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There were no inns in this county, and the sun had already set. Tang Xuenan saw her long shadow and squatted in a corner at the entrance of the market.

"Perhaps the security in ancient times was good. Even a poor place like this wasn't robbed." With a bit of luck, Tang Xuenan put down the heavy bag on her back, hugged her knees and waited quietly for the next day.

As the saying goes, the more afraid you are, the more you will get.

When Tang Xuenan was counting to two hundred and third sheep, a long line of people were squatting not far from her, talking in a low voice.

The ancient people all spoke with dialects and accents, especially the big men. Tang Xuenan could not hear what they were talking about with her ears pricked up. She instinctively felt that it was unsafe for a weak girl to hide beside a group of men in the dark. Try to pull yourself into the shadows in the corner.

If only he could eat the mutated animals inside the chicken, no matter how hard he tried to shrink his body, he was still discovered by a burly man who was patrolling by the side. Tang Xuenan's terrified eyes reflected the shocked expression of the patrolling burly man.

"I... I was just passing by. " Tang Xuenan whispered, considering whether she should start running now, or just quietly continue to shrink. However, the former didn't seem to work, because more than ten burly men had already surrounded her, both inside and outside. This uninvited guest was so tightly packed that not even a drop of water could leak out.

Dont want to... Come on. Tang Xuenan's heart was filled with countless scenes she had seen on TV dramas about the tragic fate of the female lead. Could she be the most unfortunate female lead in history?

The leader sized Tang Xuenan up from head to toe. Tang Xuenan secretly prayed that her thin, shriveled, yet unexpected body would not attract their attention. It's a woman, bring her back! "

What! If it's a woman, bring it back! This ancient people were too greedy. Anyone that could make a move on a minor like him was a freak, alright?

"I wonder how much she heard. It's a hidden danger."

Tang Xuenan understood, "No, I'm a foreigner. I don't understand your accent." "No one seemed to believe him even though he was struggling to explain it in the most standard Mandarin." My grain bag! " At the last moment of his struggle, he snatched away the grain bag that his mother-in-law had asked him to exchange, and was carried away by someone by the collar of his neck.

Originally, he couldn't even see his own fingers in the dark of the night, yet his eyes were still blindfolded. Was he making a big fuss out of nothing?

However, Tang Xuenan felt that these bandits seemed to be plotting something big, different from ordinary hooligans. It was as if he had been dismounted from his camel and was riding on a horse, like a camel whose bag of grains was still intact. If not for the fact that his head was so swollen that he wanted to vomit, it could be called a gentle robbery.

The silence along the way made Tang Xuenan feel as if these robbers were not ordinary people. Their training was organized, and their goal was clear. Just as she was guessing who the robbers were, she was viciously thrown aside and touched what seemed to be a wooden shed.

There was a creak as the door was locked.

Had he been locked up?

On the other side.

It was tiring for the man to pretend to be a fool since the afternoon, so he took a few breaths at night and hid in his bedroom.

That woman went to the county, but she still hasn't come back. It's getting dark, and even if she comes back, it won't be easy. Damn it, I definitely didn't eat any chicken soup, so I thought about her coming back and quickly stewing the chicken to cook. The Red Braised Meat was not tasty at all.

"Could it be that he escaped!"

A thought flashed through his mind, and the man instantly became clear-headed. However, in the countryside, it wasn't strange for a wife to run away, not to mention the man they married was an ugly and weird fool.

The man stood up and looked at the moonless night as he thought to himself somewhat irritably.

Not long after, the big door of the Iron Egg Family home opened, and the man put on his clothes and used the Lightness Technique to rush out.

Tang Xuenan squatted in the woodshed, using the rough firewood to rub the ropes that tied her hands behind her back. Luckily, she wasn't too tight, so after struggling for a while, she finally took them off, tearing off the black cloth around her eyes and the rag in her mouth.

Breathing in the store-smelling air loudly, Tang Xuenan groped around in the pitch black woodshed and suddenly tripped over something. He felt something and stumbled over, causing goosebumps to form on his back. It was a very warm sensation … Body.

Still hot? This was Tang Xuenan's first reaction. Could it be a corpse that had just died, soft and warm? Tang Xuenan didn't dare to touch it again. In the pitch black woodshed, it was unknown where the wilderness was located, so it was not strange for these bandits to kill a single person. Then this woodshed should have been specially used to lock the prisoners. Was this person starving to death or was he killed by beheading? Would death be very cruel?

Tang Xuenan felt a chill behind her back. She quickly crouched down and retreated, trying to cling to the wooden planks of the woodshed to gain a sense of security.

If no one came to his rescue, would he end up dying of hunger just like this man?

No, he had to escape, now was the time!

Tang Xuenan mustered up her courage and stood up in the darkness. She strode towards the door in an attempt to open it. He hit a hard body.

"Ah!" Before he could even cry out, a large hand covered his mouth.

"Silence." An extremely soft voice.

Tang Xuenan immediately quieted down. This person was not dead, and he was trying to escape as well. He signaled that he wouldn't say anything else.

Tang Xuenan moved slowly to the door frame and tried to release the latch.

In the darkness, he felt that his warm companion hadn't moved at all.

Fortunately, the bolt was not locked and just as he was about to open the door … Tang Xuenan felt the same hand quickly cover her mouth and forcefully swallowed a pill.

The voice was very soft, very close to his ear, as if in a whisper. "Bring this to the first butcher in the morning at the town fair." Pausing for a moment, he continued in a seductive tone, "Only if we find him will we have the antidote. Otherwise, we'll have to wait for death." He stuffed a scented sachet into Tang Xuenan's hands and pushed her out of the room in the blink of an eye.

Just as Tang Xuenan staggered, she was once again lifted up by a big sack. When she saw the daylight again, she realized that she had returned to the quiet corner of the market in the middle of the night.

He looked at the man in black running away with a blank expression. If it weren't for the scented sachet in his hand and the fishy smell from his throat, he would have thought that he had met Mr Zhou in his dreams.

Thus, he was treated as a messenger. Or a messenger from the secret underground?

He pushed Tang Xuenan's wooden house away.

"Master, can this country girl be relied on?"

A lazy voice sounded: "There's no other way. Heavenly Secret Pavilion is already watching us closely."

"Yes, my lord. Just now, when the brothers were lying in ambush at the market, they discovered a mysterious person with unfathomable depths of Lightness Technique wandering around, as if looking for someone. I'm afraid the whereabouts of the brothers have already been exposed. "

"No worries." Play with him. "

Tang Xuenan didn't know that her casual plan had caused a perfect misunderstanding.

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