuenan noticed that when she read the word "Godly Doctor", Mo Bei's hand that was holding the tea cup paused. She felt that it was funny and raised her eyebrows like Mo Bei. She then smiled and followed the servant to the back of the house.

Mo Bei was confused by this.

"Looking at the brand-new bedding and the soft bed, after Tang Xuenan thanked the servant, she happily threw herself onto the bed and buried it under the soft blanket in a large calligraphy shape." God! How long had it been since they had enjoyed it so much? This was life! "Wu, wu, wu."

After giving some instructions to the servant outside, he placed the dishes on the table outside the screen. Then, he got the maidservant to bring a few buckets of water. After being in the ancient times for so long, he really hadn't taken a bath! Do you dare to believe it!? In the modern world, a clean girl who had to take a shower once a day could actually endure not taking a bath for so many days in ancient times!

He felt as if the dirt on his body had turned into mud, causing him to despise himself. However, the Clear Wind Pavilion was truly comparable to a high-end five-star hotel. Not to mention the service and facilities, even the large bathtub had a full score!

After checking that the door was locked, the screen was set up, and all the washed clothes were prepared. Tang Xuenan, who had a blissful expression, took off her dirty clothes and stepped into the bathtub.

Warmth and hot water wrapped around his tired body, scooping up spoonfuls of water from a bucket above his head. "Wu, wu, wu." If she could cry, Tang Xuenan would definitely shed tears of happiness.

Suddenly, the maid's voice rang out from outside the screen. "Divine Doctor Xue, let me help you bathe."

Tang Xuenan thought for a moment. Serving? Was it a massage? However, it was better not to create unnecessary problems. He immediately replied, "No need, I'll do it myself. You go rest."

He closed his eyes and leaned comfortably against the bathtub, closing his eyes and resting his mind. At this moment, there was the sound of footsteps outside the screen.

Tang Xuenan thought about it for a while, then instructed, "About that, you should help me bring in the bath salts. They're the ones that were on the table."

The footsteps paused, somewhat hesitating.

"Did you see that pink bag on the table?"

The sound of footsteps seemed to have made some sort of decision, once again walking from the table to the screen.

Tang Xuenan felt it was too late and couldn't help but urge, "Give me some water. It'll get cold when it's too late."

A big hand held out a bag of pink bath salts in the thick heat.

Tang Xuenan took it. "Thank you." He then carefully sprinkled them into the bathtub. Seeing that there were no footsteps leaving, he carried a hot towel on his head. After some thought, he patted his shoulder and said, "Why don't you help me massage my shoulders? Relax your shoulders."

Tang Xuenan didn't move for a long time. She turned her head abruptly as if she had thought of something, and realized that there was no one around. There were a few obvious drops of blood on the ground. Judging from the speciality of the class, as well as the amount of traffic, it was indeed a nosebleed.

Gritting his teeth in hatred, he said, "Still pretending not to know? With a wolf tail reaching all the way out here, who else could it be?!"

He laid himself down on the bed and fell asleep with his hands against his face.

In her dreams, she felt a warm chest against her back, hugging herself warmly. She turned over and rubbed her body, sleeping more comfortably.

Mo Bei was having a hard time at the moment.

Not to mention the fact that she'd been given a flirtatious look when she'd revealed her true face, if that was what it meant to raise her eyebrows. "Damn, this woman actually gave a man she didn't know a wink about." Although Mo Bei knew that he was handsome to the point that it troubled him a lot, it didn't mean that Tang Xuenan would be happy to give him a coquettish look.

Compared to Tang Xuenan, he was just an unfamiliar, beautiful man.

No wonder Young Master Chen Xiang had never left Tang Xuenan's side of the conversation these days. Could it be that this girl was always flirting with the handsome man? The more he thought about it, the more agitated he became. He couldn't wait for the old master to come out, so he decided to just take a look at what this girl was doing.

It had only been half a day since they last met, but this country girl seemed to have lost a bit of weight. He didn't know what she had been up to for the past half day, or how she had managed to make him dirty. He had clearly been fine when he left her in front of the Mu Manor at night, but didn't he see that she had no ability to survive?

Just as he was thinking, the scene of the bath salt … At this moment, Mo Bei's heart was full of excitement.

Bai Mo Bei: Hurry up and go out, what are you looking at!

Black Mo Bei: But, it's a rare occurrence.

Bai Mo Bei: Gentleman, if you don't take advantage of me, a skinny and undeveloped girl, what are you looking at!

Black Mo Bei: But, it's a rare occurrence.

It was only until Tang Xuenan turned her head and, in the nick of time, this man, whose Lightness Technique was unique to martial arts, whose retracting powers allowed him to look down upon the world, opened the Lightness Technique to its greatest potential and ran straight to the side of the lotus pond, almost falling down without stopping.

"So close, I was almost discovered." Mo Bei felt lucky as he touched the side of his face that was as handsome as a knife.

However, he didn't know that at this time, Tang Xuenan was fiercely cursing him in the bathtub.

Only when he hugged Tang Xuenan did he feel that she was really in his embrace. Mo Bei couldn't help but smile when he heard her slow and rhythmic breathing. It was strange that he did not notice it when he was sleeping with the little girl. It must have been because they had been separated for a long time.

Suddenly, Tang Xuenan flipped over and Mo Bei thought he was exposed. He heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Tang Xuenan's heavy breathing. Under his protection, this girl was still as silly as before. As she thought about it, she suddenly felt a sense of glory.

While thinking, Mo Bei carried Tang Xuenan into a good sleep.

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