Stepping out of the car, Sarah wears a 4 inches covered heels, matching with the colour of her designer bag. A short wrapped gown and ties her hair to the back as a ponytail

She stood by the side of the car for a while. She felt so lost in the world

Who would believe she is married and has no honeymoon. She hasn't seen her husband for two days and he hasn't contacted her

Every young lady dreams about how her wedding would be glorious with the white laced gown and the shinning tiara. Friends and family congratulating her as she blushed

Sarah was only able to get a low key court wedding with both parents present and an angry unwilling husband

Not only did she not get her dream wedding, her supposed husband hasn't come home since they collected the certificate in court

For someone who just got married, she is angry and cold and has to come back to work. The ice emitting from her eyes could freeze anyone that came close

Alice stood by the front door as she welcomes Sarah with a smile that contains fear and anxiety

Her hand sweating heavily and her leg not wanting to carry her weight and she could fall at any moment. The eye was simply too terrifying

"Good morning ma"

She knows that the Sarah Desmond by the car does not care about her smile.

Everyone knows when the boss comes in with such gloomy face and attitude, it's better to run away, but as her personal assistant she can only endure until she finds an opportunity to escape

Sarah finally strode into the company not too fast, not too slow with all her glory and beauty

"Book a flight to country Z for next week"

Alice is taken back by this instruction, she is among the few people who knows Sarah just got married

Normally she wasn't expecting to see Sarah Desmond because she assumed she was supposed to go for honeymoon

Just you ma'am? Alice knows she was asking for trouble but she had to be sure, probably she skipped the husband part by mistake

Have you found a job somewhere else? Sarah flashes a cold glance at Alice as she press the elevator button

You are coming with me, and Kelvin, so you should book your flight too, are you clear now?

MA, me! She points at her face

She understands why Kelvin has to come but for her it's still not clear

Alice heart seem to want to fall from her chest. She has to be careful not to say the wrong thing

Alice is wondering why she would ask her to go with her for the honeymoon

"Are you sure you are okay this morning Alice"? Sarah walked into the elevator as Alice quickly jumped in after Sarah

Sarah looks at Alice again and felt her temperature "you seem normal to me" she bent her head to look into Alice eye

Alice is taken back with Sarah gesture and quickly explained herself waving her hand over her face

Am really fine ma

"Then book a ticket, we are meeting with new investors, I plan to expand into rare diamonds" and keep the information to yourself alone

Sarah always want to grow bigger, making a name in every industry she goes into

Alice could only nod her head in agreement, now she understands there would be no honeymoon but the reason, she is yet to find out

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