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In the silence of the night, Tang Xuenan became more and more uneasy as she listened to the sounds of the carriages. She lifted the curtain and looked at Young Master Chen Xiang, who was driving the carriage.

"Young Master Chen Xiang."

"Hmm?" The gentle male voice carried a smile as usual.

"Young Master Chen Xiang, will that person be alright …" After a moment of silence, Tang Xuenan still didn't seem to know that she was pretending to be her husband.

A chuckle sounded out, "Lady can have more confidence in Mo Bei."

"His name is Mo Bei." Tang Xuenan silently chanted this name.

"Miss, is there anywhere you want to go?"

"Tang Xuenan thought that this was just a polite question. She had been walking through the night without any direction for so long, so she didn't believe her." "Did Mo Bei tell you to take me somewhere?"

"No." The cold night wind blew up a few strands of Young Master Chen Xiang's hair, "I am the one who is taking the girl to a place."

The sky turned white. It was already dawn. The road they were going through was still a wilderness. It seemed like the place Young Master Chen Xiang mentioned still had a long way to go.

"Erm, Young Master Chen Xiang, is it far?"

"It's not far, we'll be there soon."

Tang Xuenan was taken aback. She looked at the gentle and refined young man in white clothes and thought that the place he was taking her to should at least be a town, let alone a busy one. Was he secretly reneging on his promise to bury him in the wilderness? It was said that good-looking men could not be trusted! It was true! Was this Edward, a knife cutter who hid a smile within a smile?

"Get out." Tang Xuenan immediately waved the thought away from her mind. No matter how good-looking she looked, it was still a matter of justice!

Tang Xuenan, who was kicking small stones on a pile of dirt in the light of day and distant graves and tombstones, felt that her luck wasn't bad luck. It was bad luck.

"Be patient, my lady." Young Master Chen Xiang squatted down with his back facing Tang Xuenan, "Please come up."

Ah?! This stance, she was going to carry him?

Young Master Chen Xiang looked in the direction of the car vigilantly. A faint shadow was approaching and whispered, "Trust me."

After that, Tang Xuenan felt a sense of weightlessness as her body soared into the air. The barren land quickly swept behind her, her snow-white figure firmly holding herself in place as the word "trust me" by her ear seemed to still exist.

The wind blew against his face, startling his long hair. Tang Xuenan thought that this was not the right time to be thinking. Luckily, she had gotten the ball of hair as per usual. Otherwise, no matter how strong the Young Master under her was, with a person on his head when he was fighting, that scene would have … Tsk tsk.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but there was no doubt that Young Master Chen Xiang's back was much more stable than the carriage. With the help of the Lightness Technique, it did not budge at all.

Tang Xuenan actually wanted to ask if she was heavy, but being carried on the back by a beautiful man was enough to make her envious, so she decided to keep quiet. However, Young Master Chen Xiang seemed to be quite relaxed. It was best not to act like a good boy since he was taking advantage of someone else.

Just as the sun was about to set, a market finally appeared in front of them. There were all sorts of small vendors, who were selling steamed buns, roasted wheat, and toasted bean curd. They were diligently counting the copper coins they had obtained.

"About that, I'll treat you to breakfast." After Tang Xuenan was put down, she rubbed her nose and the three taels of silver in her pocket uncomfortably, as if she really had eaten the tofu of an exceptionally beautiful man for a long time.

The man in white chuckled. "Thank you, my lady."

After a while, Tang Xuenan came back with two big meat buns, two vegetable buns and two bowls of soy milk. Young Master Chen Xiang reached out and took the steamed bun.

"This house is a temporary location for Heavenly Secret Pavilion and can be used as a temporary place to settle down. I hope young lady does not mind."

"Not at all, not at all. It's already good enough to have a room to stay in."

Young Master Chen Xiang quickly said goodbye to Tang Xuenan and left. It seemed that Heavenly Secret Pavilion was really an organization that worked a lot of overtime on a business trip. Tang Xuenan thought like this and fell head first into a hard bed covered with a mat.

Even though it was called a mansion, it was actually just a dilapidated building. The kind that allowed rain to pass through and quickly collapse was not the least bit surprising in this small town, because these types of dangerous houses could be seen everywhere and were not worth raising suspicions.

"If only there were a newspaper." The habitual Tang Xuenan thought of using the newspaper to plug the seams in the wooden wall. No matter what, although it was to lend her a temporary lodging, it was still her first temporary lodging in this world.

Having recovered some strength in the afternoon, Tang Xuenan used mud and some water to cover the cracks in the wooden boards. She looked at them again in the evening with great satisfaction, so that at least she wouldn't hear the cold wind blowing and would be able to sleep more soundly with a bed at night.

It was night. A sleepless night.

Tang Xuenan, who was brimming with energy, stretched her back and prepared to begin her journey to become rich!

After fumbling through a few small items in Systemic Dispensary, he immediately walked to the street to observe and check on the market. The three taels of silver in his pocket would be enough to live on for a short period of time.

"Miss Xue!" Tang Xuenan turned her head and saw a plump and beautiful woman standing behind her. Wasn't this the boss of the rouge shop in a small town? He didn't expect to meet her in a neighboring town.

The Lady Boss ran over with a face full of joy, as if she had met a noble. However, she was Tang Xuenan's benefactor.

"Miss Xue!" You came to our branch today! "

"A branch?" Tang Xuenan raised her head. As expected, it was a rouge and cosmetic shop. This Lady Boss really had great ambition and had the momentum to open a franchise shop!

The Lady Boss laughed. "My wife's house is open, but so is mine. Come on Miss Xue, let's sit inside!"

After drinking a cup of hot tea offered by the Lady Boss to warm her body, Tang Xuenan finally understood why the Lady Boss was so happy to see her.

The name of this town was Pei County, and there was an upstart who had just died a few years ago. Because he had been shuttling back and forth in Willow Lane all year round, he was very sincere towards Hua Kui, who had gone all out to redeem him and marry him. He was also an infatuated seed and didn't have a concubine anymore.

Hua Kui and Madam Liu had aged quite a bit in the past few years. Naturally, they could not compare to a young girl around the age of seventeen or eighteen.

Madam Liu had known the Lady Boss for a long time, and many of her rouge had been bought in the store. A few days ago, Madam Liu had seen the Lady Boss' eyelashes curving up and her eyes twinkling with stars.

Tang Xuenan patted her chest. "That's easy to deal with!" "Then this split …"

The Lady Boss waved her hand. "Three to seven points, you seven to three."

Tang Xuenan laughed as she refused, "How can you be embarrassed? I was hoping that Boss would recommend more customers to us. We get a 50/50 discount."

The Lady Boss was overjoyed. This countryside girl looked small and thin, but her looks were not bad. However, she was rather straightforward. Alright, let's do it! We'll start right now, just a few blocks away. "

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