You have become so busy that you refuse to come see your parents.

"Do you not think of us any more"

Mark keeps tapping on his screen like he didn't hear Mr Davies just talk to him.

Ehn...... "Leave him alone"

You should be glad he has come over today or a you trying to chase him away.

Mrs Davies loves her son so much that she hardly scold him for anything since he has been born.

How can you say he doesn't think of us, what is he doing that is so wrong?

"He is trying to make a living here"

She rolls her eye at her husband, as a father are you not supposed to understand him better?

The poor boy works all day and night and hardly have time for himself, you do not ask if he is living well

The corner of Mark mouth raise up into a smile as he listens to his mother support him. He is elegantly dressed in a white shirt and black pants

Mark is the only son of Mr and Mrs Davies and also the favorite, more of the reason he does whatever he likes

You keep spoiling him, he is already an adult and still acts like a spoilt child, Mr Davies is always concerned about Mark because he believes Mark is not responsible enough as a man

"He is the only son I have Mr Davies, can I not spoil him a little".

Moreover he calls me often, you should wonder why he doesn't call you. She rolled her eyes at her husband and clicks her tongue

Tktktk.. Then she smiled towards Mark.

I haven't seen you in a while Mark, what would you like to eat so it can be prepared before you have to leave, I know you are always in a hurry to go

It was at this time Mark pressed the last letter on the screen and lovingly looks up at her, whatever you cook is good, you know I love everything you cook.

"She is my wife" Mr Davies shouted at Mark

And my mother Mark responded almost immediately

Why don't you get yourself one to always cook for you. Do you think you have any right to ask her to cook for you?

Can you stop being sentimental dad, ha! she is also my mum and I have as much right on her too.

He went around the room towards Mrs Davies and hooks his hand by her neck. "Don't I also have rights on you?"

She smiled at him and then turn to scold her husband with her big round eye. Why don't we go to the kitchen together and then we can talk better

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